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What? ,rtIf1#- __ • , , I -----_. --- ~ .I'l 'hi ~d ,------, __ I ~~, I Dea r Cand 'd \ I I ate: I I r A Wildern I , ecently Th ess Showd I , ,CAflC 1976 e 1. 1 tnilli~wn BrOCh ure I If you) d~~~d like ~ ~~torCYcliSt;~~ sen t .to YOu I , z: I I I , , YOu arefor B~Meply by ,\fa o~ y~ur stan~a1Jfornia tOtalitar' y. 5, It will b On this la n'Stn . e aSSUtned , - _ _ _ _ - _ : . • , ' - --"" ----_ .... ', 0 J itn Wells owney. CA I I ' I \ Due to heavy rains in the Oklahoma City area in the days preceeding the rescheduled Mid· America Grand National half mile, the race was cancelled again and will not be rescheduled. Though t he day was sunny and warm, the track was drying too quickly and peeling on the top. AMA referee Duke Olliges made the decision to cancel with the support of AMA Professional Competition Manager Mel Parkhurst. Promoter Hugo Shea, however, felt that the track was raceab le. "There won 't be a next year," he said. Shea says he 'll give u p the O klahoma City Grand National promotion. Rider reaction to the cancellation was split. A group of them, including tuner Bart Markel and rider Garth Brow, argued with Parkhurst that the race should be run, while others including Gene Romero, Corky Keener, and Sk ip Aksland agreed with the decision. In th e Oregon State National Enduro , Team Su zuki riders Drew Sm ith a nd Mije.e R osso finish ed 1-2 on PEi 75s. Smith zeroed the co urse , but somehow in~urred an l l -secon d pe nalty while gomg through a secret check poin t looking at his wa tch. Dale Worma th . a 250 " B" rider, fin ished th ird overall. Co mplete cove rage next week . Who's gonna win the Bel·Ray USGP of Motocross at Carlsbad? Papa sez it's going to be either Brad Lackey or Heikki Mikkola, with the Rying Finn having a slight edge. Dark horses worth watching will be M ike Bell and Rex Staten. Seeyathere. Lackey and Mikkola both suffered thrown chain prob lems in the first moto at the May 28 Swed ish 500cc World Championship MX Series event. Likewise , four-time USG P winner Gerrit Wolsink DNF with a flat tire. Maico's Herbert Sch m itz went on to top t he opening rn oto of the race hel d near the to wn of Vasteras. Suzuki's Roger DeC oster finished second ahead of Mai co rider Ivan van den Broeck ; Bengt Aberg and J a ak Va n Velthoven ro unded out the top five. . DeCoster wound up the overall winner in Sweden. Mikkola and Lackey came back to 1·2 the second moto, but DeCoster's 2·3 total topped the heap. Following M ikkola, Lackey and DeCoster in the second race were Gerrit Wolsink and Graham Noyce. look out. Harley·Davidson. The four year dream of Bill Kennedy to produce an Ame':!can made motorcycle to give Harley a run for the money is nearing completion. The Kennedy crew turned up at a non-sanctioned half m ile to give a prototype of the American some race tes ting with Roger Crump doing the .th~o~e twisting: A1th.ough minor problems cropped up, Kennedy is opnrmsnc that he will be In Camel Pro Series competition by the June 25 Columbus ,OH National. See p. 24 for the results of Wells' private political poll. Then don't forget to get out and vote on June 6. Check p. 34 for t he World Cham· pionship point standings in our Carlsbad preview section. Yamaha's Ken ny Robert s won the May 28 F750 World Cham pionship ro und a t Osterreichri ng in Austria ,wi nning the first leg by 13 seconds a nd the second by over 20 . Joh nny Cecotro scored a second overall. Steve Baker ra n out of gas in t he first ra ce , the n took third in the seco nd . AMA Camel Pro Series Rookie of the Year contender Lance Jones suffered a broken ankle in a hang gliding accident the day before the Denver Grand National half m ile. It's a tough break for the young Alabaman, and Papa sends best wishes for a speedy recovery. The comic strip drawn by Tim Ba rela which has graced the Voices page fo; over a year, will no longe r be run . Barela gave up the strip in order to pr~pare a comic strip called HibKibble Soup for possible national synd ica tion , in addition 10 the continuing comics in Cycle News ' sister publication Biker, Cycle World a nd a new one to appear in Choppers. Pierre desRoches, tuner for Reg Pridmore, called Papa to say that Reg will be riding a. Vetter Kawasaki in AMA Superbike Production. "Vetter provides 95% of the support, " said desRoches, adding that Yoshimura was a minor sponsor. An earlier " Poop" item had Pridmore on a Yoshimural Vetter Kawasaki. 2 T ea m Managers will be giving input on th e design of the Co ca -Col a Sup,:rb owl of Mot ocross track , say th e Sta diu m Mot or spor ts Cor poration people. T he y a lso promise p lenty of lines through the comers for passing. But if Bob " Hur ricane" Ha nnah hasn't cooled down by the time the June 24 event rolls around , the number of lines available for passing m ight not make m uch difference. Tickets for the June 11 Sears Point AMA/Mr. PiBB National Championship event, presented by Kawasaki, are available at all BASS and Ticketron outlets. Participating Kawasaki dealers also have discount tickets. They cost $8 for adults, $4 for 6-12 year-olds, and ·k ids under six get in free. Parking at Sears Point is free, too. No rid ing for a while - that's the latest word from AMA 250cc National MX champion Tony DiStefano's doctor. T he " 0" had to pass up the opening AMA 500cc Nationa l Cha m pionship / Mr. PiBB MX Series round in Texas , b UI he hopes to ride in the second series event a t Sears Point on June 11. He'll also m iss theJune 4 Bel -R ay U .S. Grand Prix at Ca rlsb ad . DiStefa no says thanks to all the people who have been sending in those get -well wishes . Want to be in the movies? Peter Starr, complete with his talented film crew, will be at the California Racing Club's June 4 Tenderfoot Enduro, and he needs about 300 people. All you have to do is show up before 1 p.m. when the filming begins and know the words to Arlo Guthrie's Motorcycle Song. That's right. Three hundred riders will be filmed riding and singing Motorcycle Song - for a spot in Starr's f ilm Take it to the limit. Caution: There 's also a CRC desert race in the same area (see their cale ndar li st ingI. It's t he enduro that's being fi lm ed. (Continue d 10 page :5)

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