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37th annual Daytona 200 Motorcycle Classic 8/15/ 76 7erreHaute Half-Mile 10/6/73 Gardena Half-Mile 5/19/74 SanJose Mile 8/18/74 Peoria IT - 7/17/77 Sears Point Road Race _ 8/23/75 Indianapolis----Mile 1/31/75 Houston IT 9/27/75 Gardena Half-Mile 8/21/ 77 Mt.Poamo RoadRace / 7/10/76 SanJose Half-Mile E"R"5 0 ROBERTS. " 48 Chalk up another victory forKenny Roberts. And forYamalube R. . " Because it wasn't orange juice that helped keep Kenny cool enough to win Daytona Beach's 200 piston-punishing miles. It wasYamalube R,the 2-cycle racing oil with a high quality petroleum base and all the right additives to add up winning miles. It has a combination ashless detergent/corrosion inhibitor that cleans and protects rings, cylinder walls and otherbearing surfaces.An anti-wear ingredient that seeks out hot spots and provides friction-reducing lubrication in cylinders and combustion chambers. A special diluent that assures consistent.mixing with fuel throughout the engine.And purple dye for easy identification in the fuel mixture. Pick up a pint ofYamalube Rfrom yourlocal Yamaha dealer today. " Itmay not make you a championship road racer like Kenny Roberts. But it could make you feel like one. ~you know houi they're built. VVhen

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