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Saddleback will be a points race since the Mar. 5 event was rained out. American Motocross Enterprises is sending a Hl-m a n team to Mexico on Apr. 30 to represent the United States in the Spring Festival of Motocross. Another racing team is being sent by AME in October for the October Festival of Motocross. The 10 riders going to Mexico on the 30th are AME Number One 125cc Pro Jerry Shore, Radical Ron Turner, Pat " Hot dog" Hubbs, Gary Schriedler and Northern California shoe M ike Preston in the 125cc class. For the 2505. AME Number One 500cc Pro Andy Jannings. AME Number One 250cc Pro Dave Haugh. Goat Breker, Jeff Vidic and Willie Simons will carry the co lors . Two support riders will also make the trip. riding the SOOcc class. They are Billy Handal and Sandy Tumen. Husky is considering this year's ISDT to be a "hometown" event, since it 's being held a short distance from the Husqvarna factory in Sweden. To get as much Swedish iron on the U.S. Team as poss ible , the Team Husqvarna representative who attends the AMA Se lec tio n Committee Meeting will endorse and support the approval of all qualifying Husky riders. Plus , Husky will provide the qualifying riders with the latest production Husqvarna for use in the ISDT (Free use for six days , after which you return it or bu y it for a reasonable price). Comprehensive set up info and tech assistance will also be provided, as will be necessary spares. Interested Husky riders can ge t in touch Husqvarna Motorcycle Co .. Inc ., 4925 Mercury St. , San Diego , CA 921 I I , Attn: ISDT - Sweden . Viva Distributing. the friendly folks who bring you Montesas. is seeking resumes from National Enduro riders for 1978. They are seeking someone with the heart of a lion and the mind of an atomic clock to ride the Nationals on the new 360cc Montesa enduro. which will be ava ilable to the public in m id-May. Contact Viva Dist" 10625 Vanowen. Burbank. CA 91505. 2131 766-i101 , The family of the late Don England was given a Memorial Resolu tion by California Assemblyman Larry Chimbole . -I n the Reso lu tion , Chimbole said that he "expressed his deepest sympathy at the passing of Donald R . England , a nd by this resolution , memorializes his exemplary record of responsible citizenship and dedicated service on behalf of the Adelanto community, as well as the love and devotion he displayed on behalf of his family and friends ," Dept. of Corrections: Pat Doyle and M ike Collins of D&C Promotions. are lIot connected with CMC as erroneously reported last week. D&C Promotions is the Northern California representative of American Motocross 'Enterprises and has over 40 events scheduled for this year at the Argyll. Helvetia Park and Sacramento Off Highway Vehicle Park facilities. Contact D&C Promotio ns at 4151686-3172 for information about t heir races and area AM E sanctions. 2 You're all invited to the grand ope ning of Mitch Mayes' Lancaster Yamaha shop on Sa tu rd a y, Ma r. 25. Invited guests incl ude Malcolm Smith , Preston Petty, Rolf Tibblin, A.C . Bakken and Brent Wallingsford. Stop by and see Mitch's new shop, located at 400 W . Ave. ''I'' in Lancaster, CA. just take Hwy. 14 to Ave. ' I" and go east . The Dirt Diggers M.C. Red Garter Enduro. scheduled for Mar. 19 in Ballinger Canyon. has been postponed till at least October. The Forest Service was prepared to issue a permit. even over Sierra Club protest. when a ru le appeared in the Federal Register. requiring the Forest Sarvice to get a Fish and Wildlife Service permit. The 6O-day permit procedure could not be completed before Apr. 1. after which no events are allowed in the Ballinger Canyon area. hence the postponment. For more inf orm ation, see t he article on page 32. Hi Point , Uvex , S&W shocks, Cycle News, AAA Cycle, Terrycable, Cycle Sh ack , Uni Filter , H elm et House, Roy's Motorcycle, Hondaline and Countdown Engineering all d ona ted cont ingencies to th e Chapparals M.C. W estern Region National Enduro . Maico called up to clarify some of the po ints in their ISDT Qualifier support program. First. travel and gas money will be available only to the top three Malco riders in each event. if they win a gold medal. And the proper phone number of Tom Steele at Maico Motorcycles is 7071242'{)356. Between the I25cc and 250cc National motocross events at the Hangtown Classic , Apr. 9, will be the Torco 4Stroke Invitational Exhibition. Already entered are La rs Larsson. Preston Pet ty, Dick Ma nn, Da n Haaby, Rod Kentner and j im O 'Neill. They'll be chasing a $1.500 purse plus a T orco bo nus for the winner. For mfo on the Invitational , contact Bru ce Young, 9604 Oa tes Dr . , Sacramento, CA 95827 . Continental Moto-sports Club's Apr. 2 date at Saddleback will not be held there due to another race on that date. Instead. FMF and Captaln's Anchorage Restaurants are combin ing forces to put on a $2.000 purse and double-points motocross on that date at Carlsbad Raceway. In addition. Junior and Int erm ediat e w inners in t he 125. 250 and 500cc classes will receive IRC rear tires. Oh y eah. before we sign off. the ' Mar. 19 CM C race at Qua lifiers for the America~ Motocross Ra cing Team to represent the U.S . a t the October festival will begin d uring the Trans·AME Motocross Championship Series . All expenses a re paid for the trip to Mexico, and you must register at the Trans-AME event on Apr. 2 ill Saddleback Pa rk. A lso announced by AME is that the Trans·AME Series will offer to Sportsmen an all expense paid trip t o Mexico w it h the American Motocross Racing Tea m in October. For complete in f o, contact AME at 2131881 -5778. The Federation Internationale Motorcyliste has elected two riders to each of its Sporting Commissions for direct rider input. Elected to the road race commission were Werner Schwaerzel of Germany and Barry Sheene of England. Finland's Heikki Mikkola and Holland's Gerrit Wolsink were named to the motocross and trials commission. England's Ivan Ma uger and O le Olsen of Denmark will serve on the speedway commission. . The June 4 U.S. round of the 500cc World Championship motocross circuit will be sponsored by Bel· Ray . The eighth annual running of the event at Carlsbad Raceway in Carlsbad. CA will be called the "Bel·Ray U.S.G,P. of Motocross:' T ickets for the Bel -Ray U.S.G.P. of Motocross are a vailable at all T icket ron outlets and Mal ibu Grand Prix , or write U_S. Grand Prix. P.O . Box 16277 , Irvine , CA 92713, 714/ 831-7141. Adult tickets are $9 in advance and $10 at the gate. Children under 12 get in free if accompanied by an ad ult . A 125cc version of the popular Husqvarne OR model is expected in November, Uke the larger ORs. it features a combination of CR and WR Icl o se ratio and wide ratio I gearing f rom early machines. exactly the same as a '77 WR model. California State Park campsite and Hearst Castl e tour reservations are now availa ble eight weeks in adva nce. Drou ght conditions made more than a 30-d ay advance reserva tion im possible last yea r. Reserva tions can be made at Ticketron outlets. Ray Hale, chairman of Cactus Pete's eighth annual 96-mile dese rt race s ched uled for June 18 at Jackpot . NV. said t he co urse will be esse nt ially the same as las t year . " Th e trophies I am ord ering: ' said Hale. "will have value. Th ey will never be relegat ed to th garage by Mrs. Cycle Rider: ' Utah and Idaho riders w ill meet on neutral ground for points. an California rider participation i expected. There w ill be an overal prize of $250 cash . Indian Dunes in Valencia, C A , recently rebuilt their International MX track with the help of Team Yamaha riders Bob Hannah and Pierre Karsrnakers. Gary Lamb . manager of the Dunes, and Walt james got out the graders and the new banners and extended the course into their huge sandwash, making for som e humongous sand whoop-dees , and a high-professional caliber race track . And if you're not in shape, look outl Scholastic Association of Motor· sports. the club sponsoring high school motocross at Saddleback Park has picked up new sponsors fo r the 1978 Spring season. Duralube Lubricants is the major sponsor of the five-event season. and two others. Super Seer goggles and PJ1 Lubricants, have joined the races. Other sponsors are welcome, j ust contact Jim Manning at 7141559'{)317. . O ur man on the European MX scene, Team Honda mechanic Bill Buchka , reports that Brad Lackey continued his winning streak at the Mar. 12 500cc International MX in Verdun , Fra nce . Lackey put together a 1-1-2 afternoon on his Buhka-tuned works H o nd a leaving second place for French Maico rider Daniel Pean and his 2-3-1 total. Third was Maico rider La rs Axelsson with a 5-8-6. On the 58me Sunday. 500cc MX World Champion Heikki Mikkola lost a clo58 one to Maico rider Peter Heerlin~s at St. Anthonis. Holland. Heerlings won out w ith a 1·2 score over M ikkola's 2-1 when Heikki came up two seconds short in the tie·breaking t ime system. Third was Honda's Graham Noyce with a pair of third placings. Bra d Lackey will be ~d ing a new 45 0cc R C Honda In a 500cc Interna tion al race in Gen k, Belgium on Marc. 19_ Mikko la pl ans to contest the same race, giving us a nother guideline for preseason prognostications. Rumor has it that Roger DeCoster will enter his first race since his accident at the Apr. 2 500cc International MX in Vorselaar, Belgium. In a battle to keep insurance rates to a minimum. Mar. 10 marked the first night at Indian Dunes which banned any riding after dark. Racers were given ample practice, and pit riding or a ny other riding not on the course was prohibited. Fines are disqualification and /or removal from the pa rk. It was so quiet before the races . you could hear the crickets! Husky Products will also introd uce a line of riding gear. pert of it general items and part of it a special Dick Burleson line of enduro riding gear. Most trick are the Burleson gloves with long knit " sleeves" that cover the normally exposed wrist area batween glove and jack et , H usky Products, a Husqvarna accessory division , will soon introduce a com p lete line of mo torcycle goodies. Included will be Ohlins shocks in severa l different sizes - to fit va rious cycles - and (Contin ue d to page 1 9)

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