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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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IlIVF~~i~~'.NTL.QJlCEWRYf ~l!i c\.osE.tlPRlb 1&Z!I Ig78 SATURDAY 9:00 START 100· CL ASS IFI ED, A LL 125 · CLASSIFIED. ALL 175 · CLA SSIFIED, ALL WOMEN CLASS, ALL MAIL ENTRY TO: GREAT BEAR GRAND PR IX 2805 SA N JUAN LAN E COSTA MESA CA LIFORNIA 926 26 PHONE: 171 41 556-7721 SATURDAY lI ~AMA _1ImIIl:ICl/ST DO NOT WRITE I N T H IS SPAC E DISTR ICT 37 ·38 FOR DISTR ICT 37·3 1 POINTS aNLV CLASSIFICAT ION G.P. No. BEGINNER NOVICE DISTRICT 3B NO. JUNIOR ASStX:WDr DISTRICT 37 NO. DIV ISION EXPERT CHECK~ OTHER" WESTERN UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSH IP CLUB "IF Y O U 00 NOT HAV E A CURRENT DISTRICT ]1 . JI C ARD, ATTACH COP Y OF CLASS IF ICATION FROM OTHER ORGANI ZATI ON, Mail En try 519 .00 a rid er - Post Entry 535.00 Itncfudes $1.00 for Di strict 37 • 38 Legal Defense Fund i ENTR Y M UST BE ACCO MPANIED BY 3 SEL F-ADDRESSED, STAMPED, LEGAL SIZE ENVELOPES, PHOTOCOPY 1:00 START OF RIDER CLASSIFICATION, AND AMA CARD. SPORTSMEN (ALL) Nam e (PI.... P,int el." ,y) Add ' ess Age _ / MAIL ENTRY TO: _ _ _ __ _ GRE AT BEAR G RAND PR IX Eng, £ize Make Bike ...,... _ 235 N. MALENA DR IVE ORANGE. CALIFOR NIA 92669 PHON E: 17141538-5721 T HE U N DER SIGNE D ENTR A NT B Y AFFIX ING H IS I N I T IA LS BE L OW . ACKNOWL EDGES T HAT HE ASSU MES TH E R ISK OF ANY LOSS FROM INJ U R Y OR PROPER TY D AM A G E TO H IM SELF OR TO OT H E RS. DU E TO HI S PARTI C IPA TI ON IN T H IS EVENT AND HE HEREW ITH SPEC IF · IC ALLY HOLDS H AR ML ESS F ROM A NY SAID LOS S T H E A MERIC A N MOTORCY CLE ASSOC IAT ION . SPORTS COMM IT TEI'. DI STRI CT 37138 AM A . I NC ., TH E SPO NSOR I NG CLUB OR O RG A NIZA TION. A ND T H E OWNERS OF THE REAL PROPERTY ON WH IC H SA I D EVEN T SH A L L T A KE PL A CE. SUNDAY 9:00 START 250 · BEG . NOV, SR. 500 · BEG , NOV. SR. OPFN • BEG. NOV , SR. MAIL ENTRY TO: GR EAT BEAR GR ANO PRI X [ h T he u n dentgned d o e$ her eby cer t ,t y Ih illl 'he " ill a u ly q Uill f le<:l IClr c le One) J un IOr I E. pe rt , Nov ,ce , B~ ln n ... c u n motorcycle rlaer hll"" "'11 been 10 qUill" ,t ,ed tly II co m pe t e n t O"II. n ll . l .o n, ~'n~' ~~~~r;,~~l~"~~:r~:: :n~a :::~II~~:I~';...~~: ::~~~~,~:c, '~~u~~ t::~:'~~lOe~~\~:u:o~~i':~:,~:'.e:~~~~~rtl~~~"II~r~~Ct~~~~.:,:::~~r;.,e:~d'*'~ln~ a ue n ee , 01 W'd IIld , Uno e r t he ru le , lind w nehon, o f t h e Ame rlun Moto rcy c le A $lOc lllt lo n. I ,.,er etly lI\1r• • t o contorm 1Inc:l COm.ply With th e ru le, go ... rni"'ll In l' eo nt e't . . O.te _ o t e ntr.nt _ S lg 16532 MARIE L ANE HUNTINGTON B EA CH. CALIFORNIA 92647 PHONE : 17141848-2746 ,,- - - -- - ~ l u r . If en ltllnl i$ un der I I .nd dOe' not hllve • cu rr en t O I$ln et J 1 • JI C" C1 InCllullnt notorlled consent i ' o n fU• • Pllr .nt or Gu..rd ilin m.U$t '!lin ne re 'eknO w llOCl'il" iflg 1'" o r he r flo t o nz lld co n se n t 10 the te r m , o f enl ry lind h ill e NOT AR IZED CONSENT ilI tt ili hed 10 en t ry , v e I NOTICE - T HE B ELOW IN FO RM A T I ON TO BE USED BY R ESCUE FORCES O NLY, G.p. SUNDAY No . AG E 1:00 START :mo . EXP , JR. SR. 500 . EXP. JR , SR. OPEN · E XP. JR . SR, SIDE HACK 'S STREET ADDRESS PERSON TO NOTIF Y I N CA SE Of ACC IDENT CITY PHON E STATE PHO N E MAIL ENTRY TO: GREAT BEAR GRAND PR IX RE L A TI O NSH I P YO U R BL OOD T YPE 1047 TULAROSA ORANGE. CA L IFORN IA 82688 YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY POLICY NUMBER PHONE : (714' 53 3-5927 WESTERN UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP 3

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