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r All you Superbowl fans wh o can't wait to see if you 're on TV , CBS will air the 1977 Superbowl of MX on October 1. Check local listings for the time. U.S. Marine Corps found the value of the local MXerlln their Toys For Tots ' drive this year. they are sponsoring a Grand Prix race December 3 & 4. Half of the $15 entry fee goes to the kids. the other half for the trophies. Check the Calendar. Doug Richmond ext en d s -a hearty invite to the long haul riders who want to go on the 1977 Thanksgiving Ride fr om Ensena d a , B.C . to San j ose , Cost a Ri ca , b y way of Be lize , Guaramale. H o ndu ras, and Nicaragua. There is zero cha rge to ride t he 50- d ay t rip , b ut yo u' re responsib le for your own ex pe nse and maintenance. Send s.a.s.e. to 583 Mira Vista Ave . . Oa kland . CA . 94610. In the 250cc Trophee des Nations this year. our 40man team grabbed fourth Sept. 11 at Markelo. Holland , Belgians took , the title with Sweden and Great Britain pulling the American effort. Congratulations to Tony D. Kent Howerton. Gary Semics. and Steve Stackable. Husqvarna, Kawasaki. Maico. Suzuki and hundreds of American donors get credit for making the trip possible, Thanks. We're getting screwed again. The study of Glen Canyon National Rec rea t io n · Area (Arizon a. Utah) ended u p with a n en vironm e nt statement that will p ut almost half of the la nd into wilderness. Lett ers on the proposal will be acce pted for 45 days, get on the Dept. of Interio r's butts. If you ride. or used to. in the Baker County. Oregon area. you may have been stopped by the closure of the area . .Well now. due to the people who fought to get the land opened. you can resume your riding because the 'publi c is no longer held to the conditions of the amendment. The land is beck to its prior use status. One point for usl 2 Los Angeles. area bikers are finally going to g-"t some good from their of fro a d registration fees whe n th e Gove rno r sig ns a bi ll to acquire Hu ng ry Va lley, 19,000 acres nea r Gorman , CA for a moto rcycle playground. Road riders may benefit from havingan over nig ht ca m pgro u nd on the site . alongside the famed Ridge Rou te (Interstate 5) in the Tehachapi Mountains . M.O .R .E . of California g-etscredit for this. With two round remaining, Vesterinen leads the Trials point standings: The top six: Vesterinen 1871. Rathmell 1821. Lampkin 1821. Karlson 1781. , Co ut ar d 1631. Schreiber 1461. and Shepard 1461. Suzuki's Tech Services Dept. man ager T . Miyashita , sent a "serious letter " to the AMA appealing results ,?f the San An tonio 125 National MX. Suzuki as well as others - fee l Yamaha Team Manager Kenny Clark's d ecision to have Bob Hannah slow down so Broc Glover could win , violated an AMA rule th a t says no one shall conspi re to affect th e outcome of a ra ce . T he ru le is listed under "offenses" and the re are no gu idelin es for protest or appeal. Acco rding to Suzuki's j eff Bu rtt , AMA Pro MX manager Mike DiP r.ete ,h as promised a decision on the matte r . Ever notice how the environuts always show pictures of how dirt ' bik ers did a bad deed to the desert in three pictures starting out well developed and.then getting lighter . and dimmer to make' things look worse7 Actually . the photo sequence is reversed. E~vironuts are after more land in Nevada an d the government has recommended two more sections to the Wilderness Study. T his is after reo inventory and reconsideration. and again, we lose Colo ra d o . j ust got rippe d too, the' Fru ita Paleo nt ologi cal , Area has been closed to vehicles in Mesa County. If you got any extra time on your hands the 27th of September. go to the Sycamore Canyon School . auditorium in Santee, California. The proposed General Plan Amendment involving the Santee -Off-Road Vehicle Regional Park is being discussed. and we could use the dirt. A steera ble sideca r wheel is bein g tried out by Rudi Ku rth in European ro ad ra cing. If it works , Ku rth's passenger ne ed do nothing b u t lie on the pla tform , sacri fici ng much of t h e visual appeal of the daisycutters. , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is claiming that motorcycle deaths have risen 20% in nine states that have repealed their helmet taws, They wish. Kel Ca ruthers ordered te n KR 250cc replicas for next yea r's ra ci ng . The order line forms rig ht be hind Pa pa , a nd that will keep Kenny's office busy. ..Mitten the Kitten." a motorcycle-riding cat. was part of the opening ceremonies at the Motorcycle Olympiad. • . Billy "Sugar Bear" Grossi is apparently off Suzukis and on to Carabelas. Grossi rode a 250 and a 350 Mexican MXer at the Saltillo $6.000 . motocrpss September 4. winning the 250 class. jeff Sm ith said it at the Olympiad (a fter the road race): " It's bloody awful to be go ing as fast as one can and be passed by that lit tle girll" (Dia ne Co x.) John Ararantos. holds the U.S. patent on a hydraulic powered bicycle. I guess you could call it a motorcycle. for ' you can store hydraulic energy in an accumulator by pumping the pedals or handlebars. or going downhill. Then the rider releases the pressure through a valve to power the bike up the next hill. Interested investors, developers. etc. can reach John at 6114 Gardenia Ave.. Long Beach, CA 90805 12131 4283184. David Emde d id not rid e a Kawasak i in th e Sup er bik e Product ion race . Keith Co de was scheduled to ride the Del Amo Suzuki GS750, when a death in the fam ily fo rced him to fly back east. Emde ro de the Suzuk i in a lastminute arrangement. On the following day. September 4. at the Mid-State Trail Riders' Lame Duck National Enduro. Penton rider Lenny Keen clipped High Point A winner Skip Olson by a single point - 10 to 11 - for High Point honors. Top B rider at the Rose City. Michigan event was Bill Catron. Some people m ight not care how the hell we do it in Cali fornia . bu t m otocrossers Pat Snyder ( Al a sk a) , R ick Blackwell (Texas), Monte McCoy and Kippy Pierce (Florid a) a re ou t com pe ting on the Southern California adobe, seeing how th e hell we do do it, McDonnell Douglas engineers measured the noise of 140 models of 27 makes of bike from California to Georgia as part of a $300.000 study for the Environmental Protection Agency. Their recommendations will result in federal noise limits on new motorcycles and accessory exhausts for both on and off-road bikes from mopeds to Maicos. September 22 will mark the 10th anniversary of Lars Larsson's residence in the United States. Ahhh, the rumors are filling the fall a ir. One, printed by Britain's MOtOT Cycle, has Graham Noyce on a Honda for next year's World Championship motocross series . H e'll join American Brad Lackey, whose motorhome he recently bought , according to MOtOT Cycle. Yamaha will market the world's fastest production motorcycle this fall. It will have four cylinders. shaft drive,"and one of our editors was clocked at over 136 mph on it. It won't be 1,OOOcc either. Stay tuned .. .. Meanwhile , in th e woods back in the usx, T erry Darrah put his Husky on top of the Atlanta M .C .'s Talladega , Alabama National end u ro dropping only three poin ts in 'the September 3 event. H igh Point A honors went to Steve Lindse y who tied Darrah a t three points but lost ou t by 38 seconds over th e two tie breaker che cks, High Point B rider was Ga ry Ba rr who let on ly four poin ts slip away.. It was Tom Penton. not his brother Jack. who finished top American at the ISDT in Czechoslovakia. We screwed up the headline. but the bulletin had it right. Complete Czecho coverage begins on pege eight. California 's new Director of Parks and Re creation. Russell Ca hill , 39 , says he is interested in "ge tting people out of their vehi cles and onto their feet." He pla'hs "no big ca pita l expend itures for (O R V recr eation) in the futu re," ci t ing the energy shortage as one reason. But give him tim e; he 's new in th e job. The Gold Belt Une. famous for their kidney komforters. are now offering a Roger DeCoster Replica '~python pouch:' In other words. moto-x shorts. TheDesert Dai sies will be holding an old-fashioned tropb y presentation on September 23 at the American Legion Hall in Pomona , Cali f. .A live band, free beer ,and a bar will be provided as w~1l as th e goodies the " Lace Chase" wmners won .

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