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IINSIDE ~ t 1:' 1:' 0') r-4 Laguna Seca F750 RR .... 4 How Aksland will play while Kenny's away AMA Grand Nat'l Mile .. . 6 Syracuse: Gary leads a Scott Bros. sweep Desert Hotline 8 Western Hotline. .. . • . ... 9 Ogilvie wins Stumpju mpers H&H SOOcc World Championship MX 10 DeCoster wins on his birthday CRC Enduro ...• .. •.... 12 Where did the arrows go? Speedway ~ . '. ... • •..... 22 Central Pipeline .• ...•.. 23 1,700 riders at NMA Championship , Northern Dateline .. .•. . 24 $10.000 NW Challenge MX, rounds 1·3 Results .•. •.. .. •....• . • 30 Calendar. . . . . . . . • . . . .. 33 WantAds 36 ON THE FRO NT PAGE : J ay ' Springsteen (1) and Ted Boody are only four points apart in the Camel Pro Series . Who will , win? The . answer might come down to 'the double Ascot National , October 7·8. Photo by Gary Van Voorhis. THE LATEST POOP BY PAPA WEALEY Don't miss th is weekend's Motorcycle Olympiad if you want to witness history in the making. The 30 best ac tive riders . as chosen in a recent Cycle News poll. will go for it in a decathlon ser ies of competition under ISDT type rules . It'll all be filmed for la ter TV airing. U.S didn't do too well at the weekend's Trophee Des Nations MX shootout. Roger DeCoster led Belgium to a swoop, winning both " m ot os. Best American was Tony DiStefano at 9th place )n mota two. Belgium, Sweden. Great Britian. Holland. and U.S. was how it all came out. Film at eleven. ~ . . Intrepid CN desert sleuth Gary Laudig wa s awarded the number one R (Reporter) plate by AMA Distric t 37 . Laguna 'Seca's road races were filmed by ABC Wide World of Sports. Check local listings for when it'll be shown. .Gary Scott's Syra cu se-winnin g average (97.472 mph) was fast er than Laguna Se ca heat winners Sk ip Aksland (96. 684) or Steve Bak er (96. 777). C ha rles C . Clayton, Presi dent Bobi Scott. Asst. to the President Sharon Clayton, Publisher Edna Mewecn . Secretary to the Publisher Advertising ~ Deb bie Wi lkins , Saln M gT. Ji m Ryan. Salt! Mgr . Skip Johnson. Sa les Mgr, Chris Kolbe r, AuUlta"t. Editorial \ Cha rln Clayton , Editor. Da le Bro wn . Assu tant Editor. Bobi Scott, Assistant . Editor. Brian George , Asamtant Ediior, Graphics and Production Production : Judy Klinger . j an Gill. Typo· graphy: Manon H a taahita , Don na Gabard . Laboratory Pr~ucti';ln : Dennie Gree ne . Circulation Rheba Sm ith. Manager . Juanita Blanton, Diane Fehcn . Debbie Drayden, Sandy McKa y. Assistants. Accounting Mike Kling er . Manager. Ken Lori n . Assistan t . Jeanne Ha mm ond . Ac cu. Receivable. Pam ela Dickerson , Asst. Acct s. Rec eivable . Rh onda Van Do ren . Collection Dept. Trisha Burton . C red it Depr . Services and Support September 25 ' at Riverside International Raceway the AFM will host - its 3rd annual pursepaying race. Purse will be $3000. All Grand prix classes will be paid. AAMRR licenses are honored. Entry fee is $20 for first entry and '$10 each additional class ISee Calendarl. . Daytona winner ,Don Emde leaves his nest at Yam aha World in Redwood City, CA to join SuperSeer in Denver ' as rep for t~e goggle compa ny. Rick Delacy's hospital stop ended and he is home after surgery that left him with a hunk of metal. But he still wants to ride the Jr. invitational San Jose mile, and with all his helpers. he just might. John Tavis Sr. remains in hospital slowly recovering from the Delacy crash . Jim Pisare ra. Nanette Henson. recep tion ist . West 2201 Cherry Ave.. Long Bra ch . CA P.O . Box 498 . Long Bea ch. CA 90801 (213) 427·743 3; L.A , Line 636·8844 . East P.O , Box 803. Tu cker . GA 30084 . (404 ) 934 · 7850 , Subscription , On e year , seco nd c1 4J6 ma il 113; 2 yea rs. secon d class mail. 127; 3 vears . second class mai l. S37.Sq . . Copyright @ Cycte N~. lni. 1977. Trademark Cycle N~ registered U.S. Patent Office . All rights reserved . Published weekly except the fint and last week oC the ca lenda r year by Cycle News. l nc. . P,O . Box 4:98. Lo ng Beach , Ca lifornia . Second cWa peerage pa id a t Long Beac h. CA 9080 1. Cycle New s welcomes u nsolicited edi torial material incl udi ng stories . cartoons, ph otos , etc . Su ch material. if published , becomes the exclusive copyrig ht prope rty of Cycle News. Such acce pted material is su bjec t to revision as is nt'<'t'Mary in the sole d iseret lon of Cycle News. Unsol icited material wh ich is no t used will be returned, if accompanied by a se lf- a d d r esse d sca m p e d e n velope . All unselicired material win be handled with reaso na ble care , bcw ever Cycle N l"WS assumes no responsibility for th e safety , 105:!I or da mage to such material. Reprinti ng in whole or pa rt o nl y by pe r m ission o f the p u b lis h r flJ. Ad vf"rtising rates and circ ulat ion mfo rm a tion will be sent u po n request. See S. R .D.S. 2 ' '--- - - - - - - - - -, San Jose is adding another 2000 seats to the first turn of th e Sept 25 m ile and th ey shou ld go q ui ck ly, first -come. fi rst- served st artin g a t 9 in t he morning. Please no sta m pedi ng. Also a J unior invi tational mil e is sche duled. Sam Aren a . Concord Yamaha and Webco will sponsor t he Junior benefit. Gary Semics daserves some kind of special prize for struggling to a 17th place finish in the Motocross Des Nations. Due to an unusual electric short circuit in his Kawasaki. Semics got a 10,000 volt shock every time his foot touched the ground. P rodu cers of "Do it in the Di n ." t he hare a nd hound m ovie, say they a re still interviewing talented d irt racers for fea tu red extra rol es. Be at 916 5 Su nset Blvd. Su ite 20 3 in Hollywood Saturday at 10 a.m . and you may .get "d iscove red ." Herbert Schmitz will be Maico's European entry in the Trans/AMA series. Teamsters Adolph Weil and Hans Maisch are both injured and will , not compete. Americans Gaylon Mosier and ' Steve Stackable will complete Team Maico. M.O .R.E. of California will hold their annual general membership meeting on Saturday a fternoo n. Sep t . 17 in G riffith Park (L os Angeles) Crystal Springs camping area, in conjunction with th e L.A. 196th Birthday Tour. Russ Sanford will be there in person playing his theme song. Pat Richter and Moto-X Fox are resting and considering what bike to ride in the Trans-AMA this fall. while Graham Noyce sits at home unable to,join the tour because of some British nationals during ' the early part of the tour, even though he has already captured the series. Maybe Heikki is available 7 California State T T Championship Saturday night. Sept. 24 will have a cool grand up for grabs for the Expert classes in the fou r -d istrict b attle that D:35 won last yea r. It sho uld be a good one the n igh t before th e San J ose m ile a t the Lodi Cycle Bowl. What a way .to get primed for the San Jose thriller! Western/Eastern Road & Racing Assn. is getting national publicity from their ' coast-to-coast motorcycle economy run this week. Soma 20 new bikes proveded by manufacturers are riding from Philadelphia to Griffith Park ILos Angelesl via Atlanta. They'II have a police escort all the way. W esterners di d th ems elves prou d a t t he AMA Am ateur Short Track Nationals Au gust 20 -21 in W ichita . KS. Ross Duncan and James Patton ' fro m Dallas, TX won th e 65cc cla sses. Ro b ert Ely fro m Bakersfield , CA won th e teenagers' 85c c class , Brian Loesch fro m Eugene. OR beat.all th e 105ccs, Steve Perdue from Dallas, TX won the 100 cc . and Andy Bruhn fro m Springfield . OR to pp ed the 200 's. California's Jeff Springman went to Kansas August 27-28 and came home to Orange Co. Cycle with the 250cc Grand National Amateur Scrambles Championship. Praise be l . Not just one. but two back-to·back grand natio nal championships will wind up the AMA season at Asco t Park in Gardena. CA . Fr iday night . Oct. 7 will b e the $17 .000 T T national, rescheduled from Peoria. And on the followi ng night th e grand finale. the 19th an nual running of th e half-m ile nationa l cha m pionsh ip with $14, 000 pu rse . Count in g co n ti ngencies, over $40,000 will be taken home fr om Ascot . plus some $ 75 ,0 00 in Camel Series po ints payoffs. '- • BULLETIN Jack Penton Top American ' , in Czecho's killer 52ndlSDT POVASKA BYSTRIKA. CZECH. ' , Sept . 5·10 Of the original 37-man American squad, only 12 made it to the end of ISDT number 52. the toughest International Six Days Trial in recent years. And of the twelve who finished, only two riders 'Team Penton's Tom Penton and -Hueqvarna 'a Dick Burleson could claim the highly valued ISDT Gold Medal. The singular Czech teams. riding in their own country, won both the World Trophy and the Silver Vase competition. That came as ' no surprise. Likewise. the always tough East Germans scored second in both the . taam categories. flanked in the World Trophy race by the West Germans and in the Silver Vase struggle by the Polish team. Americans finished fourth in the World Trophy competition. but only four of the original Pentonmounted team of six completed the final day. Frank Gallora second year ISDT rider. and well known Dane Leimbach, a veteran with five Gold and ' one . Bronze ISDT medals. did not fmish the supardemanding Czechoslovak ian event. In the Silver Vase standings, the U.S. wound up in tenth place. Of the original starting four-man Yamaha team, only one - Mark Dayo - saw the end of day six, and he did so riding on Bronze. Silver medals went to four Americans. Three were Penton riders: Jack Penton, Rod Bush. and Gary Younkins. One silver medalist rode a Hercules - Mike Rosso. Bronze medals went to World Trophy team rider Kevin LeVoie. Silver Vase team rider Mark Dayo. Ted Leimbach, Carl Cranke, Bob Popiel. and Billy Uhl. No one else finished. •

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