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INSIDE Grand Nat" half mile. . . . . 8 Kidd's third national win Desert Hotline .. . . . . . . • 10 From the Mojave to Orange Count y to Nevada Speedway 14 Another weekslides by Previews . • . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Czecho 6·Days. Olympiad National Enduro 18 Burleson wins fourth champ ionship Motocross Opinion . • .. . 20 If Jim Gianatsis was Mike DiPrete .. . New Products 22 Northern Dateline ... • . . 24 Russ Darnell School .. •. 26 Dirty higher education Western Hotline. . . . . .. 30 Central Hotline 39 Political Poop 40 Voices 4O How to Survive .. •..... 42 Baja riders please read , H LATEST TE P0 BY PAPA WEALEY California's Desert Advisory Committee to the BLM will meet Sept. _20 to revise the desert plan. They say they welcome public participation. The meeting will be at 2 p .m. in the Conference Roo m , 1695 Spruce St .. Riverside, CA 92507 . If you can't attend , write your views to them. On , Sept. 12 the Calif. Desert Conservetion Area Advisory Committee meets at 10 a.m. in the Garden Room of the Host hotel at the Sacramento Airport. They'lI review .the "irreversibility" of Yuha. Red Mountain. and EI Paso plans. as well as the Cadiz and East Mesa ORV environmental study. and the East Mojave MFP. whatever that means. Sounds serious. ON THE FRONT PAGE: Sue Fish. who successfully defended her Women's National Championship title, moves a mountainous berm on a Cycle News test bike. Photo by Dave Hawkins. An agency head "can close off portions of the . lands his agency manages [to O RV use] and we interpret that to mean limited areas. " swears Secretary of Interior Cecil Andrus, clarifying Pres . Carter's recent Executive Order. We can only guess at what that means . Mark Sun (Chuck 's 16-year-o ld brotherl. first time on an open class bike, put a new 390 Husky Autocrosser int o second overall at the Washougal MX on August 21. Then August 28 brother Ron (18 yrs.) won . the Open Pro at Fox Hollow. Oregon. Chuck's entered in the Northwest Challenge of MX September 4-10. Some Suns never set. C harles C . Clayton , Prnid t"T1 1 Bobi Scott . Asst . t o rhe Prnid~nl Sharon Cloiyton . Publisher Edna M~lon . Secretary to tbe Pu bl isher Advertising Debbie W ilkins . Sat es Mgr . J im Rya n . Sa l" Mgr . Skip jchnscn . 5.1 Mg>", es C hris Kol bn . Assistant . Editorial Self-contained trailers, campers. and motorhornes ca n park overnight at four California beaches fro m Sept. 1 throu ghDec . 31, but the permit costs $25 and is not good for d ay use (t hat costs extra). For more info . call Gene Cone (916) 445 ·3999. And we thought Green Stickies were expensivel Ch arln Cl ayton , Edit or . Dale Brown. Assistant Edit or . Bobi Scot t. Assistant Editor . Brian GnJ~. A55 istant Educr. . Graphics and Production Production : Judy Kling<>r . J an Cill . Typo· graphy: Marl on H arasbita . Donna Oabard . Labora tory Pr oducti on : Dc-nnis Greene . Circulation Rh e ba Smith. " Managt'r . Jua nit a Blamon , DiarwoFel ton . Debbie Dr a yden. Sa ndy McK a y. A"~ an ts . James "Boots" Curtis. longt ime motorcycle racer and sales rep. died of a heart attack August 26 and was buried Tuesday. Boots. 67, was Western sales manager for It aljet. Accounting M j,",· K llII K' ·r. ,' 1;an .. ,I{t"L KCn Lorjn , A . IMant . ' J rJIUM' 11'llnm"nd . Al.;,I ta.. RtO ·j, a h k-. I'.!-~ n n id . e-r.... III. AS.'l . Ar n ". Rn c·j\'a hlr , Rhn" \'a n l)" f (" lI . Cull .on'''o lc-rl. Trish Ot n unnn . l:n"'lln I H'I" . Services and Support j im l~i"'I n'·t1 . zo.,;';mMl r 111·O!''';1. r('1C"pt iun i, l. How can AMA expect to q ualify speedwa y racers for world championships on speedwa y tr a cks only one-fifteenth of a mile a rou nd? Bruce Penhall and Mike Bast deserv e cred it for even trying 10 a da p t instantly to world -caliber speedway in England's qual ifier. We st 22UI.{:lM'fr\' A\"C". . l.()l1~ Beach . C:A 1'.0 . So x 4YK . BnC"h . C A 9(JH(JI I..A . Lifl('"636 ·"HIH . ( 2 1 ~ H 2 i · 7 433: East 1'.0. Hm; K . Tu rker , GA SU . (404 ) 934 · tJ5 tls.. 7KSU. Subscription ve-a r . !ioI'"( nd d.~ m a il 5 I5; 2 \ 'C·dn.. 'o 'lI"t(,mi d Ol , mail . 527 : 3 \'ra f' ." w·n llld (>ld~ Ill a il. 537 .50 , . ()I W 2 Copyrighl © Cycle N~. Inc. 1977 . T rad emark Cycle N~s regisrered U.S . P~ t rn t Off ic . All e right! reserved . Published wf'f'kly excrpc the finl a nd £ 51 W a ("f'k of chI" calend .. r year by Cyc le Nrw 5. l nc. . P.O . So x 498 , Lon g Beach . Cali Iornia. Second class postage pai d :u Long Beach CA 9080 1. Cycle News wrkomn unsol icited editorial m at erial incl udi ng 510riM . cartoons . pho roe. et c. Suc h ma te rial . if publ ishe d . becomes the exclusi ve copy rig ht proprrty of Cycle Nf"W5, Such accepted materi al i5 subjec t to revision as i~ nec essary in t he soil" d iscret ion of Cycle New•. Unsolicited ma te ria ! which i, not used will be ret urned if acco m panied by a sr lf · a ddresse d sta mped e n vel o pe . All unso licited rna terial will be ha ndled wit h reason..hle ca rt' , ho wever Cvcle Nt"ws ass umes no respo nsibilit y (or the . Icm Of damage to suc h ma rerial . Reprinting in who le or part on ly by permission of t h e" publishers . Ad vrrtising utes and circu la tio n in forma tion will ksrnt u po n rTqunt. See S.R .D .S. .. We don't know if you have to go naked to ride the new 125cc " Streak. " ' Bultaco. but it·s an interesting name. News from the ISDT in Czechoslovakia - you guessed it - the fearsome Czechs are leading the World Trophy competition. Second and third are West. then ' East Germany. with the U.S. (Pentonl World Trophy Team riding in fourth place on day two. In Silver Vase com petition Americans lost La rry Thom pso n on the first d ay with a knee injury and th us end u p in last place . . Top American at the end of the opening day, Barry Higgins put his MX experience to good use in the special tests and holds 12th place in class. 32 Americans are on Gold. Jack and Tom Penton. both entered in the 250cc class . hold eighth .and 10th places ~t the end of day one. Carl Cranke d ropped to Silver when given wrong directions by a traffic controller and wound IoIP three minutes late at the next checkpoint. a temporary setback that. will not lik ely keep him from . taking a G.old medal by the trial's , end. Jeff H a mmond. who suffered the m u lt ip le p robl ems of fl at tire a nd mot or seizure. has d ropped to Bro nze. Three U.S. riders have retired. In addition to Larry Thompson from the Silver Vase team, Bruce Kenny and Bob Pearce were also stopped on day one. Kenny seized his motor; Pearce dislocated his shoulder in a crash. 'Orange County in California last week opened all but two county parks to motorcycle riders. ending a 15·year ban. At the same time the County Supervisors ordered a crackdown on excessive noise especiall y us . Artaboy on both counts. Shunzo Suzukl.,whose monogram you see on Roger DeCoster's shirt. died recently in Tokyo at the age of 74. He practically founded the co mpany. Marco Luchinelli ( Ya m) won t h Septembe r 4 D u tch round of th Formula 750 W orld Championshi road race series. Amid the Washougal mud and slop, Rick Burgett (Yam) dominated the 'first day of the Northwest Challenge MX, a $5.000 pUnle nice at Washougal, Wash. Yamaha teammate Mike Bell dominated the second day of racing. In the five-race, .10.000 series. winning the 250 and open classes at Mulkey ORVPark. which was run in perfect weather. The stories on these races and othenl in the series will run next week. Americ~'s team of Tony DiStefa no (Suz) . Kent Howerton (Hus) . Ga ry Semics (Kaw) . and Steve Sta cltab le (Mai) finished second in the 500cc Motocross des Nations in France, September 4. T he Belgi ans won with 42 points, ' followed by the U .S . (58 ), United Kingd om (60) , Sweden (73) , France (74) , and Italy (75) . , . USA riders had their ' u ps and downs, biggest "up" being DiStefllno's third place ride in the first moto. Tony 0 ran ' into problems in the second round. placing 13th. Steve Stackabl turned in a creditable 6-10 day as Gary Sem ics and kent Howerton racked up 17-16 and 10-27 totals. Swed en's Hakan An derss on was the t op winner of the Motocross des N ations with a 1-3, wi th Belgian Andre Ma lhe rbe (KTM) second (2-5) . First moto orde r was: Andersson . Ma lherbe, DiStefa no . Franco, Jaak Van Velthoven , Stackable, Roger DeCoster , Kobele , Ma d de , and Howerton . Second moto went: Graham Noyce, Bruno , Andersson , Da n iel Pea n , Ma lherbe, Nei l Hudson . John Ba nks , Adolph Weil , Angiolini , and Stackable. This issue of Cyde NelllfS is one day late owing t o Labor Day falling on our usual deadline . The Federal Bureau of Management if still looking for chief. Pres . Carter says he wil (Continued on page 23

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