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I.NSIDE Desert Hotline. . . . . . . . . . 4 WaIlinJ¢ord. Balentine at D-37. CRC AMA 500cc Nat'l MX .... 6 Croft wins the battle. Smith the war AMA Grand Nat'l M iles .. 8 The Michigan Mafia split a pair SCORE off Road Championship 10 Laguna Seca Preview 12 Who'll be frolicking in the green hills Women 's Nat' l Championship .. . • .. . . . 14 Fish flies furt her Speedway 16 World Championship MX 18 Flying Finns and Crazy Russians Husqvarna Preview 20 " Do it in the D irt" 21 Lights. ca me~a . . . Western Hotline 22 Marland Whaley 26 Hangin' out with the U.S. Trials Champ ON THE FRO NT PAGE: At the Indy mile. Mike Caves (28 leads Steve Freeman (68) and . in the St. Pete 500cc motocross. To mmy Croft ( 16) leads Bob Hanna h (2 ) and Marty Smit h (9). Photos by Bert Shep herd and Charley Mon;y. Debbie Wilk ins. SalesM gr. J im Ryan. SalesMgr . Skip Johnson. Sales Mgr. Chris Kclbet , Assistant • Editorial Chares Clayton, Editor. Dale Brown Assistant l . EditOf. Bobi Scott. Assistant Editor . . Graphics and Production Klinger, ·J an Gill . Typography: Mar_ashita. Donna Gaba;peeling the replica racers. ' " Eve rybod y at H ond a is upset!" said one . Maico claims their new 1978 AW 125 is so easy to ride t hat when' you 're ' lapping a rider y ou don't have t o wait for an opening - yo u just point it and go . 17I The second claim Maico makes about their little bundle of joy is that virtually everything about it is new.' The first shipment is due the first week of September. Call your lo cal Maico dealer about then for more info. Unofficial AMA/MR.. Pibb 500cc National MX Series Fina l Point Standings: 1. Marty Smith 223 199 2. Bob Hannah 191 3. Steve Stackable 167 4. Tommy Croft 1575; Tony DiStefano 1575. Kent Howerton 141 7. Gary Serilics 138 8. Rex Staten 111 9. Gaylon Mosier 10010. Rich Eirstedt 10010. M ickey Boone --denotes tie Advertising Judy POD Bo t h , t he 2500R a nd 25 0 W R Husqva rnas will co me o ut with longer swi n g a r ms; Curnu tt shocks wi ll defin it ely com e on th e OR producti on model; head and ta il lights di spl ayed on the W R model will defin it ely make production ; but they still a ren't sure a bou t the Girl in gs o n the WR production model. 1£ none of th at seems to make m uch se nse. tum to page 20 . this issue , a nd find out what it's all about . Sharon Clayton . Publishn' Edna M~lon . Secret.. ry to the_Pu blish" Product ion : THE LATEST , The U .S. Army presently has three Husqva rna Automatics and three standard . shift Husky machin es for testing. The m otorcycles are being considered for possible use in reconnaisance , for working with tank units . for police use and for ,.messenger service in com bat zones. There's - a ru m or out that Wi lli Bauer will ride a Hercules in the 1978 motocross Grand Prix season. Nobody's said what size; but we'd venture a guess that it'll be a 250cc machine. ' This week we·r~ . introducing a new secti o n in Ca lendar. " Eve ry Week" co nt a ins a ll the events that run weekly, under their respective d a ys. This move is intended to maximize spac e so the ' Ca lendar ca n list events fu rt her into th e futu re . An ybo dy send ing a list ing for t his sect ion shou ld in cl u de a closin g date if a pp lica b le. Elsinore Raceway is starting an every -ot her-week Speedway racing series on September 4. While you .w on't see the Bast Bros. t here w ill be beginners and 0 -3 rac ing for trophies and 0 -2 riders going for 100% payback. Call (714) 826·2386, or 674-5383 for info. Ascot Park has' some big plans for thei r T hursday . Se p te mber 8 . CMC motocross . All ladies will be admi tted free ("Fox H unt" ) a nd th ere will be a $50 bo u nty o n Tim Lunde . Check out the Calendar listing under September 4, this issue, for in f orm atio n on the First Annual Widowmaker Desert Classic . After t he mess at Cherry Creek earlier this year the Salt Lake (Utah) Bee's Motorcycle Club decided they better come up qu ick with ' something to restore Utah desert r aci n g pride. So - t he club decided, at the last m inute, to turn their usual team race into a National event Hare Scrambles. The Bee's cla im the course w ill be reasonably hard, not impossible, challenging, but lots of fun. T he Peoria TT round of th e AMA Grand National Championsh ip /Camel Pro Series has been can, . celed, The organizers, the Peoria M.C. , were offered October 16 by the AMA as the date for resc hed ul ing their ra in ed out event. The club. which ha d asked for September 18 (t he da y after th e ru nning o f t he burned out T oledo National at Louisville ), turned down th e O ctober date . Suzuki 's Roger DeCoster and KTM's Jaak Van Velthoven split moto w ins in Switzerland t o wrap up the 500cc World Championship motocross series. Roger and Jaak each had a first and a second; Roger won on time. Hakan • Andersson (Mon) and Graham Noyce (Mail swapped third and fourth places. First moto order went: Van. Velthoven, DeCoster, Andersson, Noyce, Gerrit Wolsink . (Suz), W illi Bauer (KTM), Brad Lackey ' (Hon), Vromans, Sylvain Geboers (Mail, and Jonnsen. Second moto was: DeCoster, Van Ve lthoven, Noyce, Adnersson. Herbert Schmitz (M ail, Angiolini, Jonnsen. unknown. VaO' Den Brook. Fin al po int standin gs for the 500cc Motocross World Championship are: Heikki.. M ikkola (2 72); Rog er DeCoster (222); CerritWolsink (201) ; Brad Lackey ( 168) ; H erbert Schmitz (86); Hakan Andersson (84) ; Jaak Van Velthoven (79); Graham Noyce (74); Bengt Aberg (62) ; and Ado lp h Weil (47) . A member of the Dirt Diggers M.C. whispered in Papa's ear the other day and said the 19th Annual Dirt Diggers Grand Pr ix (formerly Hopetown) will be November 5-6 at Racing World, in Trabuco Cyn.. Calif. The whisperer went on to say that there will be a $5,000 Pro race and that " overtones" are being made to European pro sidecar teams. The O ctober 2 Do u ble Cro ssers M.C . "Cal Sta te 100" A MA D-37 / National Enduro will a lso be the California State Championship end u ro. It was originall y planned to be a series with Dist rict 36 running the other ha lf. But no 0 ·36 club co uld be talked into promoting an event . so it looks like t he Sta te C hampions (0 · 175. 176·250 . 25 1-up , Senior a nd W om en ) will be fro m Sou thern Ca liforn ia unless the 0 36 riders co me d o wn to cha llenge , The latest word on Heikki Mikkola's rid ing in the 1977 TransAMA series is not encouraging. According to Yamaha's National Racing Manager Ken . Clark, Mikkola might enter in one or two of the events near the end of the series, but we shouldn't count on it. The new 500cc MX World Champ plans on taking a wen· deserved vecation, then he has to go to Japan for testing. The TransAMA is not a pr iority. . Department of correction: Last week one of our former novice editors credited Ga vin Trippe . with originating Friday night racing at ' Ascot Park. This wa s incorrect. Gavin 's co m p a ny, Trippe -Cox o rigi n a ted the Yamaha Go ld and Silver Cup series a t Ascot. Also , Trippe-Cox d id no t promote the first AMA national at Ascot. AMA's magazine is now called American Motorcyclist. The U tah ' Salt Flats Racing Associa tion's third monthly speed trials, which h a d been scheduled f o r September 3-4, have been called off. T he usually d ry as a bone Bo nneville Salt Fla ts were flooded by recent rains which left the track too wet to be p repa r ed . "Moonbeam Rider" is the title of a movie being filmed in Oklahoma. It is a 1919 county fair circuit race and sex film starring Brenda Vaccaro. A 30·minute TV program will be produced from California Motorcycle Dealers Association's biker rally to be held September 17-18 in Los Angeles' Griffith Park and Olvera Street. The event , co m m em o r a ting the 196th b irthday of Los Angeles , is the brainchild of Jim Man ni ng, Random P rodu ctio ns will be d o in g the vid eo t a p ing, and entry forms a re available from CM DA . Box 23 , East Irvine. CA 92650 a s well as participating dealers.

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