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c ,H B.JlIIII II.JII IIJ1'1:1I JI W 2SII·. • 41111·. • 4511·. JlIIJI'I.JlBI.' '11. JI I.'II'T.II T'II. DIII.V JlT .DI:K BDTTDII I'.,I:•• ! SEE YOUR DEALER FOR A RED HOT DEAL THE FIRST PRODUCTION BI KE AT THE USGP (MOSIER), AND THE L.A. SUPERBOWL (STACKA BL E) FLASH ! Steve Stackable wins both Motos at Lake Whitney 500 MX Nationals. (Continuedfrom page /2) " I was ha tin' life ," he 'd say later that even ing," 'ca use I kn ew th e only way I could go was ba ckwards!" Sure enough, with his shoul der hurting and then his Honda suffering a flat rear tire , th e man from Yakim a , Washington slid back and let Sm it h and Croft stage their sho w. As Rex Staten charged along in fou rth, Suzuki teamsters Tony DiStefano an d Da n ny La Pone worked u p a duel over fifth place, a figh t th a t eventu ally went in T ony D's favor but carried both past St at en in the mean tim e. W ith two laps to go , Sm ith held a 13 second lea d over Cro ft; DiStefano was 20 seconds down . La Port e rode along another 13 seconds behind T ony D, just four seconds in front of Stat en. Stackable held sixth ; Gary Sem ics, seventh and Kent Howerton. eighth. That's how the race ended. For Ma ny Sm ith , it was a win ning day -- he even put down George Ell is in an impromptu ann wrestling bout later that even ing .. and he extended his series points lead appreciably. No ~ at 132 , Marty's closest opposit ion is Kent Howerton a t 90 points. Barring a freakish round of bad luck , Sm ith will be the 1977 AMA 500cc National MX Champion. Seco nd pla ce in th e series, however , has developed into a n ex tremely close battle. The re m aining top ten rid ers a re all within a 20 point ra nge , a nd places two through six (Howerton , Han nah . DiSt e fano , Staten and Stackable) can be covered with a ni nepo int bl anket .. it's tha t closel The remaining rounds in North Carolina, Georgia and Flori da will be exciting to say the least. 250cc Support Yamaha sponsored Mike Bell from Lakewood , Califo rnia continued to lay waste to th e series' Support class. Bell . has won all four 250cc motes run in the series thus far , a nd he placed 4- 1 in the one 125cc event held at the series opener in Texas. Runner-up at Unadilla with a pair of second p lacings was New England Husky rider Mike Gu erra . Gu erra, riding a Husqvama sponso red by Cycle Dynamics in Feeding H ills , Massachusetts put in a fast , consistent 2-2 afternoon. Third place went to Yamaha rider Tod Perkins with a 4-4 tally, Gary Ogden , on the FMF Suzuki, topped out in fourth with a 38, and Husky rider Charles Halcomb scored an 8-5 fifth . • Results &OOcc NlItIon.' 1. M8ny Smith 2. Tommy Croft 3. RexS_n 4. Tony DIStefano 5. Dlmny llIPon. &.KentHowenon 7. Bob Hanneh I. Rick Burgett 9. Gary Semica 10. Frank Stacy 11. RIch EIerstecIt 12. Mickay K. .1ar 13. Steve Stackabl. 14. Gayton Mo~.. 15. Jim Pomeroy 16. J immy Elh 17. Pat Moroney 11. Denny Swartz 19. Furman Gray 20. Parry KJauen . 2-1 4-2 3-6 7-3 8-4 6-8 1-5-15 14-7 12-10 10-12 11-13 --6 --9 Hon Hon H-D Suz Suz H... Yam Yam Kaw Pan Bul Mon Mai Mai 13-7 Hon 14-11 15-19 31·14 20-16 H... Suz 9-- C-A Mal Yam - danotes a placing outsld. the top 20. 250cc Suppon 1. M lka Ball 2. Mika GlHlrra • EAST : WEST: Oebe n ham I m p o rts Maico West, Inc. 109 Electric Avenue R t . 1 , Bo x 211 11 0 E. Santa An ita A ve . Lew istown . PA 17 044 40 MIO-eENTRAL: Ma ko Motorcycles, Inc. Ant i o ch . Ill i n ois 6 0 0 0 2 Burbank, Cali f. 91502 1·1 2-2 4-4 3-6 8-5 9-6 11·7 Yam Hue Yam 3. Tod P",kina 4. Gary Ogden Suz 5. Charlas Halcomb Hus 6. Edwin Moor Mal 7. Thomaa Cumby Yem 8. Michael Robinson 5-13 9. Gary Puatalak 14-9 10. Roben Shoup 7-16 AMA 500cc National MX Ser l.. point standings: 1. Marty Smith 11321; 2. Kent Howanon 190~ 3. Bob Hanneh 1881: 4. Tony DiStefano (85); 5. Rex Staten (821; 6. Stave Stackabla 181) 7. Tommy Croft In); 6. Rick : Burgett (75~ 9. Gary Semlc s 174); 10. J im Pomaroy 1711.

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