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Sideways and going 'or it in England T he British don't have Class C flat tracks like we do in America. Instead, they race grasstrack: The courses range from 360 to 1,000 yards long on ungraded grass with horrendous bumps. There are classes for 500cc , 350cc , and 250cc motorcycles. The bi kes are similar to speedway machines, but with suspension . J awa, J.A.P. and Weslake 500cc singles are popular, but a few enlarged 350cc Yamaha twin' road racing motors have been used. In the 350cc and 250cc classes, various two-stroke motocross powerplants compete with the four strokes. The motorcycles generally race lefthanded (cou nte r-cl oc kwise) around the tracks. Sidecars race in the opposite direction around the courses. Displacement is limited to I ,OOOcc, and rigs powered by 850cc Weslake twins , Triumph 750 twins and triples (som e supercharged) , Kawasaki I ,OOOs, Honda fours , and BMWs compete. Several of the grasstrack chaps want to come over and try their machines on American din tracks. Anybody with a din track in their backyard (or a golf course across the street, for that matter) who wants to try something different should contact Bruce Cox at P .O . Box 16277 , Irvine. CA 92713. • Our "factory team" stands behind a bunch of hot numbers. Why is Electro fast becoming the "He lmet o f Champions "? Because a rider who's comfortable has an edge over a rider who isn't. ,We keep that in mind at Electro, Not only are Electro helmets light, but they 're des igned to put more of the weight close to your head for a lower "moment of inertia". Which means you can ride 56 Marty Smith, Tommy Croft (Honda) Pierre Karsmakers. Broe Glover (Yamaha) Marty Moates, Greg Robertson (Ossa) Wayne Boyer (Bullaeo) Kent Howerton, Dick Burleson (Husqvarna) longer without a sore neck. And because fit is so important, our helmets come in individual hat sizes-we figure 5 , M, and L just doesn't cover everyone. So when it's time for a better helmet, it's time to see your Electro dealer for a fitting. He's waiting to introd uce you to our hot numbers. ulucbro HELMETS Electrofilm, Inc.lElectro Helme ts 7116 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood . CA 91605 (213 ) 875 -1000 Q Exceeds z- so.e, 1974 DOT specs

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