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8IIrry Sheene ISuzl won the 500cc Belgium Grand Prix road race on July 3. beating Steve Baker IYaml, Pat Hennen ISuzl. Tuevo Lansivouri ISuzl and Steve Parish ISuzl. There is little doubt that Sheene will again be 500cc World Champion. . IRC T ires and th e Co n tinenta l Mot o sport Club (CMC) will sponsor a $2 .000 motocross on the new course a t Sa dd leback on July 17. acqu isition and care of OHV parks. has appoin ted two new division chiefs: J a ck V. Ha rrison as C h ief o f A cq u is it ion and De ve lo p m en t Divisions; a nd Lo n Spha rler as Ch ief of the Pla n ning Divisio n. You ca n call Jack at (916) 445 -4794 or Lo n a t (91 6) 445- 6538 and u rge th em to ge t on with the business of ac q uiring more a nd b igger OHV parks in the heav ilypo pulated urban a reas of California. Pierre Karsmakers is returning to the United States to contest the 500cc National Series, which starts up at Lake Whitney, Texas on July 17. Karsmakers. currently ninth in World Championship 500cc Motocross standings, has more American Motorcyclists Assn. lAMA) National wins than any other rider. The Burea u of Land Management h as announced that 5.8 70 acres of p ublic lan ds lo c at e d a bo ut 40 miles southeast of Baker . O regon ha ve been closed to all off road vehicle use from August 27 to Decem ber I, 1977 . Specific in forma tion may be obtai ne d fr om the District O ffice. Burea u of Land Ma nagement. Bak er . O regon. Diane Cox. like everybody else, is still looking for sponsors for her dirt track efforts. Anybody interested in helping out the first lady expert should call 1 5031 363- 2022 . 2 Here's the Superbowl of Motocross VI track. The question now is, who's gonna get around it best. Choices include Roger D. Bob Hannah, Jim Pomeroy, Jimmy Ellis, Marty Smith and maybe even Marty Tripes. We pick Hannah. meybe Smith. with a 2-2. third Gilbert De Roover 3-4 Brad Lackey celebrated the fourth · and fou rt h Henri Massont with a 5-3. of July in Great Britain by taking his first overall in World The American Federation of Championship 500cc Motocrossl Motorcyclists IAFMI is offering Brad won the first moto and placed contingency money to any fourth In the second round. member finishing in the top three in any solo final event at the Sears La ckey took the win in the firs t GP Point Camel Pro Series/American mot o in ' Great Britain followed by Motorcyclist Assn. IAMAI Grand Gerrit Wolsink . and Bengt Aberg . .l n National road race to be held July the second moto Heikki Mikkola was 16-17. AFM members finishing first in Novice, 250 Expert, 150 Expert or first with second going to John Banks . thi rd G raham No yce . fourt h Lacke y Superbike Production will earn an followed by H ak an Andersson a nd extra $100. while second and third place will pay $75 and $50 J ack Van Velt hoven. Roger DeCoster re tired with DNFs in both rnotos . respectively. Riders must display two AFM stickers on their bike. Heikki Mikkola leads the World Championship points race with Three $500 guaranteed purse 220; Wolslnk with 170 is second; "speedway road races" remain in the DeCoster third with 156 and AFM Summer Series. The races. held Lackey fourth with 130. With on ly on a 5/8·mile. eight-turn course at 605 three rounds left M ikkola's lead Speedway in Irwindale. Calif. . feature appears insurmountable. heats, semis and main events. Races are scheduled for July 8. July 22 . and At the 125 National in St. Joseph, July 29 . MO. the to p 10 were: 1. Bob H a nnah I-I The California Desert Conservation 2. Broc Glover 3·2 Area Advisory Comm ittee 5·3 sponsored by the Bureau of Land 3. Warren Reid 4. Da n ny LaPorte 4· 4 Management will make basic 5. Mark Ba rnett decisions regard ing the work 2·8 6-5 6. Billy Grossi program for the Calif. Desert Plan, 7-7 int erim management actions of the 7. J immy Wein ert 8. Chuck Sun 9· 10 BLM, and public participation at 9 . Ron Turner 10-12 meetings scheduled for July 7.8.9 10 . Pat R ichter DNF·6 at the University of California, Riverside campus. The National Points standings for the 125 Championship have T he U. S. Forest Service has banned LaPorta in the lead with 200; 2. use of any motors or m otorized Glover (190); 3. Hannah 11831; 4. equip me nt in the mid dl e Fork Feat her Reid (140); 5. Steve Wise (134); 6. W ild River Zones except on th e Stag Pat Richter (119); 7. Gary Ogden, Point and Sleghorn Ba r T rails or when Mark Barnett 11051; 9. Jimmy authorized by a pe rmit. T he area is Weinert 1881; 10. Mike Guerra 1731. a djacent to t he Plu m as National Forest. Ca lif. More information is At th e 125 Grand Pri x in Germany the available fro m the Forest Supervisor, overall went to Gaston Ra hier with a 159 P lu m a s N ational Forest . 1-1 score. second was Gerald Rond Lawrence St. , Quincy. CA 95971. O n th e su bject of sponsors: O ne enterprising "n ational nu m ber" dirt tracker pl aced a Cycle News want ad asking fo r interested sponsors to contact him. The ad cost $4. and within two weeks $1.000 cash was in the racer's hands from a generous "silent partner. " The Forest Service has announced a series of workshops to be held from July 5 to August 18 throughout the state of California to provide public input on an inventory of National Forest Road less Areas in that state. Participants in the workshops will be asked to suggest possible additions to areas designated as wilderness. No off road vehicle use is allowed in w ilderness areas. Interested people can get the complete list of workshop dates and locations from the Cleveland Nationa l Forest, Office of Information, 880 Front St.. Roon 68-5. San Diego, CA 92188. Every rnotocrosser has experienced near heat exhaustion while waiting at the starting gate for his moto to get started. Lake Whitney Cycle Ranch is doing something to help beat the hot Texas sun. Ranch personnel have installed a 12-foot wide. 135-foot long metal awning to shade the area behind the starting gate where riders are staged for the next race. A tip of the Wealey duckbill to Lake Whitney for thinking of rider comfort. A copyright infringement suit filed by Vetter Fairing Company against American Easy Rider Inc. has been settled out of court. In the suit. filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. Vetter charged that American Easy Rider v iolated Vetter copyrights by producing and d istributing certain materials without license or permission. Cali forn ia Sta te Parks a nd Recrea tion Director Herbert Rh od es. who earned fame as the man who swindled the off highway vehicle OHV fund out of millions of dollars meant for the On Tuesday, July 5, Mike Bell signed a contract with the Yamaha f8ctory. Mike follows Bob Hannah and Broc Glover as the latest DG Performance Specialties rider to move on to Team Yamaha. Mike inked a contract for the remainder of this year to ride the Superbowl of Motocross, Anaheim Stadium. the 250 Support Class for the 500 Nationals and the Trans-AMA Support Class. M ike has dominated the Southern California scene for some t ime now. He will ride the support classes to get used to the heat and humidity of the east. then go full bore next year. Cye'e News wishes Mike the best of luck in the future, even though we are losing an ace test rider. Mick Grant gave Ka wasak i their first G rand Prix victory with a win in the 250cc class at the Assen , Holland road race on June 26 . Franco Uncini (H-D) and Ba rry Ditchburn (Kaw) followed Grant in that race . Yamahas swept the 350cc race. with Kork Ballington first , Michel Rougerie second. and Petri Fernandez third . As reported last week . Wil Hartog (Suz) beat Barry Sheene (Suz) . Pat Hennen (Suz). Philippe Coulon (Suz) and Steve Baker (Yam) . to win the 500cc race. The factory Honda ' motocrossers, _ hich are right around 405cc. w feature right-hand drive as a result of a redesigned gearbox. The new tranny allows the engine to be moved back so the countershaft sprocket nearly rubs the swingarm pivot. eliminating some slack in the drive chain. All the Hondas actually raced in the U.S. GP at Carlsbad featured Moto-X Fox Airshox and Showa front forks lno air, just oil and springs) for over 11 inches of travel at each end. Papa doesn't know how much horsepower they're putting out, but Marty Smith admitted he was having his problems keeping the front end down and there was a Honda in or near the front at the start of each moto. (Contin ued on page J7)

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