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Family enduro INSIDE U.S. SOOcc MX Grand Pri x . 6 Wolsink does it agai n Lou don Gra nd National RR 10 Rob erts wins. lea ds points ra ce Harley-Davidson 's MX250 12 T he ora nge rocket is fast and peaky 125 National MX 16 Hannah laps third place in Illinois Desert 20 ORA today. 0 -37 next week 28 World Champion More of the DeCoster story 37 45 49 MXCAT Results Calendar Want Ads 52 -_.***.********-. _ _ ... Thank you. Mike Mike Hampton . Suzuki of Pom on a owner , deserves a round of a ppla use from all competition riders , and the motorcycle industry as a whole, for his active participation in th e various motorcycle sports . Mike cu rrent ly provides a totally trick ed-out 100 % race-ready 125 Suzuki for pro rider Gary Dent o n . In addition , Mike also does something not too many local shops do - p rovide support for many up and coming riders. Presently , this inclu des two 125 Intermediate riders , five minicycle riders, and t w o junior cycle riders . Since acquiring Su zuki of Pomona in 1971 , Mike Hampt on ha s continuall y supported rid ers , in cl u.d i n g ·R e x Staten o n three occasions. You have truly done an o utsta nd ing job, Mike, and we want to thank you for yo ur support. S.O.P. RIDERS Pomona , CA -************** ON THE FRONT PAGE: U.S. GP Support Class winner Mike Bell recently helped us evaluate th e new Harley-Davidson MX250. Read all abou t it on page 12. (Inset) Roger DeCoster. th e ultimate morocrosser. His story continues on page 28. Photos by Dave Hawkins and Steve French . Ch ar tes C . Clayton , Preside n t Bobi Scott . Au t. to the-Presiden t Sharon Clayton . Pu blish er Edn a Mewton . Secretary to the- Pub lishe-r Advertising -, Speedway strike Debbie wilkins. Sa les Mgr . J im Ryan . Sales MgT, Chris Kel ber . Assistant . I just read the story o n speedway racing, the strike and H arry Oxley in Cycle News issue #23, June 15,,1977 . W e promoted speedway ra cing in San J ose for two years and a t the Cow Palace (S .F .) three years . W e on ly made money once, about $1.500 total in the second Cow Palace series. We lost $ 18 .000 at San Jose the first year and $ 13,000 th e second shortened yea r. Needless to sa y we folded , quit , period . . Pri or to Harry Oxley and h is backers , (de d ica ted speedway men ), speedway racing had been a losin g proposition dating ba ck to th e Lin coln Speedwa y days . th en \Vhitman Stadium and th e indoor events a t th e Coliseum. For my part I adm ire and resp ect th ose men , the pr om ot er s, wh o had th e guts to bu ck losing odds an d ta ke ove r the promotion of wh at had been a losing propsirion, So when th ey finally sho w a profit it is o nly fai r th ey Editorial John D. Ulric h, Editor. Date Brown , Assist an t Edit or . Dave Hawk ins. Assistan t Edi to r . Graphics and Production Production : J ud y Klinger, Kathy Willia ms. Typognphy : Marion Harashita , Carolyn Branham. Laboratory Product ion : Dennis Greene. Circulation Rh eb.. Smit h, M an a ~r . Pam Green . J u..nita BIa ncon and Dia ne Felt on . AMi51ant 5. Accounting Mike Klingrr, Manager. Ken Lorin . Au t. Jeanne Hammond. Acets . Receivabte p.. mela Dickerson , A.t . Acct a. Receivable . Rh onda Van Doren , Collection Dep t . Services and Support J im P'iuITU West 220 1 C herry Ave. . Long Beach . CA P.O . Box 498 . Long Bea ch , CA 90801. ~ U ) 427 ·7433 ; L. A . Lin e 636 ·8844 . East P.O . Bo x 80 5. T uc ker . GA ~84 . (404 ) 9'4 · 7 8~O . .. Subscription O ne yeu: seco nd c14115 $15: 2 years . 5 second class $27 ; 3 years , second c1411S5 ma il. $37 .50. CLASS I ~ M' MI U II 4 Copyright Cyclr News, Inc. 1977. Trade mark registered U,S . Patent Office . All rights reserved . Pu blished weekl y except the fin1 and 141151 week of the calendar year by Cycle News. Inc.. P.O . Box 498, Long Beach. California . Second class poIta~ paid at Long Brach. CA 90801. Edi torial stories, cartoons. pbotoe. etc . are welcom e . Ad dressed. st ..m ped envelope aSlurt'S return of u npurcbaeed editorial matt er . Reprinting in whole or pa rt only by pe nniuion of the pub li. hr n . Ad vr n ising ra tes a nd circulation infonnation will be sent upon lTqunt. S« S.R .D.S . co ntin ue to show a profi t to make up for their ea rly losing yea rs. Yes, th e riders deserv e a fa ir sha ke a lso, no question o n th at , but if they have been getting a gu aranteed purse versus 30% of the gate I cons ide r tha t a fa ir Shake . I drove midget ra ce cars for 12 yea rs so have been on both sides of the fence and was also inv olved in a strike against Oakland St adium in 1947 , a sad affair , (we never regain ed our former crowds and/ or purses) . Yes, I feel Harry and company, if they paid 30% or a guarantee . have been fair to the riders. BOB BARKHIMER Scotts Valley, CA Barkh im er , a well-kn own ra ce . prom ot er , is responsible fo r th e popular and spe ctacular San Jo se Mil es . . . Ed. Lucky number My brother , M ike Hause got off after his TZ250 Yam aha seized at full chat on th e banking during the first practice at Ontario o n April 23. H e smashed his wrist and separated h is shoulder , but the doctors got him all pinned and screwed ba ck together and he's doing O K. His wrist will be in a cas t for four months. H e had just sunk $800 into the engin e ,' and was out for the first tim e with his n um ber number - 13 . Not so lucky. the bike burned , to o . This is just in ca se ot he rs ha ve been wondering about him. BROTHER HAUSE Long Beach . CA Warning and thanks Just be cause you are riding a marked trail doesn't mean that someone else won't be riding it th e wrong direction . This happened to me, and it cost a broken ankle , broken wrist and no fin isher pin . Thanks to the guy wh o helped m e back to his camper during th e Greenhorn Enduro. W .L. STOWERS . 87A Lynw ood , CA I just fin ish ed readin g Roy Taylo r's lett er in th e June 15 issu e (Cycle N ews #2 3) a nd would like to put in my two ce nts worth co ncern ing th e Un ite d Racin g Assn . (U R A) S5 licen se fee . My a nswer to Roy is: Don 't rid e these ri poff en d uros . T hose type of cl ubs a re ou t to m ak e t he bu cks a nd th e hell with t he familv m an . Con sider a fa mi ly of fo u r (like mine) who a ll ride. T wenty buc ks for licenses. S80 to enter plu s gas fo r b ikes and truc k and you 've spent ove r S I 00 to ride a n enduro th at' s jus t ha lf-assed ru n . St ick with clu bs lik e Cal iforn ia R acing Clu b (C RC) a nd Pom ona Va lley Desert Rid ers ( PVDR) who hav e no licen se fees a nd put on a good family eve nt a t a fa ir p rice . I rod e PVDR 's G ra n ny Enduro o n June 5 . Du e to a mi x-up with th e Bureau of Land Managem ent ( BLM). they were fo rced to r u n bo th loops over the sa me cou rse . They d id a n excellent job of mixing th e speeds a nd chec ks between the two loops. The best part of th e PVDR's syste m is a fair entry fee , $7 .50 for two loops and $6.50 for one loop . P lus, they had a mini-loop o n Saturday for the litt le tots, gave th em a fini sher pin and a trophy . Now that's wh at I ca ll a " fam ily" enduro. From what I can see a bou t PVDR , they are a t least trying to keep all aspects of famil y end uro riding with reason . SAM ·MARTIN Ontario . CA Expert trophies on ly? Do vou ha ve to be an exr.e rt to troph y? T he J ackrabbits M.C : m ust t hin k so . W it h t he sarne er u r ies in Trail Ex pert and Div, II Begin ners. t hcv c hose to o nly tro ph y thl' I'Xpl'rt cla ss. I m ay not go as fast as t he expe rts . bu t I wo rk as ha rd to gl' t t here . I t hought th a t if you win you r class . you t rop hy. e xpc Tl or l)('gi n l1( ·r. I' m s u re glad t hc ot hc r dese-r t m o i o rc vcl e d u bs d on ' t share the sa me out look as tile J a ckrab bi ts. .1 1M C ROUC H . 363c Bellflower , CA Mickey Kessler Wh y doesn't a nybody eve r t ak e a pict ure of Micke y Kessler with out a helm et o r . for th at rnau er , with on t' an d o n his bik e ? li t' never ge ts any co\'eragt'. HI' too k a n l'ig ht h ovc ra ll at li a ng-t o wn o n a bo x-sto ck Monr esa . a nd would ha ve wo n th e first m ot o but t he fad ing stock Beror shoc ks cou ldn 't c ut the m ustard a g-a i n st fact ory scoou -rs. H e 's one heck o f a good rider who I thi nk d',,' pu blic shou ld know abou t . If Kessll'r gl' ts a works hik e . look out ! T . J. W ARR E;,\ Il unt ing to n Beach , CA (Contin ued on page 21) GOJII, ... tV'/ fl,f6PT 6 TA'!'!IT(JtIT 7lIE . CAN~ ~ ~

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