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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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Isyour · eb · '. excessive amounts ofmoney? ! The pursuit of peak engine efficiency and economy can drive some motorcyclists to the brink of frustration. Yamaha owners, however, need only drive to the nearest Yamaha Dealer' ship for a Genuine Yamaha Tune-Up Kit. • Each kit contains exactly the right parts for a particular model and year of Yamaha motorcycle. There's no guesswork. No need to rely on a parts counterman who insists,"These are close enough:' Also, there's no risk of getting inferior parts. Our points, condensors and spark plugs are the finest avail, able anywhere. Or we wouldn't be recommending them in our new' bike warranty books. Of course, the surprising thing is, this extra convenience and precision doesn't cost extra. We even toss in a free gap gauge and wrench. So look for the yellow and black GenuineYamaha Tune' Up Kits. It could be the most economical way to attain peak engine economy. , r - - - - - -.,.---- Old Parts The m ysteries of misfiring revealed. Any mororcycles electrical system produces only a certain limited amount of voltage. To function at all, worn ignition parts need much more of this voltage than new parts .Thus, they have muchlessreserve volta ~ leftover for highRPM.highload operation.The result? \\brn parts misfire sooner, at 5 ~ ~ J -, lower RPM's.Y engine loseseffiour ciency and economy. RPM/Engine Load When you'knowhowtheyre built,you'llbuy aYamaha 3

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