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W hee lch a ir Motorcycle Assn. (WM A) is dedica ted to helping ha nd icap ped peop le enjoy t he o utdoors via specially-eq ui pped Honda ATC threewheelers. WMA plans to publicize th eir effo rts with a n attempt by p araplegics to cl imb th e hi ghest m ounta in in New England (ove r 6,000 feet ) via AT Cs, ac co rding to Trail Rid er m agaz in e. Talk about trick Half M ile machines. Kenny McDonald debuted his Edd ie Wilbanks. dual-cased Ducati at the Ok lahoma National. The bike fe atured an inverted monoshock that bo lts to the f ront of t he engine cas es. Kenny said, " t he bike handled great (on the rough Ok ie track) but the ~ngi ne needs a little more punch." THE LATEST POOP BY PAPA WEALEY searchi ng for the a nswe r to t he qu esti on "Ca n you stra p on. backbone armor? " we came up with rather u nu sual a p proaches to keeping the b rain co nnected to th e lower body. Teca te 500 trophy winners rece ived a real live trophy presentation w ith dinner at Tecate. Mexico on May 21. Lucky winners were provided w ith a free motel room and hand-carved trophies. Los Ancia nos M .C . has class . Suz u ki's Ba rry S h een e defeat ed Yamaha teamsters Gia com o Agostini a nd Steve Baker in t he 500cc class at th e W orl d C ha m pio nshi p Road R ace held May 29 in Fr a nce. The French ro un d was th e fifth of 11. and poi nt standings now a re: 1. Sh eene (60; 2. Baker (40); 3. Pa t Hennen (23) ; 3. Ph illip e Cou lon (23) ; 5. Vi rgi n io Ferrari (20). There is no official re port on how Hennen d id in Fra nce . b ut his revised po int total ind icates a 10th place finish . • Danish Yamaha rider Gerald ' Rond won Denmark 's 125 World Championship event May 30 with a 1-1 finish. Reigning World Champ Gaston Rahier ISuz) went 2-2 for the day. Next week we u nra p the Speedway Strike wit h the co m plet e insid e sto ry. Is there reall y a n effect ive strike act ion? Wha t do rid ers wa nt ? Ar e promoters u nfair ? W ho will win ? W ha t has th e strike do ne to spectato r gates. and . m ore im port a n tly. th e raci ng? Rea d about it a ll in next week's Cycle N ews. The upcoming USGP at Carlsbad will have in attendance: 13 racers who have won Grands Pri x; 17 National Champions; four World Champions; four Super-series Champions; a Winter-AMA w inner; two Trans-AMA Champions; and Bengt Aberg 's TT500-based thumper. Interesting ... Contrary to what POPUlaT Cycling recently cla im ed . ou r he ro Roger DeCoster will ra ce at th e Super bowl of Mo tocross in Los Angeles July 9. How do we kno w? Because we h ave a signed letter from Roger himsel f. tell ing us so. Ea t you r hearts ou t. Mike Leckich is still soliciting donations for the Steve Wagner Readjustment Fund, a collection to aide paralyied desert racer Steve Leckich learn to live in a wheelchair. You can donate up 'til June 19 at the Buzzards M.C. Hare Scrambles. or by writing 3515 Allington St_ Long Beach, CA . Have you visited the plush offices of Cycle News and discovered it is difficult to drive home afterwards? in the circu lation Fou nd department is t he hot sat-up: one set of lost keys (including one Ford car key). If you can identif y. you can hav e them. You sho u ld n't m iss this co mi ng Los Angeles-area speci al. O n June 26 , Cha nnel 13 will broad cast the "A ll Am er ican Ra ce ." T his is a Pet er Starr feat ure of th e 1975 G ra nd Na tion al Cham pionshi p . With a choice of W a lt Disney or Sixt y Minutes it sho u ld be a del ight for your eyes to see Gary Scott grab th e National Number One. AI Unse r will host th e 7:00 -8:00 p .m . special. According to Dick Kryder. Scon USA has gained the services of Brian " M r. Brian" Lunnis. Brian formerly was the team coordinator for Team Suzuki's motocross effort. as well as chief mechanic. He will head the Scon National MX program. assist in research and development. and function as the competition service manager. Hillclimbing ta kes a shot a t getting luc ra t ive with th e Third Annua l W o rl d Ch am p io n sh ip H ill cl im b schedu led for June 4 -5 at DeAnza Cycle Park in Sunnym ead , Calif. How's a pu r se , plus Pe n nz o il 4 .025 contingencies. hit ya? More info at (7 14) 653 ·5840. Geoff and Josie Fox (Fox Shox) are in Europe taking in the Dutch, Swedish and Finn ish 500cc MX GPs. Brad Lackey is using their product on his factory Honda. and is doing qu ite well too. 90805. 2 Rem em ber the three-cylinder 350cc Yamahas used by Takazumi Ka tayama and Giacomo Agost ini in a on e -two sweep of the Germa n G rand Prix road race on May 8? It turns out that their mounts wer e standa rd Ya ma ha 500cc fours. wit h on e cylinder removed. The Amsterdam . Holla nd Yamaha im porter bu ilt th e bikes as a private project. W a tch for the great Cycle News bac kbo ne p rot ect ion a n a lysis a nd shoot ou t , co ming u p soo n . Wh ile Sue Fish won the Women's National Motocross at Cyclerama in Texas on May 29. 25 of the meanest outlaw bikers in America t u rned o u t to be undercover policemen ass igned to infilt rat e motorcycle gangs. Nex time you are offended by a cycle scrounge. smile. He may be a cop. W h ile President Carter is proposing th at Americans tighten t hei r en ergy .sa ving belt s eve n m ore . Engla n d re moved th eir two-and -a -h alf year old 50 /6 0 m ph speed limits on April 13. The new speed lim its are 70 mph for intersta te- type "ca rriageways" and 60 mph for two-lane "ord inary" roa.ds. Brltian's Olympic Gold Medalist, Jim Fox. wants motorcycles included in the next Olympics to be held in Moscow in 1980. Winner of the pentathlon in Canada. Fox would like to see trials machines replace horses in the cross-country section of the pentathlon. The Mounta in Road racing Assn . (MRA) of Co lorado has awa rd ed honorary memberships a nd trick T shirts to four people for " the ir co ntributions to MRA. " accord ing to associ a tio n d ir ector W oody W itt e. Named wer e 1976 AM A Superbike Pr oduction Champion Reg Pridmore , Cycle Gu ide Associate Editor Art Fr iedman. Mountain Biker Ed itor "Mike Osborn , and Cycle N ews Ed itor John ~l ric h . Remember when we predicted that Bultaco Pursangs would soon be sold with S&W Shocks? Now it's official. The freon-cha rged LLT series S&W shocks will be supplied at no charge with all 250 and 370 MK10 Pursangs. Mart y Moates signed a two -year contract with Ossa Spain with the help of J ohnT aylor, Ossa U .S .A . He will con test all 250cc GP s wit h full support fro m Ossa Sp ain and will receive fu ll hel p from Ossa U .S. for th e T ransAMA . He finis he d secon d to J acques Bruno in a Fren ch Int erna tion al on Ap ril 10 and in Switzerl and on Ap ril 17 he collected four World Champion, shi p points wit h a seve nth in the second moto of the Swiss 250cc GP . Results of the May 15 Lonesome Pine 150-Mile AMA National Enduro at Bristol. V irg inia. are awaiting an AMA ru ling on a formal appeal lodged by Don Sanford of Odessa. Texas. San ford. along with Ted Worrell of Pu laski. Virginia. and Dick Burleson of Antioch , Tennessee. f in ished the event with just one point lost . Sanford was originally declared the ' winner with Worrell second and Burleson third. based on arrival time s at the tie·breaking " emerg ency " checkpoint. Howe ver . Sanfo r d wa s la t er dis q ua lifi e d when a n a llege d discr epancy was found on his route ca rd . It was obviously not a happy day for Sa nford , whose m a ch in e was protested following the enduro. That protest. lodged by Worrell . was not uphel d. But Sanford was subsequently disqualified on the u nrela ted scoring question . AMA responds to Executive Order 11989 The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) says it is "still extrem ely wary" following President Jimm y Carter's Ma y 24 order deal in g with use of off-road vehicles (O R Vs) on publ ic land . AMA Executi ve Director Ba rr ie Best said , " W e are rel ie ved t h at Ex ec utive O rde r 11 98 9 issu ed b v Pr esident Carter see ms to re flec t th~ p rotes ts o f individ u a l motorcycli st s wh o rea ct ed to a leak of th e proposed order in March . That proposed order , ge nera te d b y th e Counc il on En vi ronm ent a l Qu a lit y (C EQ) , represented a seriou s threa t to our spo rt. " O n the ot h er hand . " Best contin ued, "we a re very wary about the pot ential effec t of the execu tive order as issued , and we ha ve m ou nted (Continued on pag e 28) Coutard wins Michigan World Championship trials By Jack Mangus JEDDO . MI . MAY 29 Frenchman Cha rles Cou ta rd (Bul) scored his first ever win in World Cham pionsh ip trials in th e Cycle N ews sponso red , Michigan-Ontario Trials Association promoted seventh round of world class competition. Marland Whaley (Hon) followed Courard in t he final tabulations trailing the quiet Frenchman by 8.3 points , 31.6 to 23.9 : The pair had emerged from the first 25 section loop dead even a t nine m a rks ea ch , bu t the second loop told the tale as W haley p icke d up a pa ir of "fives" early on . Five American riders - W haley . Mike Griffitt s (Mo n) , Ma rk Egga r (Hon) . Don Sweet (Mon) and Lane Leav itt (Bul) placed in th e top 10 t urning in second. thi rd . fif th . sixth an d seventh , respect ively. Ho wever . G riffitts' t hird pla cin g d id not count since he was rid ing witho u t ben efit ou an F1M license. That moved eac h Of th e riders below third up one not ch . . Martin Lampkin (Bu l) took third place W orld Championship points with Gr iffitts ou t and moved into a tie at 60 points each with Malcolm Rathmell for th e cha m pio nship lead. Bern ie Sch reiber h ad a fing er nail torn off at th e start of th e second loop in a cr ash . but co nti n ued to fin ish 12th . The event al so co u nted as an A M A / N A TC N at ion al with Whaley takin g the win ahead of Griffitts , • Sweet. Lea vitt a nd Schreib er. Add an "R" to the WERA . T he Pen nsylvania b ased organization is no w the Western Eastern Road and Ra cing Association. T he new facet of the WERRA is a new pro gram for road rid ers . Heading up the road program is Leonard Lesser. Info is avai lable from the W ERRA , P .O. ' Box 387 . Valley Forge, Pa . 19481 . 215/687 ·8420. Diane Cox packed up her · new Harley and headed back to Oregon to work out the bugs on her machine before heading east to compete in the Louisville IKentucky) and Harrington (Delaware) half m ile Nationals.

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