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- In - I e Ir " Mike Caves and his new OSSA ST-l Short tracker wins professional Short Track season opener at Santa Fe, Illinois on May 18th! There are a few new ST-1's still available for sale See your Ossa dealer today and 'start racing the best professional short tracker Ossa Sales Corp. available. PO Box 36 Schenectady, NY 12301 (A bov e) Ms. Camel Pr o, Diane Kn ight, and her escort. (Right, above ) Kenny Roberts found that soft tires were not t he hot set-up for Oklahoma 's gnarly track. The inside two treads werl' complete ly worn away after only four laps. (Continued from pag e II ) ou t 0 1 tu rn two to third and se t hi s sights o n Keener. Poove y then fou nd himself at th e front o f a battle co nt a ining Hank Scott , Boody and Ro be rts, Campbell held on behind (I'd have won if I finished seve n places fun her up.") with Eklund and Gary Scott having their private battle for eighth. Gary, using th e soft co m po u nd Goodvear DT II front and rear , was finding o u t he had made a wrong choice: Eklund's shocks were not set right fo r the rough track . Kee ne r led past t he hal fwa y flags with Springer coming on one la p lat e r to take the lead out of turn two . Poovey was nOI tiring a nd Boody saw his chan ce to move into th ird a nd then move on Kee ne r . Boody stuffed it under Kee ner in turn three on Lap 15 for second while howling behind were HankScou . Ro be rts a nd Poovey. Springe r's lead eva po ra ted with a bo b ble in tu rn three j ust before ihe white fla g . " Co m ing into turn t h rce I hit a hoi e tha t lifted t he wheels o ff t he ground . The ne xt thing I know I'm sideways . I look ove r my shoulder and there's this big number 12 staring me in t he fa ce . I dropped low and sh ut the door and ke p t it c losed to t he cb ec kered flag . Hey , I co u ld n't le t h im win could I?" Boody kept t he pressure o n righ t to t he flag . "J a y was lucky," said Ted lat er . " if he had n't got dow n when he did he would have been second for sure. I'l l ge t him at Lo usivilh-." Kee ne r , in third. was having a fig h t of his own as Hank Scott a nd Roberts ca r ried their bid \0 put a Yamaha into the winner's circle right down to th e flag with o n ly a handfu l of feet se p arating each . " I' ll take third ," .said Keener , "Jay a nd Ted a re good not ch (g roove) rid e rs. Thc cush (c us hio n) is co mi ng up in tw o weeks at Louisville ." Aft erward Roberts wa s in a good m ood . " :-'11' an d th e st a rt ing lin e have th is thing go ing . .. w e d on 't like each other. Once I g e t th e m onosh ock sorted out a little more and gl't a not he r good engine built I'll run with the Harleys a ll d a y. First I have to gl't rid o f this damned flu that 's bothering me. " The bau le for Number One is shaping up and it looks like it'll be a damn good one . • Res ults TOP 10 QUALIF IERS: 1. Hank Scott 24.871; 2. Ted Boody 25.052; 3. Jav Springsteen 25.097; 4 . Corky Keener 25.192; S. Phil McDonald 25.205: 6. Steve Morehead 25.253: 7. l efTY Poovey 25.264; 8. Ken Roberts 25.347; 9. Dave Aldana 25.377; 10. Steve Ekl und 25.400 . 20 LAP NATIONAL: 1. J av Spnnqsteen IH-DI. 2. Ted Boody (H-Dl. 3. Corky Keener IJ-OI. 4. Hank Scott (Yam l. 5. Ken Robert s (Yaml. 6. Terry Poovey (H-O\. 7. Rickey Campbell (H·o t. 8. Steve Eklund (H-Dl. 9. Gary Scan (H·D). 10. J ohn Jo hnson IH·D). 11. Mik e Kidd (HOI. 12. Sc an Drake tH-Dl , 13. Steve Moreh ead (H·D). 14. Bill Eves (H-Dl. CA M EL PRO SERIES STANDI NGS : 1. Ken Ro bert s 61 pts : 2. Ted Boody 49; 2. Jay Spflngsteen 49: 4 Stev e Eklund 44: 5. Corky Keener 35; 6. Gary Scott 27; 7. Gene Romero 23; 7. Skip Aksland 23; 9. Steve Bakee 20 ; 9 . Alex Jorg ensen 20 ; 9. J ohn Haretev 20.

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