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The Jones Works Replica 250 will be introduced shortly. Gary and father Don Jones take the "No Nonsense" approach to building motocross bikes. Everything on the cycle has a purpose.It's .clean and incorporates the finest parts available: Marzocchi magnesium forks, Sun rims. 13y,," gas MUlhollands. 36 mm Mukuni. sealed wheel bearings. tapered tim kin steering head bearings. five engine mounts. COl ignition, screw-on K&N filter with optional . Filtron slip-over foam. a very strong frame and 36.331 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. Look for a complete test soon in Cyc:le News. THE LATEST POOP BY PAPA WEALEY, Heikki Mikko la (Yam) won both m ot os of the 500cc World Championship m otocross at Finland o n May 22 . T he clocks will determin e whe the r Brad Lackey (Ho n) or Gerrit t Wo lsink (Suz) finis hed seco nd; bo th took a second and a third . In th e first moto it was: M ikkola ; W ols ink ; La ck ey; R oger DeCoster (Su z); Will i Bauer ; Hakan Anders on (Mo n) ; Herbert Schmitz; Pi erre Ka rsm a ke rs ( Ya m); Adolph W ei I (M ai ) and J oh n Ba nk s. Th e second m oto o rder went : Mikkola . La ck ey. Wolsink ; Karsm akers; DeCoster ; Schm itz ; W eil ; An derso n and Bauer. In FIM co m pe tit ion . the fast est time is used as a tie-br eaker. Team Harley-Davidson member Jay Springsteen is well ahead of his 1976 Grand Natio na l Championship pace . Last y ear after San Jose Jay had only one National po int. The Cherry Creek Hare and Hound was so tough that it took a he licopter airlift to recover motorcycles stuck in a giant mud wallow. Full story on page 38. - Early repo rts o ut of Ru ssia indicate tha t Gu ennady Mossieev wo n t he 250 W orld Ch am pi on sh ip m o t ocross round held in his home co unt ry. The points standings for the 500cc World Championship. after four of 12 rounds. are: Heikki Mikkola (103); Roger DeCoster (79); Gerritt Wo ls ink (74); Brad Lackey (61); Graham Noyce (32) and Pierre Karsmakers (28). Frida y n igh t b e fore th e T he O kla ho ma Na tio na l. m oth er na tu re dumped' between five and seven inches . of ra in o n th e Mid -Am erica raci ng site. The flood ing reach ed IO feet in some pa rt s of O kla ho ma . Th at deluge co up led wit h winds o n Saturda y and Su n day m ade t he t ra ck ext remely rou gh . An all night party at the race headquarters for the Oklahoma Half-Mile, Holiday Inn West. saw one Harley-Davidson rider l o se control of his bike while doing wheelies and crash int o a parked va n. Only two riders fro~ Flori d a wer e o n ha nd for the H al f-Mil e Na tio nal. In bot h went the second hea t do wn h a rd after th e ro ugh trac k ca used t hem 10 bump together . The leaders in t he Grand National Championship Series including the Oklahoma Ha lf M ile are Kenny Roberts 61, Ted Boody 49. Jay Springsteen 49. Steve Eklund 44. Corky Keener 35. Gary Scott 27. Gene Romero 23. Sk ip Askland 23. and three riders t ied with 20 ponts; Steve Baker. Alex Jorgensen and John Hateley. There is no such thing as a do ub le ove r head c a m H on d a 40 0cc tw in . Please d isregard t he p ho to seen in last wee k's Cycle N ews. (a t least u ntil Jul y _ 15). The biggest. fastest. most powerful production street bike ever seen on the face of the earth w ill be introduced t o America in February. 1978. Curious? It is not a: Suzuki; Kawasaki; Yamaha; Honda RCB941 ; v -twin; water-cooled; Hondamatic. It will have: more valves per cylinder than two; at least 15 va lves. bu t possibly more; 100 bhp. stock. 2 A poin t ·payin g round of t he W orl d O bserved Tria ls Series will head line t he ni ne-even t 197i U.S . Nar iorra l Observ ed Trials Series. T he Mich igan - Captain America. otherwise known as Marine Captain B.J. Breece. is again riding a tiny Yamaha across the country. He 's headed this time for California. publicizing the fight aginst hemophilia. a blood clotting disorder affecting one out of every 4.000 American boys. On May30. Breece will run the " Hem ophilia 500" at Malibu Grand Prix in Anaheim. Calif.• driving a small-scale Formula car around the open-to-the-public racetrack for as long as he can stand it. Donors pledge money to support the fight against hemophilia. usually based on a per-lap amount. (Last year's record was 121 laps.l Get more info by calling the Hemophilia Foundation at (714)638-1313. O nta rio T ria ls Associa tion will host t he Ma y 29 W orl d Cha mpio ns h ip event near J edd o . Michiga n . Jack Penton totalled up the best overall score at the May 21-22 Bent Wheels Competition Club's round in the AMA U.S. Reliability Trial National Champio nship Series at Rose City. Michigan. Penton 's victory came in the final special test of the two-day, seven special test trial when Frank Gallo. the previous leader. turned in a slower t ime. Frank Gallo finished only 10 points (seconds) behind Penton at the end of the lo n g. gruelling weekend l Gallo was leading by a 17.6 point margin before that final test. Th ird overall. Husqvarna's Di ck Burleson was just another four seconds back ! T he American Fede ration of MOlOr · cyclists (AF M) will be givi ng free ra ce entries to winner s in the sack race at the AFM p icn ic 10 be held on J u ne 4 at C ucamonga -Guasti Regio na l Pa rk . fou r m iles east of O nta ri o. Cal if. off I nt ersra te 10. Remember the Ft. Hood Two-Day story in issue # 19? In a show of m ilitary efficiency. the Army called up last week to point out some slight errors. as follows: Bob Messer changed the top end on his Maico to 450cc before the event (w e called his bike a 400). The club ran 80 m iles of course Saturday. no t 27; Only one 100cc finished (Glen Allison). not two. Bob Pearce beat Tom Penton in the 125 Class. (not vice versa). at third and fourth. both w ith Bronzes. not Silvers; Dwig ht Rudder 1125 class) got a Bronze. not a Go ld; Mike Deyo was sixth 200cc. followed by Vern Street. Harry Heilemann (Yam). and David Rowe; Stan Rubottom finished on Silver. not Gold in 250cc; Dan McKinney (KT M) was 11th 250. with Kevin Piasecki 12th; Nate Pillsbury earned a Gold at fourth Open. not eighth. Some of the minor errors were ours; some were the Army·s. but at least Messer did w in as reported . Gene Romero will try t he world of fou r-wheeler racing wit h a USAC m id get ride under the sp on sorsh ip of Howard Linne of Mend ota . Illinois. R om er o will take a few practi ce rides the week befo re th e Lou isville Nationa l a nd them com pete on the mi d west midget circuit through th e sum mer. Rom ero sti ll plans to run m ile a nd road ra ce motorcycl e Nationa ls. Cycle News won the '2Oth annual Magazine Achievement Award in the sports category. This is the first time a motorcycle publication took home the "Maggie" awarded by the Western Publications Association . Entries are judged on editorial content. graphic design and format. and how well they serve the needs of the readers. The Ca liforn ia C ity Dep artment of Parks a nd Recreati on is t ry ing to gat her su p po rt before a p p lying for la nd - purc hase funds from the Ca lifornia Off-Highway vehicle Fund to bu ild an O . R .V . park. If you'r e int erested . cards and leit e r in su ppo rt of the projec t sho u ld be se nt to T he C ity of Ca lifornia Ci ty. 950 1 Ca l Ci ty Blvd .. Ca lifornia Ci ty . CA 93505 . Wayne Boyer has left Team Bultac because. as Team Manager Gary Bailey put it. " W e just couldn't do an adequate job of loo ki ng after three riders." Kenny Zahrt and Rich Eierstedt now represent Equipo Bultaco on the U .S. National MX ci rcuit. Larry Roesler ajid Brent W all ingsfor finis he d o ne -two o n a pai r of Hu skie a t th e AMA D·37 desert race hel d Ma 22 . Tom Brook s wiped ou t a fron b ra ke a nd d id not finis h . Terry Poovey. who had his engin (and luck ) go sour at San Jose 0 Sunday, also suffered the loss 0 his Bultaco short tracker. Anybod spotting a 250cc Astro. engin number 19500203. contact Gle Waters. Bultaco Sales of Dallas 214/638-2010.

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