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IN THE PURSUIT.OF PERFORMANCE o New 4 fin, 5 port cylinder o Increased power throughout the entire range o Leading axle-front· forks with 9Y2 in. travel o American Vacumelt steel transmlsslen gears (Continued [rom. pag e 33) Moisseev wasted no time cat chi ng Everts and on the next lapped repassed Everts in exactly the same place where Everts had passed him. . . _ On the fifth lap Torleifs chances for a good finish were ended when his Kawasaki's chain broke. Bad luck for Torleif who was forced to miss the first round in Spain because of dislocated shoulder. suffered in a French International the week before Spain and scored a third in the second race in Switzerland the week before coming to Belgium, With Hansen out Andre Malherbe and his potent KTM inherited third spot , with- jean- Paul Mingels (Montesa) and Raymond Boven (Montesa) in fourth and fifth , Moisseev steamed on and finished the. 18 laps in 47 .3 ~.?5 for 15 points with Everts only five seconds behind in second. Greatest . come- from- behind effort was demonstrated by 'Moisseev's little teammate Vladimir Kavinov. Starting out in 20th place after a bad start he was dropped further back when his chain jumped off on the third lap grinding up a steep muddy hill . He rolled the chain over the rear sprocket, got restarted , rode down the hill and charged back up again. Giving it all he had he moved steadily through the packto net one point for 10th place. On that muddy, rainy circuit it 'took Kav inov a lot of heart and determination to race th e way he did . H ans Maisch ca me to Belgiu m nu rsin g a bad head co ld and in the firs t race was ta ken off when Ba borovskv crashed int o Ha ns' Maico . Haka;' Carlquist, Husqvarna's only full fac - a 48 to ry su pported rid er , cr ash ed into a thick wooden stake wh ena slower rider changed lines in front of him and took Hakan's front wheel out from under .him . The crash was seri ous and Hakan was taken to the hospital with a suspected broken right leg below the knee and damaged right thumb. In th e- se c on d race Mo isseev hol eshotted again and took his factory KTM to first place from start to finish with a 20·second lead at the checkered flag over Torao Suzuki. The 'am azing fact is that Torao did it ona box stock RM250 ' with no vspecial engine. pipe or trick parts and without the help of factory -rnechan ics. A Japanese friend of his helped him do the wrenching. Tora o was almost caught on the last la p by hard charging Kavinov who finished third only a second behind. . Torleif Hansen , whose factory Kawasaki is recognized as THE fastest 250 on the .rrack, finished fourth and Everts brought his factory Bultaco, tuned by Pomeroy's former mechanic Rubio . int o fifth place for second overall for the day. Marty a nd his factory Ossa kept it together this time and although he finish ed ou t of th e points in 13th pla ce , he was happy 't hat he finished and knows that each time out he's gaining more experience which will help him put it a ll together for some betterfinishes , ' At the end of the day it was Moisseev first overa ll wit h a 1· 1 for 30 big po ints. Everts was secondwi th his 2-5 for 18 points and Mal herbe was th ird with 38 for 13. Aft er three rounds Moisseev has pulled farther a head with 66 poi nts. Everts is OSSA SALES CORPORATION P.O. BOX 36 SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK 12301 second with 46 and Raymond' Boven is third in the World Championship with 38 . • The Belgian Grand Prix marked the first of three races for the Camel Challenge in the 250 class. The other races will be in Italy on the eighth of Ma y and in Finland on the 21st of August which is also the fina l round of th e 250 W orld Championship, Camel will also sponsor the Trophy des Nations (25 0) in Holland on the II th of September. Resul ts 1$I Moto : 1. Moisseov; 2. Everts: 3. Malherbe; 4 . Mingels ; 5. Boven ; 6. Fritz Schn";de< 10. KTM); 7. Niel Hudson 1GB. Maico); 8. Jeen-Jacques Bruno IF. KTM); 9. Baborovsky; 10. Kavinov . 2nd Mota : 1. Moiueev; 2. Suzuki; 3. Kavinov; 4. Hansen; 5. Everts; 6. Boven ; 7. Hudson; 8. Malherbe; 9 . Schneider; 10. Mingels. 250cc MX World Championship Point Standings : 1. Moisseev 66; 2. Everts 46; 3. 808n 38; 4. Kavinov 36; 5. Mingels 32; 6. Meisch 31: 7. Melherbe 25; 8. Hensen 18: 9. Falla 17; 10. ~uluki 14. Be-born' Triulftph (Cont inuedJrom page 5) Meri d en fa cto ry workers who lib erated Trium ph from th e go ·go gu ys. Now t here are 700 people employed m ak ing Borinevilles and spare parts. Eac h worker ea rns th e same mi ni m um wage . a nd a fter one ye a r 's em ploym ent eve ry' one beco me s a " beneficia ry" o f a sort of p ro fi tsha ring trust th at owns th e facto ry a nd now its Am erican sa les co rpo ra tio n . Mer iden's eight unions a ct as one , hire a nd fir e th eir own bosses. a nd workers sha re wh atever profits the company may earn. It isn' t socia lism; it isn' t capitalism ; I don't know what you call th e T rium ph system . But it seems to ." work . In a few years the ' com pa ny has to start p aying ba ck a SIO million government loan , but with a modern cla ssic 750cc motorcycle to sell for under S2,000 in this count ry: they just might get solven t. Aft er all , HarleyDavidson pionee red the marketing of motorcycle nostalgia: and they didn't even have T he Fonz to help . • - POOP (Continu edfrom page 37) If you are planning to stay at the Superdome Supercross race headquarters. the Hyatt Regency in New 'O rleans, you 'll be glad to know that special discount rates are available to motorcyclists over the June 4 weekend . S38 for either a double or single room is a big jump down from the plush hotel's usual rates . Besides, the Hyatt is connected with the Superdome via elevated walkways.TrickJ When calling the Hyatt . be sure to ask for special Supercross can call toll free by dialing or punching 1/800 /2289000 , The British weekly, Motor Cycl e reports that Bernie Schreiber turned down Sammy Miller's offer of a ride on the Honda factory trials team. The offer was made i n . March. said the paper.

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