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INSIDE . Jim Pomeroy talks 5 about MX, here and over there Hangtown 125cc and 250cc Nationals . , ... 8 La Porte and Smith win The economics of desert racing __ I .i: ! 0.. ' ~ ORV ban plan admitted . 14 They finally tell the truth Tecate 500 enduro . , ..• • 15 Malcolm Smith won in Mexico Desert Hotline 16 D·37,DRA Bernie Schrieber . . . . . • . 18 Attitude made the difference Western Hotline Motocross Cat , 20 23 Northern dateline 36 Where is everybody? Results 38 Calendar .. .. .. •. . .... . ~1 **** ON THE FRONT PAGE : Jim Pomeroy winning a 250cc mota at Hangtown. Photo by Dave Hawkins, ace Turlock resident . Chilr ln C . Clayton . President Bobi Scan . Asst. to rbe President Sha ron Clayton . Publishe r Ed na Mewt o n . Secretary to the Pu blishe r Advertising Debbi e WilId ns. SOl in Mgr . J im Ryan , S.,.I" Mgt". C hris Kc lbet . Assista nt. Editorial J oh n D. Ulric h . Editor . Dale Brown , Assistant Editor . Graphics and Production Prod uction : Bon ni e St runn . Jud y Klin l{ . N T ypography : Mario n Hatashir a . Ca ro lyn Branham . Labor a tory Pr oduction : De n nis Co x. Cir culation Rbeba Smi th . ~.Ja na ~f"r . Pa m Green a nd Ju..nita Blan ton . Assistan ts. Accounting Caylrof" Zaioru. ~ a n a g("r . ~1 ike Klin ger , A!o..\t. ~1 gr . jeanne Ham mond . Accrs. Receivable . Pam ela Dickerson , Am . Acct s.. Recei vable . C.1th~· Srodgel . C redit Dept , Rhon d a v an Oorm . Collection Dep t . Services and Support Kic h.u rl'W lO. Rn n d il Tuumt·\ , K("("t' plit,n j "'f . \1 ("' (" West 2201 Cberry A ~ . . Long Bea ch . CA P.O . Box 498. Long Br ach . CA 90801. ~UH 27 .74 :n : L.A . Lin r-6'6 ·8844. East P.O . Box 805 . Tucker. GA ' 0084 , (404) 9'47850 . Subscription O ne yr-ar . seco nd class mai l 115; ! yea rs. '«and class ma il. 127: , yroan . second c1..u ma il, 157.50. CLASS e £W{J Mf Me U I 4 OPTBE WEIST 12 Send this baby to Washington ° 1 C'J VOICES Co pyri ght Cycle News. Inc. 1977. T rade moUk. rrogiltr-rrd U.S. Patent Office . All rights reserv ed . Published weekl y except the finc and lUI week of the ca lend a r yraT by Cycle Nrws. Inc. . P,O . Box 498. Lo ng Ikach . Ca lifornia . Seco nd d ass po& t .. ~ paid al Long Br ach . CA 90801. Ed itori al stories . ca rtoo ns . phctcs. ere. are welcome . Addressed . stamprd enve lope all ium return of unpurcbased edi torial maner . Rr printing in whole or pa n only by permission of the pu blish ers . Ad ..,rrtil ing rat ei and circulation inf ormatio n will be lent u pon rr- U"t . S«S.R ,D .S. q D.D.M.e Thanks On be ha lf of m y club . Dirt Digger s M.C . , I would like to extend our sinceres t tha nks to all who dona ted to or bo ug ht cha nces to ou r " Benefit Raffl e" held in Fe bru ary . O ur cl ub Presid ent . Vic R ud der ; life mem ber , Dickson Stever ; a nd member , Willy Carter , we re kill e d in an auto ac cident. In th e same accide nt cl ub mem ber Fra nk Dance's son , T oby, was seriously inj ured. Toby is now do ing fine a nd is ba ck in schoo l. All th e fa m ilies co nce rn ed ha d heavy ex penses and t he monies vou fo lks donated has been d istr ib uted to th e fo ur fam ilies invol ved . W e would lik e to t h ank th e following donors , witho u t wh ose help ou r ra ffle would not have been so successfu l: Bay Area Bultaco , 56 06 W . Manch ester Ave . , L. A . 90045 ; J ack Perk in s D raperi es, Sa n ta M onica , CA . ; M e l' s W el din g , 111 5 8 H awthorne Blvd . , Inglewood , CA ; WEBCO , 218 Main St. , Veni ce , CA ; H i-P oint W est , 9604 O a tes Dr .. Sa cramento , CA 958 27 ; G ranger Cl assic Auto Body, 700 8 Darby Ave . . Reseda , CA ; Grager Industries, 19007 S . Re yes Ave .. Compton , CA ; P.A . Conle y Foundry Su ppli es , 1 1130 Wright Rd ., Lynnwood , CA ; Pa cifi c Cartridge , 2834 Col orado Ave.. Santa Monica , CA ; M & S Beauty Supply, 10679 W . Pico Blvd. , Los Angeles , CA : B & B Specialties , P ,O , Box 9364 Marina del Rey, CA . But our real appreciation goes to each and everyone. of you who donat ed as individ uals at a dollar a ticket. There is onl y one wa y to say it - each one of you is bitchin! Also , thanks to ou r brother club , Dirt Diggers North. E. BRUCE JOCHIM D.D .M .C . Santa Moni ca , CA April Foo l's Cycle ram a kn ew for su re we we re in t ro ub le . T ha t's re al p la nn ing . The ride rs m eeting was somethi ng else to writ e hom e a bo ut . if th ey need a good laugh back hom e . T hey pa tted everyone not ridi ng a bik e o n th e back and never did sav wh en the race would sta rt or how m a n v m or os or ho w m anv la ps. That ca me iate when m a ny wer e goi ng over bi kes , or in to wn bu yin g groce ries . Peo pl e we re wan d erin g arou nd a ll Friday a fternoon aski ng one a nother wh en th e races sta rted . Little d id we reali ze th at no o ne kn ew . That las t pra cti ce Frida y night wh en they kep t th e riders a t th e stagi ng area for mo re th a n two hours u nt il they figu red o u t th e lig hts was " unrea l," I sa w m y son leaning aga inst th e sno w fen ce a nd I sta rted throught the VIP ga te to talk to him a nd was as ked : " W he re do you think you' re go ing ?" Guess I'll never pass for a V IP . But, when I told him I wanted to see if m y son was still awa ke, he let m e through. I reall y got tick ed off whe n th ey kep t say ing , " tha nks for bearing with us." I cou ld huy th at if th e power had gon e out all o ver the a rea a nd t he re was nothing they cou ld do about it. But everyt hing that happened cou ld have been co ntrolled . If H endrickson had been working at th e tra ck for two months for 24 ho urs a da y. why did n't he hav e t he m tryout the ligh ts a day or tw o before th e ra ce P An yone who was April Fool's b ay was an appropriate dav to start th e recent W orl d Min i Gr~nd Pr ix held at Racing W o rld . From th e tim e we enc ou ntered the 'm isu ndersta nd ing' a t the ga te until we left , it was on e chain of events that we heard manv t im es desc ri bed a s 'unrea l. ' . When th e attendant at the entrance p ulled out h is board and within seconds said something about 62, I thou ght he m eant the temperature a nd I agreed th a t it was pretty ni ce consi de ri ng the cloud cover . T he n he sa id , " tha t'll be sixty-two dollars," a nd IrE6IJTW I¥ JtWEl1IIh'~ ACM 7IIAT W.«£Y HArJo" A-HA! 71IATWRh'1N TIlE CIJIJt!E I/~.#IIEAP. 77II/tL 7li?U lillY.! ,411~ 11IfRiff~rllIEI1 7lJ NEffMllINV~8UI~! . " /. /'-:-- .----... ~~;:;;;: ,l~ I someone in the back sea t passed out. Needless to sa y, when one vehicle in o ur group was told it would cos t more than $70 , we regrouped a nd took off in sea rch of the ra ce promoter . Our firs t question was wh y wasn 't this inform a tio n rel eased with other pre · ra ce in fo, Tha t's whe n we heard th e first of several 'misundersta nd ings. ' Ron H en d rickson of NM A has the grea test a bi lity to answer qu estions a nd not sa y a nyt hi ng . And we were to ld . " if you want to play, you ha ve to pay ." W e're not neophytes when it comes to mo torcycl es, cost fo r upkeep a nd goi ng to ra ces. Bu t we do n't like to be rip ped off, not do we like people m ak ing ligh t of the fact . that we wer e unh a ppy wit h t he way that segment of th e week end was co nd u cted. Fridav when we walked across the tr ack a nd I saw ele ctrici ans insta lling wiring o n th e starting ga te . I knew we . wert' in for a lon g wee ke nd . I loo ked at o ne of rnv fr iends in dis beli ef a nd he shrugged ' his shou lders as if to sa y. "d o n't ask me , as k th e promoter. " T he n when t hev sa id rh e v needed another fla gm an just before pra c ti ce . I ( th er e kn ows th e a nswer to th at. And h ow about wh en t h ev as ke d if someone had something th ey co uld use to light up the anno un cer's st and . I cou ld write book a bou t th e mi shandl ing th at went o n , bu t I kn ow you're lim ited for span'. H owever , I fea r what th e o utcome mi g ht be th e next time if som e very serious a ccident wer e to happen to on e of those young kids racing in th e midd le of the nig ht on a tra ck not prope rly ligh ted . It mi g ht lea d to the demise of wh at cou ld be a fun tim e if it were ha ndled by responsib le people. a It m ight be a good idea for t hose closclv associa ted wit h th is event 10 for m ~ boa rd -of d irec tors to take a lo t of th e d ecision s o ut of t he hands of the p romol er s. wh o a re obviously not ca pab le of hand ling it properl y. I've had the o ppo rt u nity to se rve o n a state board t hat st ages a n umb e r of functions t hroug ho ut the year . and I know how important it is to ha ve a well planned event if you expec t it to pe rpet ua te itself - so methi ng t his fiasco obviousl y lacked . C LI FF U RS ETH Pu bl isher , Da ily In dependent Ridgecr est . CA Pat on the back to letter writers I think eve ryo ne wh o se nt their letters to the Whit e H ou se , a nd especia lly Cycle N ews, deserves a pat o n th e back . I'm happy to see all the co untless peopl e wh o love riding that iro n horse, ban d together for suc h a vita l ca use . I'm not toO ent h use d a bo u t hiber ! na ting on Sund ays. The thought of sitt ing in m y livin groom , wearing a Sierra Club T -sh irt sayi ng " I ge t m y roc ks off climbing o ne ," drinking a Coors beer , eat ing Un cl e Jimm y's pe anuts , just doesn 't exc ite m e . Turn ing my scoo ter into a lawn, sp rinkler and chasing th e wat er for exerc ize, jus t tickl es m y fan cy. Just a thought to keep all of you fro m turning into a co m plete veg ·a · bu rger. Living in th e mounta ins , I'm co ns ta ntly aware of for est fires . The Sierra Club ins p ires people to go hiking , ba ck packing , ca m ping and get ba ck to nature in th e woods . Six ye a rs ago , ins pired hik ers went ca m pi ng , Result , a mu h i-million dollar fire occ u red. Wildlife , water shed , lumber, homes, private lands were and still are destroyed . So the next time som e turkey brings up som ethi ng like , 120 pucker bushes run over, birds and rabbits scared for hours over a 200 mile stretch in the Barstow to Vegas race , te ll him to go climb a rock , be cause that's all that's .left up here . BA RRY G . CAVANAGH Big Bear Lake , CA Malcolm liked the Tecate 500 I'd like to pub lic ly express my apprecia tion to th e Los An ci anos Motorcycle Club fo r p utt ing on on e 0 th e best eve nts I have ever ridde n . This las t wee ke nd's "T eca te 50 0" was a n all arou nd bea utifu l ride throug h di verse countryside. It was very evident fro m t he la vo u t of th e c o u rse and organization of th e event that the club's m embers took great pa ins a nd devoted alot of time to maki ng su re that everyone had a g re a t time. If more clubs put out th is kind of effo rt, we would all benefit. I don't eve n know how I placed in the event . 'bu t it doesn't m a tt er . It was j us t one of t hose ra re rid es. T hanks alot , guys. MALCOLM SMITH Riverside . CA

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