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THELATEST Exclusive to Papa Wealey - Randy RiW is working for Cycle World. Not again - still . In the tradition of Mark Twain. rumors of Riggs' departure were. ah- prematu re . . California A ir Resources Boa rd has called a ne w 'm ot or cycle emissio n control hearing f or March 24 at 10:00 a.m . in the Biltmore Hotel. Galleria Rm., 515 S, Oliv e St., Los Angeles, CA. Th e ge neral purpose of the m eeting ' i s to bring Ca l ifornia ' s 1978 emission standards int o li ne w ith recentlyannounced. Federal standards. If this is not done, motorcycle bu ilders would be forced to certify bikes twice - to two different sets of standards - just to be ab le to sell them in California. Is th ere a Spartan in your future ? Not bloody likel y unless you're a n Engli sh pri vat eer road rac er. The Spartan ' is an all -British motorcycle based on the successful RG-s eri es Suzuki fours. T he " Ba rton" engines : cre ations of Barry Hart . a re mated with Spondon frames in a "c ott age e.ngincering" project. Hart and his businessm an spo nsor Sid Griffiths look to ha ve the fini shed bikes on the tra ck by Easter .' 19n Morinis appearing in England have a single Grimeca front disc brake and the hub is drilled for a second one. The pegs have also been moved rearward a tad . A BMW RI OO RS comi ng at you at spe ed - is beautiful. A .E. Ke ir-Nash's landm ark study, the one that shows riders go to the National Forests for the same th ings as the posey-sn iffers, is circulating "hi g her and higher in the policymaking heirarchy, and it ' s getting some serious readi ng. Maybe this is why the Sierra Club & Co . are renewing tbeir bl itz against ORVs in in general. . Steve Gresham . one of only three Americans who have gained a pe rmame nt foo thold in internationa l speedway. is signed for a full season of Br itish racing with the Bristol team . Before lea ving . Steve sa ys he 'll a ppear in th e Florida spee dw ay series this week. Hakan Anderson - has told the Spanish magazine Motociclismo that he plans a move to the SOOcc World Championship class in 19n. riding the Montesa 360cc Cappra motocrosser. First 500cc round is April 17 in Austria. Oops'; The startling road racing photo in th e 1'1'500 test publ ished last week was ta ke n . by J im . Cook. In t he last· mi nute dea d li ne ru sh . fre e lan ce r Cook 's photo credi t got misplaced. Speedway Star. a Br itish fan sheet. has named Steve Gresham to its Honours list of ten all-star riders. Columnist Eric Linden named Steve " M ist er Junior" for his 1976 performances with the British League Newport team. Steve was " M r. Comeback" i n Linde n's column last year. A politician's reply is now worth something! W rit e a legisla tor on th e off-road problem. bring his repl y with you to a Family Enduro Association event and ge t a dollar. Dick Payne of th e F.E.A . feels that letter writ ing is important and wants to show his concern . _The Continentai Moto-sport Club ICMC) road - race scheduled for April 3 at Willow Springs has been postponed to June 26 to avoid a conflict with the Apri l 2-3 Long Beach GP. The March 27 'CMC road race a t Ontari o Mot or Speedw ay in Ontari o . Cali f. will feature a specia l New Rid er 's Race. For just $5 . ride rs who have .never roa d raced ca n co mpete in th e three -lap ra ce. Special new ride ronl y practi ce session s will be hel d befor e a nd a fte r th e regu lar morning practice sessions. Here's a free offer for motorcycle racers and , tuners from Larry Huffman, the well-known Mouth of Motorcycle Racing: microphone grooming seminarS, " W hat to say in front of a m ike and how to say it." If you're going to be famous. you need to know how to act famous, right? Seriously, Larry says he doesn't want to make a dime; he just wants to pass on some of his "mike . .n.... to riders and tuners who are going to have microphones shoved under their noses as the price of success. For more information on overcoming stage fright and winning in the press box. call Larry at (7141 498- 0540 . The April 2-3 annua l Ra nd Area Cleanup near California City. Calif. often boils down to a Motorcycle O wners. R id e rs. and Enthusiasts (M . O. R .E.) vs . four -wheeler dominated Calif. off Road Vehicle Assn . (C. O .R .V .A .) to see which o utfit can tu r n o u t the most pa rtici p a nts . Last year the bikers · turned ou t more vehicles. the fou r wheelers t urned out more people. T his . yea r. gift certificates wort h abou t $1.500 in ' mercha ndise are bein g hidd en in the cleanu p area . KCET , Los Angeles area Channel 28, will broadcast glimpses of California desert racers at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 9. Highlights of the telecast will be SoCal MC's work party doing a course layout,' and excerpts from ·t he March 6 ORA Silver Bear, in.California City. MR. PIBB soft d rin k. in addition to its promotional involvement with the Atlanta Su perbow l South . will also bac k the -Ma rc h 18 ·19 Supercross event at the Houston Astrodome. The American Motorcyclist Association is looking for an . Amateur Activities Manager someone with an ex tens ive background i n 'm o t o r cy c li n g, a desire to t ravel, and a high tolerance for ve rbal abuse. The jo b involves coordinat ing amateur programs in motocross. dirt track, road rac i ng and - minicycle competition . Send resu m e i n confidence to: Director of Member Activities, . American Motorcyclist Association, P.O . Box 141 , Westerville , OH 43081. Why rely on the BLM alone to set up . and promote Ca lifornia desert cleanup work ? Ind ivid ua l-Sie rra Club cha pters somet imes schedule trash " pac k-ou ts" to remove litter from remote areas . The recent success of Ora ng-e County M.O. R.E. Chapter's Bikepack/Trai l Rid e (Feb. 13 to the Surprise Basin Petroglyphs ) suggests an op portu nit y for individual clubs and groups to unilat erally combine work and p la y. Vesterinen wins, Schreiber cops third in Spanish trial TAR RASSA . SP AIN. MAR. 6 Yrjo .Vesterinen (BpI). defend-. ing World Trials Champion. at .... Iast put together a winning ride after watchi ng Malcolm Rathrnell win the th ree previous ro unds. Martin Lampkin ( Bu l) was second ; and American Bernie Schreiber . in only his second Wor ld Cham pio nshi p points rid e. made .it a Bultaco sweep of the top th ree placings. Ra thmell, finis hi ng seventh. continues to lead for t he 1977 championship . Conditions in this mountai nous Spanjsh countryside were described a ' d ry and sunny. which means t hat Southern California's latest gift to int ernational trials felt right at home. In two rides . Schreiber has va ulted to seventh in the World Trials Championship standings . Moto Club Tarrassa , the promoting o rganization , laid o u t tw o 50kilometer loops of 25 sections each. There were severa l excellent river sections. Results SPA NISH ROUND . WORLD TRIA LS •CHAMPIONSHIP; 1. y,jo VllSterinen IBul1 62.9 poi nts; 2. Marlin Lampkin IBuli 76.2; 3. IIemie Sch_ IBull 89.4. U~ Karts&on IMonr9B.3; S. C _ Cou1llrd IBuli 116.8; 6. Manuel Soler IBull; 7. MeIco4m R. thmell IMonl ; 8. Rob Shepherd IHen); 9. Nigel Birkett ISun; 10. ThOI' E-'IOnIBuli . _ POINT STANDINGS AFTER FOUR ROUNDS; 1. R.'hmell. 49; 2. Ves'e

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