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E. • ~ E John Walsh of Suzuki and ·Loy ola. Taylor, Walsb , receive BobSbarpl ~~scbolarsblps TerryTaylor of Amarillo, Texas and John Walsh of Norwalk, Calif. have been awarded Bob Sharp Memorial/WERA $500 ' scholarships by the Sharp Foundation. The annual scholarship awards are made to road racing college students in memory of Bob Sharp, an East Coast racer who died in a tragic street crash. The scholarship program is administered by the Western/Eastern Roadracer's Association of Philadelphia , Penn. Taylor. 23, has raced for two years in 250 GP. So dedicated to racing that he has never owned a street bike, Taylor is a production engineer for a videotape service in Amarillo. He attends the University of Texas at Arlington. Walsh, 25, supervises sound level research for U.S . Suzuki Motor Corp. Walsh is a graduate of th e Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently working on a law degree at Loyola University. • ABCCastom Leatbers Increases I977contlngency program ABC Custom Leathers has increased its contingency program for ' AMA Grand National/Camel Pro Series road 2 races. The program now includes all AMA National road races. The winner of each Expert National will receive $1 .000, with $500 paid to the International Lightweight (250cc) races , and $250 paid to the Novice class winner. In addition, ABC had modified the terms of the 1977 American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) contingency program. The winners of 125 GP, 250 GP, Open GP , 410 Production, and Open Production will win $50 each at AFM races held at Ontario February 13, Sears Point June 12, and Riverside September 25. Class winners in 250 . 410. 550, ,750, and Open at the Six-Hour Production race held at Ontario Motor Speedway on April 23 and 24 will each receive $75. 125 GP, 250 GP •. Open GP , 410 Production, and Big Bike Production winners at the Golden Gate Challenge at Sears Point September 4-5 will 'receive $75 each. To be eligible, racers must wear ABC Custom Leathers exclusively, with the ABC logo or Kiss of Leather symbol sewn onto the leathers chest area . To claim' their money in the AFM ' contingency program, riders must send in to ABC the official results as published in Cycle News . In addition, all AFM licensed racers receive a 20% discount on ABC leathers. • They Did It Again Depr. : Public Relations award of the week goes to Robert E. Moore and Winston Sports of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. According to a press release sent to us by Winston Sports, "How soon a parent decides to purchase a cycle or minibike for his child is up to his .d iscrep a ncy." A page out of a Webster's Dictionary is on its way to Mr . Moore. . Winston Sports won a free copy of "Who's Who in Motorcycle Road Racing" a few weeks back for sending us a photo of a crashing . motocrosser with a caption saying it was a road racer getting off a 200 miles per hour. Maybe the cold spell in that part of the country affects the brain. It's public meeting time again for Hollister Hills: March 3 at Burnette Jr. High , Hedding and No. Second Sts.. San Jose, California . beginning at 7:30 p.m. ' The Parks and Recreation Department wants to lay on us some alternative development plans for the 3,000 acre ORV Park. Call Roger Calloway at (916) 322-7500 for more info . . Oregon and Utah legislatures are working on bills that would enact special instruction permit and lor licensing procedures for motorcycle operators in those states. For detailed lnfor, call 15031318-8148 in Oregon to ask ' about SB159 and SB160; Utahns call 18011328-5481 to ask about HB203lTaylorl. Washington State has companion bills in the works to improve traffic safety education. To get details on HBI37 and SB2067 , call (206)753 -6804 . Arizona Senator Pena, sponsor of SB1004. wants to extend that state's emission inspection requirements to all counties. not just the big population centers. The current program applied to bikes as well as cars. To find out /f this is an annoyance or a disastar. call 16021271-4236. Nevada has a . better idea. That sparsely-populated state has a bill (ABI26) which would a llow the alteration or removal of vehicle pollution control devices so long as this doesn't violate state air- quality . standards. You ask, how can one owner modifying his vehicle violate large -scale air quality standards? You've got the picture. So far. 122 riders (including 59 foreignersl are pre-entered to qua6fy for the 80 starting slots in the March 13 Daytona 200. It may take 40 charter jet flights just to ferry riders. bikes and fans over from Europe for the event. The . AMA Regional Dirt Track Championship events for the Western Region are. all concentrated in the Pacific Northwest this year . and are all ITs. The series opens April 24 at Owyhee Club's Peaceful Cove near Boise. Idaho . Next event is at Sidewinders track , Clackamas, Oregon on May 27. then on June 25 it's at Castle Rock, Wash. hosted by Mt. St . Helens MC at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds. The final two events are back at Clackamas, July 10 and September 2. Since the AMA established its Regional Championship dirt track series. no single rider has ever won the Novice'-Junior and Expert titles consecutively. Rookie Expert Ted Davidson. of ' Modesto. Ca. could become the first to break that barrier. with Western Region Novice 119751 and Junior 119761 titles already to his credit. The U.S. Forest Service has required C.E.R.A. to limit Fools Gold Enduro entries to 400 riders , hence th ere will be a $15 entry fee . The May 21 event will go 125 miles. and the organizers promise th e favored 400 some very "provocative" trails. Now what could that mean? Are you ready for an AMA National • Championship Jump-Off7 Carrying a $

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