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Peerless Parker Prognostica tion: The staff soothsayer predicts that the Brooks brothers, Tom and Cordis, mounted on a 400 KTMs, will win th e S.C .O .R .E. Parker 400 on Feb . 12. Lot sa com petition, th ough . The AMA is studying the idea of a Motorcycling Hall of Fame and Museum (a tourist attraction for Westerville, Oh io7). The association has appointed a blue ri bbon committee-outgoing general manager Ed Youngblood, AMA trustee Mark Rosen, and Emmett Moore of Kawasaki Motors and Antique Motorcycle Club of America-to loo k into it 'further. Anyone int erest ed in loa ning or donating machines, old photos or other memorabilia to suc h a museum, co ntact the AMA Hall of Fame/Museum Committee at t he usual Westerville address. Another "last bastion of manhood" falls! Janie Stanfield of Dallas. T exas . ha s been appointed as th e nation's first fem al e AMA pro d irt track referee. U.S. Suzuki Motor Corp. received 36,000 entries in their GS750 giveaway contest. American Motocross Enterprises (AME) notified its rider-members that an a p plica tion to re -open Baymare motocross facility has been denied by the Ventura County (Calif.) Planning Commission . They're working on an appeal. The AMA says Billy Grossi's go nna get ma rried. Mrs. Sugar Bear ? Ma ico Motorcycles , Inc. has posted $8, 500 in contingencies for the AMA Florida Winter MX Series . split $6 ,000 cash for th e pros a nd $2 ,500 worth of mer chandise awards for th e 250cc and Open Amateur classes. Bikers aren't the only ones having a hard t ime winning facilities from California's Parks and Recreat ion Dept. Skateboarders had a skateboard park plan vetoed by none other than the Director himself. 2 The Red Garter Enduro is once again limited to 500 entries. No snobbishness int ended, it's U_S. Forest Service's condition for issuing the Dirt Diggers a permit to run the classic end uro National in th e Los Padres National Forest. Entries open February I ; see calend a r next week for entry info. Several readers have sent us copies of the long, carefullyworded reply (accompanied by an , up-to-date Status Report) that Calif. Dept. of Parks & Recreation Director Herbert Rhodes is sending out to all who wrote to co mplain about the Off Highway Vehic le (OHV) Fund scandal. The bureaucrats are trying to " pr ove" how much they're do ing for bikers. The real proof is expected to come after the site revi ew hearings in Palmdale and Riverside, February 9 and 10. Twenty-five riders representing countries as diverse as Australia , Venezuela and Czechoslovakia (honest) have filed entries for the 'Daytona 200 . Should entries keep pouring in at their present rate, it seems assured that the foreign competition will exceed the record 47 pre·entries oflast year. Among the prominent names set to do battle at Daytona are Kenny Robarts, Steve Baker and Johnny Cecotto; three riders who need no introduction. Also entered are F750 champions Jack Findlay 119751 and Victor Palomo (1976). As yet there has been no entry from 1974 Daytona 200 winner Giacomo Agostini. Som e time ba ck a lady whose name we think is Carolyn Pet ersen sent us a fin e crossword puzzle. Alas, we lost th e di agram when th e words went into typesetting. Carolyn , if that's who you ar e , please send us a new pu zzle seems th e words and you r add ress ha ve d isappeared . too , PVDR stands for Pomona Valley Dese rt Riders, not Pomona Valley Dirt Riders, as reported last week. However, LHDR stands f or La Hab ra Dirt Riders, not La Habra Desert Rid ers, as no t reported at all . After th e d ecision was m ad e to ca ncel th e J an . 9 Frosty Cactu s end uro, URA officals say th ey call ed 500 ent ra nts to inform th em of th e ca ncella tion. That de cision to ca ncel was made after a rider on a 360 Husky could not make it u p a minor slope because of the deep snow . The event has been resch edu led for April. Molly Blue lubricants, once manufactured by HRL, w ill be coming out under the Wynn label. HRL went out of business six months ago, so now Wynn w ill produce the products w ith t he ir own name. W ill this mean another real, live, hum an Molly Blue , pa nt, pant Come back on that one time, good buddy? (When this photo and caption arrived from Winston Sp orts, 401 N. Main St ., Winston-Salem, NC 27102 , we didn't know what to think. Mus t be nice to be a bigcityPR executive who's right on top of all his accounts, as the dude who prepared this little beauty must be. .. Ed .) It's not nice to fool with 200 miles per hour as Camel Pro rider Tony Little discovered t o his dismay in last year's Daytona 200 at Daytona International Speedway. Although it looks like his wheel-standing motorcycle is about to land on top of him, Little was able to escape with nothing more than a few shattered nerves. He hopes that this year's premier Camel Pro event, scheduled March 13 over the high-speed Aorida road course, isn't as sh~ttering an experience. At Ruapu na Park, near C hristchurch . New Zealand, Pat Hennen' wrapped up his third straight Marlboro Series Championship, riding his (by now) well-used RG500 Suzuki, swapping heat wins with Australian Warren Willing. In support class races , 17· year-old RandyMamola , also on tour, won both his 350cc heats to finish the series a mechanically. plagued fourth overall on points. Tony D iStefano was in Los Angeles this past week to sign his 19n contract w ith Suzuki bafore heading to Aorida. Tony D says he 's been getting' back in shape aga in after a slow Trans-AMA Series and will be after his third consecutive Aorida Series title. Other Suzuki factory riders heading to Florida are Billy "Sugar Bear" Grossi. Danny " La Porta let" La f'orte, and "Jostlin" JeffJennings. Racing for Yamaha International in Europe, Pierre Karsmakers will race the American Supercross Series races and the Trans-AMA Series. B ru ce Teague, one- third of the road racing Teague fami ly will be spending the 1977 season as a world traveler doing tuning chores for 350 . 500 and 750cc GP world championship contenders Jack Findlay.and Alex George. Teague's joining makes it a threecontinent team with Jack Findlay representing Australia and Alex George South Africa. Bruce is already in Holland in preparation for the season but will return .for Daytona. W arren Re id . who campaigned a Flying Machine Factory (FMF) Honda to sixth 'place in the 125cc National MX Series standings in 1976, has signed a contract with Honda. Reid will contest the 125cc Nationals. selected Supe rcross events and prob ably the su pport class in the Trans·AMA. Honda's MX team. with the signing of Reid . is complete for the '77 season. Harley-Davidson's 250cc short tracker has been undergoing some refinements in M ilwaukee with rumored good success. Look for HD teamsters Jay Springsteen, Ted Boody and Corky Keener to have up to five additional ponias over last year's fastest model. Pat Richter has picked up sponsorship fro m Moto-X Fox fo r all the Super cross Series a nd 125cc Nationals. Suppo rt is presently limited to bikes and pa rts . Pa t says if he can locate anoth er bike sponsor then Moto -X Fox will ta ke care of his expenses. Rich ter was the highest placing non-fully suppor ted rider (16th) in the 1976 Trans. AMA.Se ries.

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