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® ** Volume XIII : Number 46 : November 23 , 1976 750 II SACRAMENTO , CAL. , NOV . 5 According to a report released by the State Auditor General's office, California's Parks and Recrea tion Department has, in at least four documentable instances, drained the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund of money which could have been used to purchase riding/recreation facilities. At a m in imum , the "lost " funds to tal almost two million dollars; but the true amount may ne ver be know n b ecause of the accounting procedures used by the Parks & Rec Department. On the very eve of the report's release , t h e Departmen t's Director, H erbert Rhodes, had sat In a meeting with motorcycling representatives , stone-faced , telling us to "cool it, be patient... " that the Los Angeles area would have a state ORV park as soon as money was available. • For details, ~ee pages 2,8 ,35. Close-up: Trans-AMA Bikes teamed up to win the SCO RE Baja 1000. Mayes and Roeseler completed the 1000 kilometer ci rcuit in II hours and 30 minutes . The Mayes / Roeseler Husqvarna duo won the event overall against all the bikes and cars. Audit finds Cal Parks & Ree mismanages Green Stickle" money and gas tax The start of the Baja race was delayed one full day because of a heavy storm that ravaged the Baja moonscape. Inclement weather played a large part in the motorcycle victory over the .high powered four-wheelers. p.26 Rocket DeFroster freezes,'em out PUYALL U P , WAS H. , NOV . 14 S uz uki's Rocket R oge r DeCoster co nt in ues to pou r it on as he won his sixt h Trans-A MA eve nt ou t of eight ra ces. DeCoster has b uilt up a 96 poi nt lead over second p lace Bra d Lackey. W ith only 100 po ints left in the series, DeCoster is a lmost su re of winning the 1976 Trans -AMA tit le . Com p let e story starts on page 6. BIKEPACKING See page 12 Mitch Mayes. Bikers blitz Baja 1000 ENSENADA, MEXICO , NOV. 13 King of the desert Mitch Mayes and cu rrent Desert master Larry Roeseler

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