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[; III 21: s t I.D f"- en .-< ~ en (Continued from page 2) ... VICtOr "Vic" Rudder. President of the Dirt Diggers Motorcyde Club. and Dixon "Dick" Stever, life member of the Dirt Diggen, were fatally injured in a traffic accident en route to Baja, October 29 for a weekend pleasure ride with the club. Two other dub memben. William "Willie" Carter and 10 ye.. old Toby Dance, son of Frank Dance. remain in critical condition at EI Cajon Valley Hospital. 10 year old John Rudder was hospitalized but has been released and is now at home in Granada Hills. Funeral services for Victor Rudder will be held Thunday, November 4. 1:30 p.m ., in the Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn, Glendale. California. Memorial services for Dixon Stever will be held Friday, November 5, 2:00 p.m., McCormick Mortuary, 1998 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach. California. Q) ..D S Q) :> 0 .. z· HosP ITal stop - T o m Schell Jr. District 37 desert racer went over the bars th is past weekend and fo und himself in Saint Mary Desert Valley Hos pital in Apple Valley, CA . Dro p hi m a line and pu t some cheer into so me of the dullest ti me anyone will ever spend in the desert. Room ll2, that is. • Protect The Only "Bod" You've Got We know you want protection but don't want to sacrifice comfort. We know you want flexibility without sacrificins strenqth. That's why we've designed the FULL BORE GRAN PRIX ' Motocross Boot; turned-up toe at precise angle; padded ankle areas and leg; full height UPPER; steel insert - - -- - -...... under arch; the best possible materials and workmanship. In other words, FULL BORE quality gives you maximum prote~ion. • Yankee Accessor y Corporation, P O.Box 36. Schenectady. N.Y. 12301 going Ito J • A ll for only '9.95 vu lei. I.~ .';f. : ..... • ~ .. ~ iJ . 'I ~ JULL • YURI Qual ity Accessories All the answers in the most complete Baja tour book ever! 1 2 deta iled. large reference maps in color h ighl i~ht. Veh icles for various road conditions d iscussed in the " A bo ut ' the Wheels You Dr ive " sect ion . Ov e r 100 full -color and black and ~.~:~ ~hite~hotOgrdPh~And ~uch:ore~ ~ r Enclose check Name I o r money order to I . I CYCLE NEWS Address I PRODUCTS City I 2499 Cerritos Ave.. I Long Beach. CA 90806 ' S<'t'=' e-- - - - - - " . - - - -:: at::-:: Zip Russ Sanford is alive! (Got your attention? Good.! Orange County Chapter of M.O.R.E. and the Anaheim Hi-Siden ' have gone together on a low-bucks fun race day of Grand Prix ' on the reworked Baja de ' Saddleback course November 14. This is a M.O.R.E. Benefit. one of the few ways that 01' Russ raises money to keep his lobbying efforts alive in Sacramento. Let's make this one an annual event folks will keep coming back to. NationalMotorcycle League is lining up riders for a January , 1!177 Speedway series in Florida. Call (305)752-63140r (3 0 5)4 2 1.3 2~8 fo r entry in fo. Nat'l. Outdoor Coalition's got a newsletter out called '''The Owl" to try to draw together diverse land user interests, mostly centered on the California desert (which is now a "conservation area" by Congressional fiat). Subscription $10 per ye.. to The Owl, 606 N. Hagar se, San Fernando. Ca. 91340. Ever wonde r why all t he " save the d ese r t " BS s top s at t he border? That's Califo rnia / Nevada b ecause t he Nevada legisla ture said it wou ld . The Cali fornia legislature could say so, too, if it wanted. That ', the law. Wilseyville is November 14. Plan mud. whether it rains or _ not. Overheard in the donut sho p: "~ j~ saw an automatic transrmssron m otorcycle. It 's called a Windjamm"r!" The Sierra Club accuses us of being backed by big business interests and advertisen. Now the Southern Sierran newspaper, strapped for cash, is forming task · teams to sell ads to the backpacking "goodies" trade (which is • meggabuck business in iu own right). How's the shoe feel on the other foot. guys?

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