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Greg Cox figures he's got about $7500 sunk into the Riverside race-winning sidehack, not counting engines which Russ Collins R.C . Engineering is sponsoring. They lunched three of 'em while getting the aerodynamics sorted . on the rig's scoop nose . Chassis work, they went to one of the best - Graham Bartol, who has built A. J. Foyt's Coyotes, _as well as working for McClaren and RepcolBrabham in the car world. v .o Comment on vib rati on problems experien ced with the 360 Husk y ~P bi ke wh ich Sal Peluso rode In Riverside' s Exper t t Lightweight race: "Sal's go ing to be sterile at the end o f th e day . " o What's this? Heats, Semis and Finals in MOTOCROSS? Yup, that's to be the new format for the AMA Supercross stadium MX series and w ill be tried out at the Anaheim Stadium event December 4 . It all came about in a decision to develop stadium motocross as a special entity in its own right; and is aimed at creating a more understandable program for spectators and daily media. It will also allow up to 80 riders to enter and qualify in a 2~hour program; all 250cc feature class racing, no support class . Ted Boody rode a Harley RR250 in another Novice race at Riverside and crashed about twice. Kid 's still learnin'. o ... u O K, Dirt Di gger s, what's th is ins idiou s e: tension of the Din osau r Cla ss to the " Hopetown Classic? I th ou ght Open Amateur WAS the Din osaur Class. Entry deadl ine is extended to O ctober 16. as the re a re still a few slots open in so me classes. Then it 's Hopetown Entry Sca lp in ' Time. Cheek the Wan t Ads . According to Sid Dameron, who will be m akin g U.S. cop ies availab le shortly, th e fairin g of th e 19 77 TZ 750 in dicat es that the new model s will co me with a crossover ex haust stan da rd; for the prototypc fairin g has a cu to ut and a cover to clear it. He doesn 't kn ow much m ort abou t t he updated model - th ey only se n t him t he fa irin g, not th e bike. St ingy. Point of Order on that BlM Organic Act blurb in this column. It won't die totally if it's deadlocked this year; it'll just be re-summited .next year. Phooie! R.A .B.i. Rac in g Asso c. (no cracks, n ow) expects to inau gu ra te Saddleback 's new IT & sh ort trac k October 24 . T h e 3/4 mil e IT co u rse is set up for big bikes , "and is said to b e sligh tly rou gh cu t - so it will be open t raction at t his first rac e. Sign up opens 7:30 a.rn.• short track will ru n first, then IT, Call (7 14)925-28 7 1 for m o re de tai ls. lance Weil's Rickey Racer of Pomona posted $45/$35/$20 awards for the top three privateer Novices at the Riverside road race National. Only problem is seroing in on a definition of "privateer", so the actual recipients' names await confirmation by AMA . Pop's best quesses are Klinzmann, Rockwell, Garroutte - but don't quote me . After their $2600 "Second Annual Money Race" at Riverside, October 31, AFM's los Angeles Chapter will have paid out $7500 in purses this calendar year. Not too shabby, guys. Media rumor o f the we ek : ABC Wide Worl d o f Sports to air a series on dirt-tr ack/trail ridin g with Evel Kniev el 's kid s in som e of the sequences. It cou ld be as soon as Sunday, October 10, so chec k yo ur local TV listings. Uh, Evel says it 's pretty good . . . Takazumi Katayama swears up and down he .. is not ro ck star - just singer " . OK , but can a 5,000 member all-girl fan club be wrong? Jim Hunter, who almost became another victim of \ Baja's treacherous wasteland, is recuperating from a near fatal get-off while pleasure riding with friends during a recent south of the border expedition. It looks like Jim will be out of action for qu ite some time and would probably appreciate hearing from h is "fans." Whittier Hospital, room 221, will be his address for a while, so you can give him a call or drop him a card. Side hackers, don't give up on us. The lame Turkey wrote a cotton-pickin' book on the Riverside kneeler race; but on account of we ran out of paper, we gotta hold it till next week. Won by G reg Cox/Bill Davidson in the final turn, it was a gasser all the way. Stay glued. Kat ay ama had special t ha nks after his secon d p lace River side fin ish for Fri tz Baeder (Mike's Pap a) who help ed o rga niz e his trip, bike, tu ner and all t he trimmings to co me over for this on e race. T hen, after sw itching Mulh oll an d an d Michelin cap s fo r the proprietary ph ot ogs, co m m ented "Now hav e two he ad s - yes ?" For late ' 76 or early '77 (depend ing on supp lies of left -shi ft m odels) Morinis will start comin g th rough with a G rimeca single fro nt dis c on the 35 0 S trada and Sport series V-T win s. A "Z" bike you mayor may not see in the U.S. is Kawasaki's Z200, a single cylinder SOHC commuterbike introduced to the Australian market this season. Kenny Robert' Kid has inherited his 01' man's pitching arm; or at least he can chuck Camel cigarettes to the farthest extent of Victory circle. But he tends to go for line shots to the head, did you notice? Unde r th e revi sed Supercross system, 70 Americans and 10 Europeans get startin g slo ts. Amer ican alt erna tes can be seed ed to ro und o u t the field in c ase less th an 10 furriners sho w up . It sou nds trick. Iell as, but is it m otocross? Carl isle Ti re & R ubber just re-jo ined the inf hi tio nary spiral. Citin g th e tr adi ti o n al. " increased co st s" , they're ra ising m otorcycl e tire pri ces 15% as o f Nove m ber I. Get'em while the y're ch eap. The SCORE Baja 1000 drawing will be held at Viva Bronco's, 11350 North Woodside, lakeside, Calif., 3:00 p.m., October 9. It 'll be more than just another drawing though : Free T-shirts, a live band, dancing (of course), free beer and peanuts, race movies and special door prizes too. BYOC (that's bring you r own chai r), The unofficial (very) Camel Pro /G rand Na tio nal top thr ee fo llowing th e Rive rside National road race arc : J ay Sprin gsteen 28 1 poin ts, Gary Scott 269 (o r 26 5), Kenny Roberts 262. Gary 's po ints total is in limbo as his eleventh place fin ish is un der an app ealed pro tes t. See Story. 1 The suspension revolution has not ended as this Yamaha endurance road race snapped at Bol D'or proves. Oh yes it works . More talk centers around the 1977 plans of Barry Sheene, newly-crowned world 500cc road race champion . Sheene has ridden for Suzuki of Great Britain in 1976 on a team with sponsorship from Texaco. Talk is that Barry may form his own race team with sponsorship from Brut (for which he has done television commericals) and/or Esso . The other _ possibility being band ied about is Sheene r iding a factory Honda. . _ Phil adelp h ia's Main Line MC topp ed the list of fu nd-ra isers as the 'A ~ I A 's Grand Na tio nal R Ail Club , by r aisin g more than S6, OOO in the Asso caia tio n 's Ride Agains t Hem op h ilia. The Mainliners wi ll be h onored by Nat ion al Hemoph ilia Foundat ion an d presented with a new G L-I 000 by American Ho n da. The ongoi ng .\ ~ iA c hari ty , begun jus t this year, fou nd many clubs raisin g well ove r S I 000 ap iece to he lp figh t th is cr ipp ling blood diso rde r. The Feds cancelled public meetings of the Environmental Quality Council called to receive comment on a report entitled "Environmental Impact Statements : An Analysis of Six Years' Experience of Seventy Federal Agencies". Afraid of what they might hear, maybe? Waiti ng fo r th e shoe to dro p - aga in : EPA is expec ted to m ake its decision o n special em ission regs for b ikes in Calif ornia and come u p w ith fin al ru les nati on wide (if any ) "S o metime in Oc tober" , At Honda R& D thi s lon g. drawn-o u t pro cess is cau sing the m to of pe rmane nt . ho ld co nst ruction em ission- test fa c ilit ies . In America, the process is cau sing po tential m o torcycle builders to for gc t the who le thing.And the a ir c on tin ues to s t in k in Signal Hill, as the refineries flagrantly vio late _ ex ist ing r~sA)epressin g~_i ~'t it ?

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