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• = " ~ E so f' 0') ,.....; l!",) l-< ClJ .0 0 .... u 0 ., By Charles Morey ZELTWEG, AUSTR IA, SEPT. 20-25 The United States lnternation Six Days Trial team, 37 , strong, accumulated a highl y creditable 29 Gold l\ledal total at the 51 st ISDT centered around Styria, Austria's Osterreichring road racing Iacilityv The rem aining eight individuals registered two Silver Medal performance, two Bronze Medal rides and four DNFs in the week-long event The six-man "mixed" U.S, World Trophy team au tdid themselves in the opening days, takin g sixth at the end of day one and moving into fifth by the completion of t hesecond day. The third day, however, marked the downfall of the U.S. team when Penton rider Kevin LaVoie dropped out ' du e to main bearing failure, an unforseeable a nd therefore unpreven table occurrence. ' T h e other five members, Lars Larsson (KTM), Billy UbI (Her), Mike Warm on (Bul), Jim Hollander (Rok) and Gary Younkins (Pen) continued to finish on Gold aQd pu r'the team in tenth place in spite of the los-f a man. rlllllJlJij~e Penton mounted . Silve r Vase Dane Leimbach" Tom; Penton, te Plck"l'enton and Carl Cranke, restarted tfie week in fourth place and' ended ~ w their. all ou t effort irt t he same place. An VI excellent . performance"bYllJlyone 's w ;: standards, The ~ riders w~e still disappointed dl'at lIbe wev. u!!"ble to > ively eas courses ced the em phasis a motocross-style spec ial tests, an area where the Czechs. Germ ans and Italians'" o bv io us ly ex cell. It was the formidable West German" and Czechoslovaki a teams th at scored fi'rst and second pla cings in both te am cate gories: ·t hj: Germans taking110me the World Trophy • an d the Czechs th e Silver Vas. • Tragedym arred the U.S . can tin gen t's ,/ week in Austria on d ay five when ssa .. _ ..... rider David jIulse struck a 72 year old • Austrian woman, iatall'l':""injuring·hC1';·..........• Charges ' oj Hulse leavinz th e sce ne cau sed an in tern atio na l # tu m1o il but were cleared and he returned home wfth .. the team on MllIlday. ' . • .• .. Husqvarna's DiCK• "King' Richard fBurleson pu (in th " 'bes'i American Ride of the event with Vase teams ers Jack Penton, Tom Penton and Carl Cranke foI~owing. rr:m!c"Callo~ding;nhis first (Sp°l'! 'took , fiflh .•in the American 1:ldividua'- standin' ', ,,. a' , remarkabl .. z:....._... $howing.'" - '" .. Co~te everage: ..ext wee; # _~ .. . .", o Q......_ _......._ _IIIIIIiiIIIII5.IIIIIiii. .... . 'A; . , • ...ii......iiIl 3

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