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Spain's Victor Palomo (Yam) scored an overall wi n at , the September 25 Formu la 750 road race in Hockenbe im, W. Germany with a 4-2 performance in the two legs. Gary Nixon (Kaw) finished second overall with a 7-1. We've tapped Joh n Huetter (who is a card-carrying engineer in his own right) to do a fu ture report on what the good Doctor h as been doing with his co mpu ter lately, and why he thinks he can clean u p the two-smoker's exhau st stream to pass Fe d eral inspection. With the Venezuelan rou nd still under protest Nixon needs cre d it for the win , rather than the second place he has been awarded points for, to capture th e F750 title which unofficially Palomo has won. If Nixon is awarded the Venezuelan round he w ould take the championship by a margin of o ne point over Palomo. The FlM meets in October and hopefully they 'll come up wi th a de cision on th e protest which was posted by Nixon in March. Hey , d id I Mention AFM's Riverside bounty? Any AFM member since September who w inds up in the w in ners' circle in any class gets $100 for first, $75 for second, $50 for third . Yo u gotta ha ve the clu b stickie on your bike du ring the race, they'll have the cash to pay on the spot. October 3 will be the final ra ce in the CMC/A BC Bell Junior/Intermediate Motocross ser ies. Saddleback Park will be the place where $3500 worth of goodies will be handed out to first through fourth p lace riders, along with some big brass for also rans, Check out the calendar section for all the info. Can-Am's Skip Olson made it two in a row by edging out Husky's Bob Popiel for the overall win in the Indian ' Creek National Championsh ip Enduro in Co lumbia, S.C . on September 26. Statu s report on the BLM Organic Act -dead lo cked in con ferenc e com mittee. If th e b ill 's m ajor banatoi . Metcalf of Montana, can 't get it ripped loo se, i t w ill die a natu raldeat h when con gress takes its October recess. Guess who won this week's 0-37 Shamrocks MC Hare Scrambles? Give up? Surprise-Tom Brooks did it on a 400cc KTM . Don't go gettin' all upset when you can't find the story this week, it'll be in next week's paper. At least you know who won overall. Irwi n dales rained-out CMC Might National MX is rescheduled for Friday, October 1, starting at 7 :30 p .m. If it don't rain on t he ir parade again, the Pro classes will be go ing for $350 to win ; with appropriately-scaled cumshaw to the ru nners-u p. If yo u wo nder about the p oss ib ility of someo n e claiming Roger DeCoster or Adolf Well's bikes ยท forg et it. FlM sanctioned racing is not a claiming race like AMA racing. When the Yrrupeens co me we play by their rules. Look for some of the factor ies to start enforcing contract requirements for their ride rs to wear factory clothing. If a company builds b ikes and a line of competition clothing they will soon demand that their sponsored riders wear nothing but official apparei: If Bob Balentin e wins the ORA Cal City GP October 2-3 : th at'll be the end o f the Bal entine Bounty Series, since Bob 's already won th e first round, and th is is the second. Two ou t of three gets it, The p osse o f bounty-hunters includes . naines like Mayes, Malocco (fro n t row start), the Brooks Bros., Jack J ohnson from Vegas, and 1976 winner Kelly. It pays $ 1000 for first. Good hunting, guy s. Yokohama is reported to be send ing a ' couple of tire engineers to t he Riverside National to investi gat e the road racing tire situation in the U.S. Poss ible futu re development rests on what they see. Ah, now we know how Bill Werner hold Jay's Harley together - with Yamabond 4 . Gotchal After the ir dyno-mite Laguna Seca Coverage, we're kinda loo kin ' forward to CBS Sports Spectacular's Superbowl MX re-run October 2, even if we gotta break away momen tarily from th e Riverside road race National late Saturday a ftern oo n . Steve Mclaughlin's bringin g a color TV along in his motorhome, but say s free ad mission is to Morini riders on ly. Been politickin' again , h aven 't you, Camel? I see a certain amount of synthesising of each others's programs and a certain amount of burying of the hatchet between America's warring road race clubs. Back East, W/ERA and 'AAMMR are exchanging race- dates to avoid conflicts, and are talking further. On this coast, W/ERA's Lan ce - Weil will experiment with a one-day format at Willow, while AFM in 1977 will try out Box Stock Production on an experimental basis, very much the same as the club started o ut w ith Superstreet. Meanwh ile , Bob Swanson, West Coast Moto _Villa d istributor,. is doing some ser ious homework toward assembling complete V illas in California-preferably by doi ng enough of the wo rk task that the bike can carry a "made in USA" just like in Lincoln, Nebraska. He's been talking to Ma rzo cchi about a direct line on fork units , but Marzocchi refuses to be lieve t here are any motorcycle assemblers in this country. J ody 's be en in Aus tria covering th e ISDT the past week or so ; and just flew in with the bu lle tin and ad va nce pix . When he gets over his jet lag, in abou t three or four day s, m aybe he 'll tell us wh at re ally h appened. In Czecho, September 19, ULF Kar lsson (Mo n) won the ' final world championsh ip trials, round, over Malcolm Rathmell (Mon l. Yrjo Vestorinen (Bull, Mick Andrews (Yam) , and Martin Lampkin (Bull. Malcolm 's second wasn 't enough t o keep Vesti from w resting away t he world t itle , however. 2 Final world cha mpio nsh ip tr ials stand ings ar e : Yrjo Vest erinen 93, ' Malcolm Rathmell 87, Mart in Lam p kin 85 , Mick Andrew s 6 9, Ulf Karls son 6 7 - - to name o ff th e to p five. . Anaheim Stadium is agai n scheduled for the end of the year moto-bash. This ti me there will b e some major changes in the program. It will be AMA sanctioned and it will be billed as a race of Champ io ns with only riders who have won Nat ionals, Trans-AMAs or Super Series events invited. T he top five Euro peans from the Trans-AMA wil l also get a shot at it. T hat is a lot of high caliber talen t to be riding un der the Angel's arch . Snowy Trail closed ? Th at's the word if Los Pad res Nat'I .. Forest's ORV plan goe s unchallenged. There's enough restrictions in there t o about shut down the Red Garter Enduro, also . Check out G.C . Schmidt's letter in "Voices" for more details. -Comme nt deadl ine is October 8. Address to write is Los Padres N.F., 42 Aero Cam ino, Goleta, Ca. 93017. 125 and 250 classes at Wolfsbu rg the followin g week. We're told to expect an all-ne w 1977 Can-Am line. For a preview, take a close look at wh at Jimmy rid es in the 250 cc Support cl a ss at the Ohio Trans -AlvlA. There ou ghta be a certain similarity. . . J imm y Ellis has sign ed a new two-year co n trac t wit h Can -Am , after te stin g a new 250cc Ro tax engine in Austria. While he w as over t h ere. Captain Co ba lt won a 125 race at Mat ti gh ofen . an d bo th One tw o stroke w izard wh o 's not in tim idat ed b y th e u p co mi ng emis sion con tro ls is Dr. Gordon Blair , who wa s o n th is side o f th e pond to p rese nt severa l te chn ical pap ers to the SA E. Can -Am/Bombardier's st reet bike plans look to be shelved t hr o ugh mo st of 1977. The only work fo r the future is "someth ing four st roke". AFM's 1977 rul es p ac kage, so on to be rele ased in final form, will include th e of cast wheels on legalization Production racer s as long as th is doesn't ch an ge th e stoc k brake co nfigu rat ion : a G P class con so lidation (no mort separate 350 class, instead ' it will be 251.500); noise limits, measured a la AMA (105 db Produ ction, 1I5 db all others) ; an d wh at's de scr ibed as "basicall y an AAMRR approach" to Supers trect, me an ing as few rules as possible. J im Pomeroy's 370cc Trans-AMA mount will be introd uced as t he 1977 Bultaco production model, accord ing to ou r sources back East. Look for a f irst test in coming issues. Bernie Schreiber, th e 14-ye ar-o ld unknown wh o rode the Saddleback International tri al s round with an " X" on his ba ck three years ago, is out of school in January and will go to Europe as a Bultaco factory rider to contest the first five rounds o f the world cham p ions hip season early. Friends say he's really pump ed.

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