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Pop's ~ot it on the best of authority (rumor) that there's a turbo-charged, fuel-Injected MV Agusta a-building somewhere in the SoCal area. Bob .Popiel, often referred to as Dick Burleson's "mechanic," took a day off from the Husqvarna service department to win the Jackpine National Enduro with six points overall, riding a Husky Automatic. Bob zeroed the entire second day of what was described as a dry, fairly easy Jackpine. "A" rider honors went to Can·Am's Skip Olson. Neither Burleson nor Jack Penton had a very . good . weekend, leaving their relative positions for the season unchanged. Scoring on a "net" basis, King Richard has five wins to Penton's three. John Penton won the Senior class - what more is there to say? The NorCal round of the U.S. Trials Championship will be at Donner Ski Ranch near Soda Springs, Ca. this year. The October 17 event will feature a spectator-oriented loop, laid out in the clear air of 7000 ft. elevation. You Angelinos may not want to come back. Call (916) 426-3578 or 677-1280 (ask for Bob) for more details. BLM has instituted an annual permit system in its Riverside' and Bakersfield Districts. The idea is for race -promoting clubs to apply at one time for all their events during the coming year. They've set a deadline of September 30 for all applications covering the period January 1 to September 30, 1977. Call (916) 484-4636 for more info. HosPITal STOP: Immobilized for the next several weeks is MIC Exec. Sec. Carol Vancil, victim of a bicycleaccident while riding with . husband Mike. Doctors say she's lucky to be alive and not paralyzed after losing control of her bike on a downhill, going over a curb and breaking her neck. She's in intensive care at San Clemente General Hospital, insisting she's going to be in the stands at Ascot October 9. Mike says with a boost from friends'-cards and letters, she just migh t do it . . Hint from W/ERA: Every street rider is a potential racer, if you can convince him that the average race .ent rv fee is half the price of the average speeding ticket. Good thinkin' back there in Philadelphia, or wherever ... Folks who've been mlssong our Scramblin' scribe Maureen Lee, she's still recuperating from extensive feminine surgery performed last month. Maureen's got a new column head, "Throttle Connection" which she's looking to spring on the world as soon as she's up and about. There's an outfit in Minnesota that will build you the ultimate tow vehicle for eliciting spectator double-takes. It's called the Elite Enterprise Mini.'\1ack - a fiberglass replica of a Mack truck tractor that fits a Volkswagen chassis You can always tell who the diehard road racers are at lightly-attended Willow Springs race meeting - they're the ones who are there, The rest of you guys shoulda' been there. Heck, the traditional dust storm didn't start till after the races were over! The Hook and Ladder folks are at it again and this year's annual two-day fun in the sun family enduro promises to be bigger and better than ever. On Sunday at I p.m., the California Aerial Circus Parachute Team will perform their daring diving feats; at 3 p.m. a free mini trial, for kids under 12 yrs., will take place. Lots of nifty prizes and giant toys will .be given away to the winners and participants; at 6 p.m. a Bar-B-Que feast will be served by the Cal City Public Safety Dept. Commission for $2.50 per person. On Sunday, enduro day, they're gonna be giving away so much stuff you wouldn't believe it, even if we had room to list it all. If you miss this one, too bad, 'cause you'll have to wait 'till next year for a second chance. Speaking of diehards, a 0-36 scrambles series picks up Friday nights at Fremont in October. Signs of approaching autumn: San Jose mile tickeu go on sale at selected ' No rCaI cycle shops. Out-of-area fans call (408)438-3210. According to P.I.T.S. top, things are getting tight in the Stanislaus Nat'1. Forest due to posey-sniffer pressure. Folks who ride the area are urged to write Gary Cargill, Stanislaus N F Headquarters, 175 So. Fairview Ln., Sonora, CA. to object to forest trail Hold on to your boot buckles, Hopetown's com in' early this year. Entries don't open till September 13 but at least you can fill out the form (in the results section) and hold on to it. October 28-29 will be the Dirt Diggers Me's big weekend. Entry, of course, is very limited so you better have your act together come next Monday at 12:01 a.m. Ever thought about going on Safari? You can - on a bike, yet. The first Baja Safari, billed as an incredible six day motorcycle tour of the northern half of the Baja Peninsula, will cover 600 .miles of off-road and on-road terrain. The bike, a 1976 Honda 250XL-K2, is part of the package. The cost seems reasonable, considering everything involved in the package, so if you're interested , call Baja Safari 714/557-8921, for all the info. Kennedy Meadows is open for recreation again, thanks to recent rains. Directions: From Hwy. 14 or 395 just north of Inyokern, take Nine Mile Canyon west. Obtain trail maps at the Ranger station. 2 Though AMA did not have the points totals confirmed at presstime, Chuck Joyner may have gone ahead of Sonny Burres in the Pacific Regional Expert standings; and Eddie Lawson may have overtaken Novice pointsleader Danny Hogue, after Regional events at Clackamas, Oregon September 3 (TT) and Roseburg, Oregon September 4. won both Mains Lawson (Bul) back-to-back; Joyner got a first and a second, while Junior Ted Davidson got back-to-back wins to pad his already humongous lead . . closures. There's another "Pork Chop" - a sectioned Harley speedway bike - out East, prepared by Harley of Hamilton, Ohio. .Mike Partin's special uses '69 cases and a '48 top end. Could the factory itself come up with a 500cc fuel-burning Single if they wanted to? We have it on spec that it wouldn't be hard at all. The components to do so have been laying around their museum for 40 years ... Why is this man grinning? We don't know, either - because Roy "Tuner" Turner, that most eligible of Team Honda mechanics, is biting the dust, taking the ultimate endo, or, to retreat to the vernacular, getting hitched. Wave bye-bye, pit tootsies - D-Day is September 11. Senior class rider C.V. Greene took a first in class at the Invaders GP on Sunday Then he refueled his 250 Harley and headed from the area near Cajon Pass on fireroads to Cal City where ORA was holding a race. Arriving minutes before the banner dropped, he competed in that race too. Anybody want a deserving candidate for an "Iron ·Man" award? . Who sez MX Cat isn't based on real life? We know of a certain lady whose bike failed her out in the desert. When she got back to the pits, she threw it down and stomped on it. A new bike is on the way. CRC will host a Gran Prix through the city streets of Adelanto, California over Thanksgiving weekend. The City Council and Chamber of Commerce have stamped their approval on the event. Is the Sierra Club running the roads, too? Adrienne Gianturco , California's imported ace Transportation Director, appeared on TV recently to explain whyher department's Diamond Lane experiment, designed supposedly to improve the environment. never filed an environmental impact statement. Ms. G has fixed all that, she says. Now she gets Sierra' Club input on traffic matters. Betcha she don't ask no bikers, or hitch-hikers. The San Bernardino Sizzlers speedway team has picked up Brad Oxley as a reserve rider. another of Speedway's favorite sons, Tom Morley, 18, joined the Bakersfield Bandits to fill in for injured Brian Short. Recent rains have removed much of the acute fire danger in California's Sequoia N F and surrounding high country. Check locally before going riding, however. Slight correction to that Louisiana helmet notice - don't take your hat off in that state until after October 1 when their repeal for riders over 18 takes effect officially. Pappa typo'd on the time of day for that Speedway report on KOLA, Los Angeles. That's 6:25 p.m., not 6:45. Louisiana and Alaska joined the honor roll of states without mandatory helmet , laws during the past month. An AMA mass mailout went to Louisiana members, urging them to write their state Senators on the issue.

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