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· . . ~ "Downhill" on his way up INSDE FOUR NATIONALS ! San Antonio MX I realize how difficult it is to do a desert report, but it sure would be nice if the reporter would try to find out how the Amate u rs and No vices finished too. Our sonv -Mike " Do wn hill' Alex an d er , has been fm ishing consistently in the top 250cc Amateur cl ass. Even when he ge ts firsts, he can 't make th e story. Last week he was fir st Amateur overall and finished lOth overall to do it. Still nothing! As his sponsor and biggest supporter - hooray for " Do wn hill"! 6 Hurricane blows up from behind 8 Indiana Half-Mile ,..., Roberts/Springer cliff-hang Terre Haute Santa Fe S.T 10 Eklund wire -to- wire Kentucky 500 MX 12 MRS. ROBERT G .jONES (His mom) Whittier, Calif. Mud-fest to Semics 14 International Wolsin k / DeC o st er in penultimate 5 00 GP West Congratulations t o " Downhill" on his f or A 71Ulteur win and apo logie s ex clu ding him from the report. A t t he rate he 's go ing, his name will probably be app earing on a regular basis in th e week ly desert reports before long. It migh t help if you locate our reporter (ju dy Kinnaman) at th e nex t event and in troduce " Downhill" to her . . . Ed. 16 It all h appen s here Dez . •. ..•..• •.••.•.••24 'N ether Balentin e day Speedway 25 Cars, curse s & cra shes Political Lifeline 26 Fro m Co rsa Paci fica to Texas Canyon and on to Washington North Sidecar record : Central Portraits of Roger D. . 30 42 The last laugh? Your issue .o f August 17, '1976 provided more sincere entertainment than any motorcycle publication 1 have read in some time. On page 7, you have st ated, "Gary Scott, on a five year old Triumph, won his third Asco tt TT Nati o nal in as many years .. . " Reading on , one finds on page 11 t he following: " 'I win ' said Dennis who insists on riding old British antiques. Lu ckil y he was · in good company as jon Minnono rode a defunct Limey b ike t o the 750 Production win. My sincere co ngratu lat io ns t o Gary, Dennis and jon. It ce rtainl y mades one wonder what the com pe titio n has be en doing when these fme ri ders can do so well on su ch " antique" eq uip m en t. 44 47 ON THE COVER: We cover Photos by Van everybody. Voorhis , Mor ey, jamieson and scra tc h ins' by Tony Bell. tt ROG ER E. STANGE President No rt on Triu m ph Corp. Duarte, Cali f. S har on Clay to n, Publ isher Rob er t L. No r Velie. Genera l xlanaae r Edna Mewto n. Secr e tary to Pu bl isher Advertising Lin~a 'Cl ark, Ad vert ising Man ager Chns Kolber, Ad ver -t isin g AS.'iis tdn t Editorial ~ C' Campbel l, Sen ior Edi to r. J od y Weisel . Editor, Bo h i Scott . Edit or . Art and Production Barbar a: Mizuno , Pro du ction Man ager ; Rita Dr e ssendo rfer, Adver tising P roduction : Denn is Cox. Lab Techni c ia n: M a ri on Ha tashita, Typograp her ; Mike Klin ger. Lab an d Product ion Assistan t, Circulation Rheba Sm ith . Man ager : Pam Green and Call ie Smith, Assis tants. A nd how 'bout A lex J orgensen and J ohn Hatele y l Don't fo rget, they finis hed 1-2 at the Gardena Gold Cup. Both w ere riding No rtons ... Ed. A word to the wise Accounting Carlene ~ Zaionz , Manage r; Ken Lorin. ass istant; Jeanne Hammond . Accts. Receivable; Pamela Dickerson and Carolyn Branham, assistants: Judy Klinger, Credit Depr.: Do ren. Coll e ction Dept . Rhonda Van Mark gives thanks Service and Support ~[i ch ac:l Coli kas, Denn is Wat u , Juanita Blanton. recep tionist. West P.O. Bo x 4 98, Long Beach , CA 9080 I. (Z13) 4 27·7433 : L.A. Lin e 636'8844. (T elex 656.3 30) East P.O. Box 80S , Tucker, GA 30084. GA 30084. (404) 934-7850 . (Telex 542 .777) Subscription " On e year . seco n d class mail S 12.50 : 2 ye ars . second class m ail, 5 22.5 0 ; 1 years, second class mail. $30. 0 0 : ~ In reference to the gentleman singing the praises of: 1. Box Stock production racing for its competitiveness and low co st and 2. the W/ E RA for tearing down th e top production finishers, Having o bserved Box Stock racing in Oregon, Washington and B.C ., I h o ld the opinion that close racin g is the exception no t th e rule, and that closer and more com pe titive racing can be found at CMC & AFM events. As for the teardown, I know for fa ct that at least one of t he m achines tom d o wn was ported as far as the car b and pipe would allow, and it was found legal be cause th e t eardown crew d idn't know what. it was looking at. Please don't in terp re t the above as an indictment of any clu b or persons, it is sim ply two of many proofs that Box Stock is. beyond the capab iliti es of club ra cing to enfo rce. . If an yone out there can present to me a meth od of keeping Box Stock innard's stock , w ith out manufacturers sp ecs and wi th vo lu nteers , pu leez e wr ite me and let m e kn ow MARK WILLIAMS & J EANIE Nat ion al N o. 70 Springfield, Ore. CL.A iii SS iW:2 M£ MS I!:R Copyright Cycle News, Inc. 197 6. Trade 4 On the other hand jeanie and I would lik e to say m an y many thanks to the Sidewinders Motorcycle Club, Mt. Saint Hele ns Motorcycle Club, Bob Barkheim er and all th e beautiful people fo r t he dona tions to help me on my way to reco very. It 's so n ice t o kno w ] have so many frie n ds: mar k regis tered U.S. Paten t Offi ce . All right s rese rved. Published week ly excep t the first and las t wee k o f th e calen da r ye ar by Cycl e News, Inc.• P.O. Bo x 49 M, Lon g Beach , Cali forn ia. Seco nd clas s postage pa id at Lo ng Beach. CA . 90 MOl. Editori al storie s, carto ons, ph o tos, et c. are welcom e. Add ressed . stamped envel ope assures re turn o f unp urchased edi torial mat ter . Reprinting in wh ole o r par t o nly by permis sion -of th e pu blishe rs. Advertisin g rates an d circul ation info rm atio n will be sen t upo n re quest. See S.R .U.S. Welcome back After reading y our coverage o f the S'!" jose Half-Mil e last mo nth, I was rather di sapp ointed for one p articular reason, I understand Fr ank G illesp ie (Nat'l Number 76) made his racin g co me-b ack , a ft er alm os t a ye ar's absence, an d n o body m en tion ed an ything abo u t it. Come on guys, even though he didn' t fin ish , the least we c an do is give him a bi g, warm welco m e. So welcome back Frank-o ... from all y o ur buddies on the west coast. THE AL L AMER ICAN KID San ta Ana, Calif. WALT GARNETT 10 351 Wells Ave . Riverside, CA_ 92505 I'm writing in response to a letter in your August 17 issu e in Voices o f the West: I have lived nex t door to the Spanish Bit Cafe in EI Mirage for ten years and at one time operated th e Cafe for a .ye ar ( 196 7). I have been riding motorcycles for many, many ye ar s and know of the p roblems the desert riders have , but even I get irri tated at t he weekend rid ers. They continuously ride up and down in front o f my house and use the parking lot of th e Spanish Bit Cafe for a short track with unmuffled machines. I admit th at it is a small minority of riders that do this, but as with anything like this, it is only the bad that is noticed and talked about. I have talked to some of th e riders about this and their reaction has been from indifference, to get mad and want to fight. 1 feel that unless the weekend riders start policing themselves and respecting the rights and privacy of the local citizens, that EI Mirage and the Spanish Bit and Lazy 3 Cafes will go the way Lit tle Rock and Hi Vista did, as there. are quite a few lo cal people that hate motorcycles in the EI Mirage area. MARVIN BEARD AMA No. 006663 EI Mirage, CA . o o The views ex p resse d in th is colu m n ana o t h e r colu mns app earing on th e f ollowing pages are solely th ose of th e authors and do no t nec essarily reflect th e official position of Cy cle Ne ws West or Cycle News, i nc. Qualified readers wishing fr ee and equal rebuttal sp ace should con tact th e Ed it or.

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