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Honda's 125cc GP aco Marty Smith showed up at th o Oolta National with this pair of Typo 2 RC125 MXors. Liko tho larvor modols ridden by Karsmakors. Eiorstodt and Croft, tho all now bikes have supe r suspension trave., are light we igh t and are easie r to work on - and they have red motors. BY PAPA WEALEY The American team for the T ro phee and' Motocross d es Nations will be Bob Hannah (Yam), To ny DiSte fan o (Suz), Kent Ho werton (H us) an d Rex Staten (H-D). You got t hat last o ne right; Harley-D. agreed to field th e n ecessary support for a team ri der wh ile o ther facto rie s did not, In Spain. Gaston Rahier went 1-1 over Zdenek Velky (2-2) in that country's round of the 125cc World C....."piOiiShip. which is already decided in G8t0n·s favor. Earl Bowlby won the showcase National HiDclim b at Muskegon. Michigan, with a 5.294 second ru n on his Class A BSA , August 1. J im Thompson rode a Yamaha to second in Class A, while J erry Kin zer rode , bro th er Terry 's Honda to th ird. Terry, the defending Grand National Hillclimb Champion, · was sidelined by a broken wrist, Bowlby-p repared BSA in the hands of Jim Clar k and Keith Grooms placed second and third in Class B behind class winner David Mosley (T ri) who topped the 3oo·foot Mt . Garfield slope in 6.126 seconds. Not bad for a " li ttle " 750 ! 3867. Californ ia's rewritten AB motorcycle noise law , goes to Govenor Brown's desk, now that the legislature has given it final appoval. It's a victory of sorts. in that it keeps California's noise standards. already strict. from getting any worse_ 2 Every ne w or renewed AMA member will receiv e , with his ca rd, a sticker that says "The Am erican Motorcyclist Association wi1l pay a reward of $200 for information lead ing to the arrest and co nviction of any pe rson involved in th e theft of this motorcycle while it is owned by a member of th is Association." The st ick les, and the reward program are part of the AMA's newly-announced theft protection drive. AMA and Mit hav e signed a fou r-year cooperat ive agreement - to fund and develop a national land- use program t o aid be leagured bikers in p rotecting their rid ing rights. It involves three p hases in forma t ion . com i ng from college /un iversity research into motorcyc le impacts ; grass -roots participation as useful info and effective political ammo are passed into t he hands of riders an d clubs; and as a last resort. liti gatio n assistance, in case it becomes necessary to haul the posey-sniffers • into court. Details to come. Triple-A Cycle in Santa Ana, Cal ifornia, will host a Mike Hannon ISDT tea ch -in, kegger and general Y'a1l Come party August '24- 25. Festivities start at 7:30 p .m. Tuesday .with ISDT flicks, tire changes and general 3-minute ho~itality till ,,:henev~r. Proceeds (if any) to help MIke WIth expenses ' m Aust ria : . The National Min icycle Association's "Bel -Ray Minicycle Grand National Championship Series" climaxes in Springfield. Missou ri. August 20-22 at Clear Creek Park. National television will record the Finals. which will offer e ight minicyde. two motorcycle and four junior cycle Categories. Ten qualifiers will be present from each of the four NMA regions in each clas s and five qualifiers per junior class, A strong new contingent will be the likes of Brian challenging Myerscough, Jeff Ward, Mike Brown and Jim Holley, who have dominated the various categories for the past two years. Some of the hot new experts are Gary Dirks, Darren Penrod, Paul Emerson and Mike Lewis. Eight-year-old Ku rtie Henrickson leads the Junior cyclers in the 6-8 stock and modified group. Youngsters · from aU over the Uni ted States will compete for the coveted title of Grand National Mini Champion. Paul Pressgrove, Nat'l. No . 74. is due to be released soon from Bethany Hospital in Kansas City. He was severely injured three weeks ago in a crash at Lakewood Speedway. even spend ing some time on a heart/lung machine as docto rs worked to save his life. He's currently de scr ibed as resting comfortably . Though a lot of trials p eop le re fu se to take th e ide a seriously, l\Iick Andrews say s th ey have a two-valve 500 thumper in work at t he Yam ah a ce nte r in Amste rdam, an d it should be ready for Mick to try in world class competition at the Swedish round August 29. Over 40 applications for 1977 Grand National Championship events were d iscussed at the August 2 AMA National Championship Committee meeting in Mo nte rey . Among them were sanction appl ications for a mile at Cal·Expo and a road race t hrough the streets of Long Beach. Got it? The Lon g Beach GP fo r bikes, not those four w heel slot cars. Y. Sugio is back in Japan, re leased from hos pital after his hard get-off at the Oly Superbowl here. New Guinea's favorite son Kevin McDonald has been picked up by the Speedway League's L.A . Sprockets as a · reserve rider. after a consistantly successful rise through the SRA rider ranks. Fire closu res remai n in effect in Se quoia Nat'1. Forest in Califo rn ia. That m eans all veh icles are restricted to existing roads until t he dange r is ove r. Any b ikers who feel they 've been singled out, harassed, or treated unfairly in the matter by specific people in specific areas should contact Forest Supervisor John Leasure, (209) 784-1500 in Porterville. We keep getting rider repo rts t h at pack train operators in the Kennedy Meadows area are doing everything they can beh ind the scenes to .get bikers thrown out; but have been unable to check the situation ou t . Anybody out the re know what's happening and why? CRC invites all you MX'ers to come on out to Corona Raceway on Thursday nights. They've just fixed up an all new track and are anxious for someone to try it o ut, Invitations are du e to go out by m id-August for AMA's Amateur National Road Race Final to be held at Mid-America Raceway, Wantzville. Mo. on September 25·26. Ouestion: With so many big clubs dropping AMA affil iation. who was left to run qualifiers? Things have got to get better next year. Th e August 15 CANAM Amateur MX Qualifier at Layton , Utah was cancelled. The A,\IA has requested riders in that area to qualify a t th e August 28 Tucson, Arizona ra ce. See Upshot for more on th e r em aining CANAM ra ce sche du le . BLM has opened 23,000 acres originally reserved for Canyonlands Nat·1. Park. Much of it may inste ad become a Cayonlands . Recreation Area. Check locally to learn what this means to riders. Fun with Bureaucratese Dept: From the list of Government-owned inventions (wh ich are available for licensing, by the way). A "Method for removing Oxidized Iron from Ferrous Metal Surfaces" is, in translation (you got it) a rust remover . Then there's the "Separator for Negatively Phototactic Housefly Larve from Chicken Hen Excreta". That's a hard one to translate without u sin g the word "chickenshit" a Govern ment specialty. Here's one for you lady desert racers - a liq uid cooled brassiere developed by NASA-,Wha t do you m ean yo u don't wear any? Anyway, it 's Pate nt Appl. No . 652,948 in case your, uh - you know, get overheated o r any th ing. Technocracy m arch es on. Oops. again. That experimental CMC combined road race class to be tried out at Ontario August 22 is a 500cc Four Stroke Single/25Occ GP class. Didn't mention the size of the thumpers last ti me. but you smart guys guessed, didn't you? Scubacycling? It 's plausible, according to Chicagoland Yamaha sales exec Fred Spe cht, who has ridden a scuba-equipped I\IXI00 four mi nutes 55 seconds under Lake Michigan. He removed the seat and installed a huge scuba tank to feed the engine, then put water in-the tires and weigh ted the bike with 90 pounds of lead to get traction. His next project? . Underwater ramp-to-ramp jumps! Pity the fore ign visitor u nfam iliar with our strange customs. Scottish racer Bert Harkins was ticketed for no Green Stickie Wh i1e transporting h is speedway bike in his van . He got that charge signed off, for he did have one. but he was still fined $65 for not h aving it on the bike. The motto for California justice ought to be changed to Soc Et TuEm. Pizza Hut has p icked up sp ons o rsh ip for the A,1\1A 500cc Nat ional MX at sr , Petersburg, Florida August 22. More and more nationwide advertisers ar e realizing the visibility o f motorcycle sport. Can't wait for the "Sun sweet Prune Juice Go Faster Hare & Hound". It's bound to happen .

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