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," ~E _ THIS YEAR HONDA i MADE THE TOUGH RED GARTER ': E DURO SEEM AS EASYAS r--O'l """" . M 0.. < JayTullis MR-175 I Rick Munyon CR-125M ,- D Mike Adams MR-250 ' This year's Red Garter National Enduro looked so bad, Class C riders were invited to stay home. , Five hundred ' .brave A and B riders. ' tackled the 125 miles' of Sahara-like sand washes, Everest-size rocks, Grand Canyon downhills... and pure California dust. You'd almost figure a Honda would finish first. Enduro expert ' Jay Tullis did just that on his speciallyprepared MR-175, with only two points lost! But hot on his heels ,came Rick Munyon on his modified Elsinore TM CR-125 M. Then third was Mike Adams with his box-stock MR-250. 'Each winner , dependable. Each powerful. Each a Honda. All Honda riders probably had the same reaction to the 1976 Red Garter.."It was a snap..." , HONDA , First. For good reason..

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