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Zephyr Films of Lafayette , Louisiana is presently involved in the final editing of a I Y, hour feat ure length film entitled "The Champions." Cycle News con tribu tor Jim Gianatsis, who has been asked to write the script for the film which follows Jimmy Wein ert's 1975 500cc National Championship winning year, described th e action as being " be tter than the 'On Any Sunday' motocross sequ ence." Th e $40,000 production is scheduled to be shown in New Orleans on June I. Distributiori plans have not yet been announced. The AMA Professional Rules Committee will ho ld a single meeting on May 4-5 to establish competition rules for 1977. In prev ious yea rs the committee has met twice. All proposals for changes to the rules wh ich govern all areas of AMA Professional competition must be submitted to committee chairman Bill Boyce, AMA d irector of competit ion, no later than April 4. Interested parties may contact their rider or industry representative or submit t heir proposal direct to Bill Boyce at AMA Headquarters in Westerville, Ohio. Rumor has it th at Pops Yoshimura will be busy doing resear ch and de velopment wo rk . for two major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Suz uki, repo r tedly, has already ca n tracted him for four-stroke testing (?!) and Yamaha has approached him to work his magic on their four-stroke 500cc single and the new three-cylinder 750 . A, mail ballot of the AMA Professional Rules Committee has clarified questions raised by elimination of the Junior class for AMA professional road racing. Delegates to the committee by a two-th irds marg in, ruled that : " J uniors that competed in at least two 75Occ: professional races during a season, in 1975 or before, can transfer to Expert and ride both lightweight (25 Occ) and . heavyweight (750cc) equipment." • Planning to run a Kawasaki Z-I ' in th e AFM 6-hour race, April 18? If you're eyeballing the new rear cast wheels on the KZ-900, be aware th at they can be fitted to the rear, but they must be the original 16" wheel. AFM rules which requ ire that the stoc k hubs must be retained will be enforced. Likewise, st ock exhaust m ust be used. Monoshock . BMW's will be shot on sight . HI-POINT BOOTS THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS UKE · BOB HANNAH WINTER-AMA OPEN CHAMPION New Team Yam aha sen sat ion Bob Hannah swep t the winter series by dom in at ing the open class . Bob a nd his teammate Rick Burgen both rely on Hi-Point boots for comfan and protection. I The Hawthorne High School Motorcycle Club is at .it again . On Apri l 8, 7 :30 p.m., they'll be showing a bunch of Clyde Earl's all t ime great racing flicks on the corner of EI Segundo and Englewood Avenues. $2 will get you in at t he door, or pick up a ticket for $1.50 at you r local bike shop. Hawthorne High has it together. -- th e champio ns. make Hi -Poin t yo ur next boo t . RM Suzuki Fork Conversion Kits Plans are going ahead to debut the Norton Cha llenge at Imola. Cooling problems in the transmission have been overcome and it is hoped that similar problems with the radiator will be solved. Th is w ill be the f irst rea l test of t he Challenge in an inte rn atio nal event. Dave Croxford and/or Victor Palomo will carry the Challenge colors. In an effort to challenge the st rength of the present Spanish d ictatorsh ip of the trials world, KTM will field a six speed plonker in th is year's Scottish Six Day T rials which will be he ld in May . ' Distr ibuted by Hi -Point Accessories 3 709 W. Erie Av e.• Lorain. Oh io 44053 P. 0 . 80)( 2327, Amarillo. r«. 79 105 9604 Oates Dr.. $ acr am emo. Ca. 9582 7 Th e quite un official Formula 750 points standings after the first two rounds show Gary Nixon first , St eve Baker and Johnny Cecotto tied for second, Michel Rougerie is fourth and Pat Hennen/John Newbold tied for fif th. Get yo urs now dept.: British weekly Mot or Cycle News is running an ad for a really spiffy bike - that's if your idea of spiffy is a '55 Cad illac. It 's called the "Cossack-S", and is designed for "the sportsman in the Cossac k family." Don't know whose family they're talking about, but it's not mine. They cost on ly S1162 a piece, and look like a pile. So why not get a pair today? ' QualitY protection and styling for the Mota-Cross an d Cross Country racer. At your Hi-Point dea lers in sizes 5-13 including Y, sizes . M-X or Enduro styles . Take a tip from Easily installed m ounting hardware features pcstnve-Iccklng a djustm en t kno b. • Distance fro m face con be adj usted to suit the IndJv idual. • Heavy reinforcem ent ribs provide su per io r st rength. ~ 6 eo Po rtland 0 Proven ; these kits will out perform the fin est Euro pean made forks. To ta l rep laceme nt of inn a rds insu res dampen ing perfection . Designed t o elim inate that mu shy feeli ng and th ose jarri ng jolts at the en d of t ravel. - Safely increases travel on e fu II inch. Offers a 30 day money back gua ran tee on sati sfaction . $59.50 RM 125AII _ RM 250 , RM 370 . • .... • ~ .Goodyear is' Carroll Shelby 213-538-2914 3

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