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In July of 1975, the editors of Dirt Bike magazine asked their 200,000 readers to pick the "best bikes in the universe." The results of this poll were published in their January, 1976 issue.The Husky360CRwasthe choice, for best open.class motocrosser by a wide margin. Husky's 250CR was the easy winner in the 250 class. eof their The editors were quick to approve readers' selections -wh ich ma kes sense when you th ink of how many cycle magazine editors ride Huskys themselves. If you take motocross seriously-and you're getting a little bored with umpfeenth placewhy not stop by your local Husky dealer and find . out why thousands of guys like yourself say.: Husqvarna-e win! & 32 Husqvarna Motorcycle Co .. Inc , 933 HichardsH oad • Ant ioch . Tennessee 3701 3

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