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carrying t he wording of HR 3869 and othe r anti-blackmail bills virtually guarantees that it will be on th e Presiden t 's desk by Christmas recess, now that both houses of Congress have acted on it.) . Then the 47 states and U.S. te rritories which enacted helmet laws under the threat of bureaucratic blackmail will be free to keep their hatlaws on the books, or modify them as the citizens see fit , o r repeal the law if that is their pleasure. Recent studies have shown that, on the whole, states with compulsory helmet laws have more motorcycle traffic acciden ts and fatalities than states where helmet wearing re mains vol untary. The senate vote came about after what one commentator called "a strange combi nation " of liberal and conservative Senators objected to the De par tment of T ransportatio n's ultimatum that states which do n 't enforce ta}« helmet requirem ents won't get federal highway fu n ds. Cali fornia Senat or Alan Cranston, a Democrat, was jo ined by ul tra -con servativ es J ames Buc kley of New York and Jesse Hel ms of North Carolina, ' pl us ultra-liberal James Abourezk o f South Dakota in sp o nsoring the bill. President's council raps EPA on M/C restrictions Two days before t he Senate outl awed bureaucratic blackmail in ' the helmet matter, the President's Executive Council on Wage and Price Stability sharply cri ticized ano th er bureau cracy , th e Environmental Protection Agen cy , puttin g unreal istic emissions for co n tro ls on motorcy cles. T he Council th at emissio ns for sm all noted fo u r · s troke mo torcy cles co u ld (acco rd ing to EPA estimates) c ost consu mers be tween $304 . million an d $ 665 million d urin g th e 5-y ear period fro m 19 78 to 198 2. The Council said th at EP A's o wn es ti mates o f in crease d cost p er motorcycle res u lti n g from the standard were " di sturbingly large ; ' ranging from a lo w of $50 up to $1 30, o r between 4.9 percent and 15.2 percent, depending on the size of motorcycle. Council Dire ctor Michael H. Mosko w demanded th at EPA not push th e proposed standards, since even EPA 's inflated estimates sh ow motorcycle emissions co n t ribu ting less .than 0 .1 p ercent to air pollution. Schreiber wins Espana, Pritchard wins Bultaco ORANGE, CAL., DEC. 14 Saddleback Park proved to be a fortuitous location for ATA's annual El Trial de Espana, as over 200 contestants and an estimated 2500 to 3000 spectators helped swell the association fund which sends top SoCai riders to the world championship round in Spain ea ch year. Bernie Schreiber was top Expert fo r the day, and Dirt Bike's Len Weed won the Press class. Top national riders provided an exhibition round for spectators after the regular competition was done. With temperatures dropping steeply and the ca ny o n winds kicking up clouds of dust, hundreds of enthusiasts hung on grimly through the awar ding of literally hundreds of prizes donated by the industry, awaiting the big drawing a 19 76 250cc Sherpa T fr om Bultaco International. Lucky winner, (ex?) Kawasaki rider Matt Pritchard, just turned Expert this past year. (Debb ie Evans: "Shall I kiss him? Maybe he'll give me a ride.") In the drawing for a TL 125 from American Honda awarded to the year's sec ti on checkers, Tammy Elkins (club un kn own ) has two weeks to claim her prize. Marland Whaley was presented with the 1975 California St ate Championship Trophy, Jeff Fish won the Yo uth Rider Award, and the first annual Most Im proved Rider award went to Ron . Doster. Co mplete results and pix next issue. Yamaha TT 500 C Te rry Front End Ki t The u ltimate in fron t end suspension. S" of travel fo r the , serio us competitor Air or springs w ith air valves included in k it 9 0 da y m oney ba ck guarant ee $50.00 Dealer or Direct Suzuki Holiday S~le .s 695 NewTM 250 .s 695 New RM 100 .s 699 New RM 125 NewRM 250 New RM 370 11 * SUZUKI While of Van Nuys SuzukiSupply Lasts! 16 141 Sherman Way Van Nu ys, CA 2 13-994-2800 213·9 94-2882 3 blocks West of th i' San Diego Freeury .$1099 .$1 219 * S UZUKI 3

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