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The sla te of Western Region candidates for AMA Class "A" board m em b er is as follows : Bill Adams, Ezra Eh rhardt, Steve McLaughlin, Ron Sloan, William H. Spencer. AMA members will be receiving their ballots shortly. The AMA's computer said the Lame Camel got enough votes to be nom inated, but he had to disqualify himself. He' s an employee of a Class B (industry ) member, and that's ca lled confl ict of intere st . Instead, the turkey's decided t o run for Mayor of Los Angel es. He's out of town often enough to qualify. AFM Chairman clarifies club's AMA stand .Chairm an-Elect Dick Lewis of the AFM, Inc. Board of Directors to ld Cycle News that the American Federation of Motorcyclists, California's large road race sanctioning body , has no t , as reported earlier, totall y renounced its AMA affiliation. He was referring to action taken at an October 18 b oard meeting, at which it was decided that AFM would not, for 1976, require its licensed riders to hold an AMA card , no r require its mem ber chapters to obtain AMA sanctions fo r their races. Th e board does, however, recommend that the chapters retain their AMA charters as member clubs, and apparently will be mailing out MIA membership applications with the yearly AFM license renewals. "We realize that the possible reinstatement of Al\IA insurance, . though not certain for 1976, is a plus for riders, and that the general legisl ative advocacy of the AMA benefits us all," Lewis said. "But we had to ask ourselves, was this worth the $10 to the riders, and the general consensus among AFM 's riders was , 00 . 99 Lewis revealed that Guy Racuyer, who helped negotiate the MIA Amateur ro ad race rules package at Dallas, resigned from the board the mo rning of the me eting over another matter. Acknow ledging that G uy did a good job at Da llas, Lewis told CN that the riders we re generally dissatisfied with the AMA Amateur ru les package and turned off by t he showroom stock production category . "Le t's face it, " he said, "A FM riders are happy p laying in their own sandbox according to their own rules." He held ou t th e hope of future comp ro mise, noting the AFM Production category is "awfully close " to the AMA's Modified Production category . Asked how the MIA system of qualifying amateurs for the Daytona Amateur races would affect AFM riders, Dick noted that AFM traditionally has input riders into the AMA as Novi ce professionals. " People here are not that excited about going to Daytona as amateurs." Squid enduro rider makes good Cycle News correspondent Larry Langley led a Honda sweep o f the recent Checkpoints' Nati onal enduro, acco rding to o fficial result s just rel eased . The top three , Langley on his venerabl e XL thumper, J ay T ullis on his MR-1 75, and trials veteran Bob Nichelsen on h is bored /stroked TL3 50 conversion spanned the scale of riding background and eq uipment. In fac t, this is the biggest news in National enduros since Burleson DNF 'd at Rockford , lllinois. Wanna' h ear m ore? This was -Larry 's first enduro win . But he's in trouble , fo r his wife swears th at now she's go ing to make th e big turkey du st his tro ph ies. Complete results in Res ults Se ction. (714 ) 894 -262 3 KTM & Rupp Fun Machines Sales Service Part s Accessories l D & R C y cl e s 718 1 Westminster Ave. Westminster , CA 92683 j Mik e Patrick's YAMAHA al CORONA 1101 E. 6th Str ee t, Corona, CA ~. . (714) 735 -7721 ~ SAMM Y TAN NER DIST RI BUT I N G lUBBI-TECH 213·924·2111 ~ C~~ @ Coast Mota Cycle 2334 Newport Blvd.. Costa Mesa, CA ~ (714) 645-8008 @ CYCLE PARTS WATCH FOR OUR NEXT BIG BALE IN TH IS PAPER 3

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