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i ITHELATEST ~ t I ;BY PAPA WEALEY Loo ks like To ;;" Croft and Rich Eierstedt will leave Honda at the end of the '75 season, with Smith and Karsmakers being retained. Yamaha's TTSOOC has been approved for AMA d irt track competition. For his successful Ohio jump, Evel Knievel used Red Wing suspension. Seven inches of travel in the front, five in the back. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it musta worked. John Long, of Miam i Beach , Florida, was named rider of the meet after capturing the 350 and 750cc events in the Guyana Grand Prix road race. Long headed an American contingent that included - Ron Maahs, Richard Chambers, Wil Harding and Ger ald Whitehouse. The Ame ricans took the overall team honors as well. When Pierre Karsmakers races the combined Intermediate/Expert races at Saddleback's Saturday MX, he usually laps Intermediate Lorie Watson, one of SoCal's best lady motocrossers. While lapping Lorie, Pierre usually takes his hand off the bars, pats her on the back, says, "Hi Lorie l " and then roars away. It ta kes more than one day to tum a desert race r into a t rials rider. December 7 will be the first of an eight-race series down at Fly-a -Raceway near Indio. The high-point man at the end of the series will win an RM 100 Suzuki. Check Regularly Scheduled Events under First and Third Sundays, or call (714) 32 8-45 I 2. x o o III Z Z ~ .._-- Multiple choi ce: These guy s are; (1) waiting for a bus, (2) checking out chicks,( 3) standing in t he pay line, (4) all of the aforementioned, (5) none of the afo reme nti oned. The second Annual Trai lblazer's Beginner Enduro will happen December 7 . In addition to be ing able to ride 50 miles, you'll also be able to help the U.S. Marines' "Toys fo r Tots" campaign. Weatherford, Texas is the location . Other important details may be f ou nd in the Calendar section. Arlie Hutsell, owner o f Bultaco Sales of Dallas, and sponsor and friend of Central MX riders , died as a result of injuries sustained in a fall during a race at D/FW MX track on November 23. Letters of sympathy can be mailed to his home address: 1176 Mississippi, Dallas, TX 75207. Mitch Mayes' retum to racing is presently set for DRA's 20-Mule Team 200 . Mitch, who won this event last year with A.C. Bakken, will again team with A.C. Who is the yo ungest American ever to win a Trans-AMA? No, not Marty Sm ith. It is Tony DiStefano, who wants it to be known that he is six months younger than Marty. What's a "velodrome?" And who is the " La Mirada Mauler?" A velodrome is where old Velos go to die; and the La Mirada Mauler appears on All-Star Wrestling in Davenport, Iowa during the off-season. Kawasaki wins on a Yam aha! Works rider Hiroyuki Kawasaki. on a late 750, won the monoshock TZ Indonesian Grand Prix November 9 before 120,000 people. Regarded by the Japanese as the second most important event to Daytona, the two day race saw the debut of the RG5oo, a " producti on" venion of Suzuki's dual crank four cylinder Grand Prix machine. What's it all mean? In th at same race, Dave Aldana crashed twice on a Suzu ki TR750. In the secon d leg, he slid into a group of trackside spectators, injuring two, according to a British press report. Heard they really had a far-out trophy 2 girl at the SRA awards banquet. Mite bashful , though. The Motorcycle Industry Council has determined that land use is their second biggest problem and assigned Mike Vancil to solve it. The $12,000 pu rsenO% payback advertised for DRA 's 20 Mule Team 200 January 4 is based on 50 Pro entries and 100 Semipro entries. Purse will be pro-rated forward or backward depending on the actual count. So to determine your winnings, count the wheels around you on the start, d ivide by two, and then .. • Mon tesa ann ounced in England the introduction for 197 6 of a four-speed 360 Cappra VA, using the new compact-case engine that has bee n seen off-again, on -again at last year's Trans-AMA and elsewhere . A.C. Bakken, riding a 360 Husky, won t he motorcycle portion of the Baja de Saddleback off-road race . But a single-seat buggy beat out A.C. fo r the fastest lap honon. Complete story and pix next week. Racen in the Anaheim "Motocross Fina ls" will be allowed to ride any size bike they choose. Marty Sm ith has already opted for a 125 Honda, other stars have ind icated they preferred Open . dass mach ines , still others will go with 250s. Should be interesting. Grips ter mem ber Jim Bearup will be the 1976 keeper of District 37 Scrambles poin ts. District 36 clubs wishing t o get on the 1976 calendar are rem inded that Saturday, December 6 is an nual meeting time at the Fairfield Holiday Inn off 1-80. Starts at nine Iyawn) am . Bobby Grossi/Fremont Raceway and the promoters at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds (Califo rnia) are both toying with the idea of a motocross circuit, now that Sears Poin t has definitely taken the plunge. Sounds like things are shaking' in NorCal. The Cow Palace has been booked fo r a January 30 indoor AMA Pro race , benefit for Frank Gillesp ie, still in serious shape after his San Jose Mile crash. One dol lar from each adult ticket sold will go to Frank, plus they hope to have a raffle set up as well. To m Ridyard/Charley Sanner po wered thei r Kawasaki sidecar to first at the AMA Pro Sidecar Series race in St. Petersburg, Florida October 26, and even got on the cover of "East." Now they've got visions of Europe. Prospective sponsors should call (213) 786-5543 before they do something drastic, like sign Motocross Cat as their team manager. Tepi Lansivouri joins Giacomo Agostini in the " jobless" ranks as both Yamaha/Japan ' and Suzuki/Japan have pulled out of d irect involvement in FIM European road racing. The Great Britain concessionaires of both marques are said to be expanding their race programs to take some of the slack. Out of all the contingency mo ney CZ offered cross-co untry riders at the beginning of the year, it loo ks like Phil Stumbo is the only rider who will collect. Phil is currently leading the DRA 250 class by a huge margin. Bill Conroy has an outside chance to win the Open class, though. We just got this ne at ide a for a Lame Camel Trials Association, membership open to beg inning trials ride rs and stove ·up old turkeys. In lieu of due s, donate blood. On his latest tour of the toolies, our boy went in search of the Great American Motorcycle. Now he's back, and he won 't say anything. Just keep s making these "Foornba, foomba!" no ises. More later. Panache: 1. an ornamental tuft las of feathers ) esp. on a helmet 2. dash o r flamboyance in sty le or action according to Webster. It is to machinery what charisma is to people. Now you know. Look for Ro n Pierce on a pair of Kawasakis next year, possibly sponsored out of his own Kawasaki shop. Michelin Tire Corporation is going to build a new warehouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina .

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