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....: ~ &. - i ~ t l.C') r- O'l ...... ~ l.C') C'J l-< Il) THE RECORD ..0 8 Il) :> NOVEMBER 9, 1974 ROCKFORD, ILL. 0 Z .- STUNNED CROWD STILL IN STATE OF SHOCK! .. Da ngero us Dick Burl eson p ro vided Nat ion al Enduro fans wi th the most exciting occur a nce in th is year's co mpe titio n whe n he fail ed t o finish th e 125 mile Bla ckhawk Trails En d uro in Rockfo rd , Illinois. I .I Dick packed it in when the new Hu sk y Autom atic prototype he was te sting broke, about I 1/ 2 hours into the e nd uro. Most observer s. grateful for an ything t o relie ve th e boredom o f ye t a no ther Burleson victorv were anxious to hear Dick's co mme nts following this hi st ori c event. Wh e n cornered by thi s reporter. Burleson was muttering so me tbing about evil sp iri ts a nd o ffic ially blamed th e defe at on the fact that hi s wife, Jill, had improperly prepared his breakfast th at morning. We 'd like to th ank Dick for thi s fin e effort t o o ffse t his very boring record o fwi nning nearly every e nd uro he en te rs. Incidcntallv, th ere is no truth to the rum or th at the promoter is considering erec ting a monument a t th e point in th e race where Dick broke down ! Hu sqvarn a Mot o rc ycl e Co ., Inc. 48 us varna . , m.

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