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Thi;tee'n million people live in Australia, which is the size of the con tin en tal United States. Ten millio n people live in Southern California. In Australia, a road race draws 1,500-2,000 riders. In Southern California, a ro ad race draws 60 -26 5 riders. Wha t does thi s mean ? Maybe life in an environment containing kang aroos is conducive to an interest in road rac ing . Wh at Los Angel es needs no w is a good kangar oo ran ch. Ever wonder what Ken ny Roberts is do ing d ur ing the off -season? He' s up in Alaska te st ing snowmobiles for Yamaha now, but he 'll be back in California to ride in a benefit bicycle mo tocros s November 16 at Pione er Arena, Oakda le. P roceeds from the do uble-point NBA race will go to ca ncer victi m Jared Moore. 15. Meeting Ken in a special exh ibition race will be protege Skip Aksland and the Davidson . Brothers. Pictured below is one of twenty prototype Husqvarna 360cc flat trackers. Accord ing to Husky the design, development and component assembly were conducted by Ernie Fox and Bob Balmer of Lansing, Michigan based RMF Enterprises. The frame was built by Champion, and all engine parts and cables are stock Husky 360CR parts. At the present time Husky does not have any plans to manufact ure a complete mo torcycle for sale. The twenty bikes are test evaluation units assembled to evaluate the potential of Husqvarna engines in applications other than their serial production versions. In 197 5 the Te xas Dep artment o f Publi c Safety required mot orcyclists to display th eir inspect ion stickers in a smal l t ube above the license plate. In 19 76 the T ex as DrS will require motor cycl ist s to remo ve th e tubes and display the sticker on their rear fenders . Perhaps in 19 77 the Dept. of Public Safety will require motorcyclists to rem ove th eir rear fenders and have the stic ker put OIl a tattoo . The Central Road Race Club has announced that th e Decembe r 14 Southwes t Cllampionship Road Race at Henderson, Texas will be t he last 1975 po ints pay ing race . Dist rict nu mbers will be de te rmined by fin al po int st andings. For more info co nt act lou Linden, (5 12) 476-5470. Recall Rum o r - Th e Yamaha Euro pean Gran Prix team of Van Velh oven, Hakan Anderson , an d A ke Jonsso n will not comp ete in th e World Championships next ye ar. Yam aha is reportedly withdrawing fro m the GP circuit and Ake Jonsson will be signing back up with his old Maico te ammates. C.E. R.A.'s Foo ls Gol d enduro was can celled by the Geo rget own Forest Ranger, th e morn ing before the event was to be run. Apparentl y the range r felt that th e three-m ile dirt road for par king would b ecome impassab le, with drizzle ex pected to tum to heavy rain. As it tu rned out, the weekend was quite su nny, 'and there was dust on the road. The end uro has been resch edul ed for early April, or as soon as the snow melts down to six feet. Attention Promoters: If your Calendar item is wrong, please contact the Calendar Editor before Thu rsday afternoon. That way he can get the corrections to typesetting along with the new items, and stay on the good side of our nice typesetting ladies. San Steve Mclaughl in to some Austral ian fr iends on their way h ome: "What you guys have to do when you go back is info rm all those people what a superstar I really am . It 's just because of some cheap promoters that I'm not raci ng down there." Gabriel Valley M.C. collected $1254 in donation s towards their legal fund at Hopetown. A sp ecial note of congratulations to Jolene Payne , who rode her first race ever and finished first Beginner Powder .Puff at ORA's November 2nd race . AMA general manager Ed Youngblood was elected to both a vice pres idential post and a post o n the Bureau Central of the F IM during t he FIM Congress in Berlin lu t week. Youngblood not only became the on ly American representative to achieve t hese dist inctions , but did so via the largest vote ta II Y of any delegate. Other American representatives eith er elected or re-elected included Bob Hansen to the commission for road rac ing, Gene Wirwahn to the commission for track racing, and Bill Boyce to the techn ical comm ission . 2 America ns too k top prizes in the ·19 75 FIM ph oto co ntest with Cycle New s East associate edi to r Char les Morey taking first prize in the touring category a nd Ms . D usty Brandel, exe cutive d irecto r of the American Auto Racing Writers an d Broadcasters Asso ciation, scoring first prize fo r the sport ca tegory . World record: The CMC road race at Carlsbad November 2 was over by 3:30 p.m. In case yo u w ondered what happened to the Japanese "Marty Smith" Y. Sugio, he is busil y campaigning a watercooled YZM 125 in the natio nal motocross series at ho me. If he emerges as series champion, he'll get to leave the coun try again to campaign here and in Europe . OK, New Mexico, read this: BlM's Albuquerque District Multiple Use Advisory Board meets at 9 a.m. November 21 in the District Office, Fwy., N.E.~ 3550 Pan American Albuquerque. Call (505) 766-2455 for details. In Socorro, N.M., the Socorro District Multiple Use Advisory Board meets at 9:30 a.m. on November 20 in the Dist rict Office, 200 Neel Ave., N.W. Info numbe r is (505) 835-0412. These are charter mee t ings, so they offer an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of local BlM policy-making . Scoring on the National MX scene will switch to the FIM mota system in 1976. The AMA currently counts po ints only fo r ove rall placings, but next season every mota is a separate race, We hear th at the National Observer , in its October 18 issue, published a lengthy and rath er favorabl e treatmen t of the hel met controversy , including a few qu o tes from Road Rider's Ro ger Hull. Roger, as most of his readers know, recently got back from his firs t "vacation" in about six years, wh ich he, naturally, spent riding a motorcycle all over the cotton-pickin' country , looking fo r towns named " Hull" . He says wherever he went, he found the grassroots mood to be one of near-rebel lion against federal regulation ·an d taxation . Some of the pols he' s • te lling th is to are starting to listen. 0-37 de sert whiz kid "Dyno Deano" Modesette wiped out his big toe on a rock at a recent desert crash bash and will be out of action for a while. The freaky accident might preven t him fro m holding th e Lightweight Division II No. I plate for ' 76. On November 19 the End Does M.C. will host their third annual "Hopetown survival party." If you're inte rested in attending, cont8et Dee 805/497-4983, linda 213/361 -3558 or Den ise 2131798-6118. . Willie Hockie gave three p eop le a lift at Hopetown in his green Chevy van. One of them left behind a mov ie ca mera. If it's yours, you can ~e t the ca mera back by calling Willie at (213 ) 320-543 8 and describing it. Dick Mann and Jeff Hammond want to invite everyone up to the Grizzly Bear One Day Trial on November 30. The same basic cou rse as last year will be run , with the addition of six special tests. Dick says "It's the funnest thing I'Ye done." Check the calendar listing fo r all the info, or call 415/234-6556. ABC's Wide Worl d o f Sp orts will headl in e th e Lou isville Race of Champion s o n Saturd ay , November 15. Chec k y our local pap er for time and station. As usu al, they sandwiched us in wi th some real wonder-winners - target diving from New J ersey and gymnastics from London. Sounds like an im po rtant one up in the Ukiah District of California. Their Multiple Use Advisory Board meets in the BlM District Office, 55 5 leslie St., Ukiah . CA . December 11 -12 to d iscuss, among other things, land-use co nfl icts in the Cow Mountain area. Th e up co m ing second annual S.A.M. HSMX State Championships set for Saddleback Park, November 22-23 will have, in addition to the in dividual and team trophies, more than $300 in merchandise donated by Miller Mano Motocross Specialists locat ed at 230 " M" Crescent Way in Anaheim, j ust off Lincoln Ave. Qual ifying for the two-day event is all but over with the team Leagu e Championships set for th is Saturday night at OCIR. 'J AMC Motocross leader, Betty lasker, hav ing tried the Friday night slot at Orange County International Raceway for several weeks, has decided to move back to the Wednesday n ight program beginn ing November 19. AMC will run this Friday at OCI R for the last t ime. Want to buy into a cycl e park? Knob Hill Ran ch, a 1200 acre park in Pescadero, California needs help now. The 'owner has run out of finances to keep it going until the park permit is issued. Knob Hill will be the onl y cycle park in the San Mateo Co un ty bay area. They 're desperate and will tal k to ' , anyone in terested (except race p ro moters], Contact Do n Ivan , Knob Hill Ranch, Box 540, Pescade ro, CA 94060.415/879·0298. l Something new has been added to the Trans-AMA at Saddleback, November 30. Bleachers at all the prime spectator areas are free with admission t icke t, but it's f irst come, first serve . Lots of things going on at Saddleback this mon th . Novem ber 22-23 is the weekend bikes an d cars hit the ·dirt vying for $ 15,000 in cash and co ntingencie s. Of co u rse it's a grudge race! Malcol m Smi th will be th ere, riding a bike, and so will Roger Mears, driving a car. Both say they're going to win. Uni-Filter will pay S 100 pl us a fo ur foot tro phy to the fastest lap rider. $50 will enter your bike and they're still wide o pen. Come on y ou guys, do n't le t th ose funny loo kin ' four wheel bug smashers show you up. S.C.O.R.E. International ru les and classes will be in effect. Tony takes Texas Trans-AMA LAKE WHITNEY, TEX., NO V. 9 Team Suzuk i's Tony DiSte fan o grabbed the sevent h rou nd of th e 19 75 T rans -AMA series with co nsistent and p owerful seco nd place finishes in both motos un der a b lazing Texas sun at Lake Whitney Cy cle Ran ch. 10 ,000 spectators witnessed an all-American day as Marty Smith took his factory Honda to a wire- to -wire first m ot o win and Texan Steve Stackable dominated the seco nd ro und. Roger DeCoster an d Gerritt Wolsink finished 1

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