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Mechanicals again p u t the j inx o n Scott A u trey's bid to become th e first American World Sp eedway Finalist in modern times. He blew his number one engine in practice for the August 24 European Final in Wrocl aw, Poland, and netted barely three points with his backup m achine. Ivan Mauger and Ole Olsen were o ne-t wo in th e Eu ropean me et, and alo ng with Phil Crump and defending Champion Anders Michanek, will go to th e World Final September 6 at Wembley, Eng lan d . Cha r l ie Be tha rds , a 37-year-old mach in ist ridi ng as a privatee r out of Auburn, Was hingto n , netted three golds in ISOT qualifying rounds on a Frontera. He's married, has fou r kids, and didn't st art riding unti l he was 27 . Not bad? Inter-office communication AMA advis es us th at Terry Tiernan has resigned from Norton . Triumph Corporation and from his position as president of the AMA. Corresponden ce that would h ave been previo us ly directed to the president should now be sent to Bob Rudolph as vice president of the association. AFM elects new leaders ANAHEIM, CAL., AUG . 26 Th e Los Angeles Chapter o f the Ameri can Federati on of Motorcyclists today anno unced the election of new club officers. Keeping . [ .~ the largest road race clu b in American "on th e gas" in t o 1976 ar e new leaders Tom H ermon (President), Gordon Wilson (Vice President), Sharon Hawk I Tre asure r ) , a n d David James Secre t ar y ) . R e c entl y gaining n atio nwide a tte nt i o n with its progressive free -with-entry new rider training program , the A FM is noted for innovative racing progr ams. Weinert clinches title, Smith sets win record NEW ORLEANS, LA., SEPT. 1 J am min' J immy Weinert clinched his second Open class National Mot ocross Championship by turnin g in two con sistent perfor- ~ m an c es 'b e h in d the relentless, but flawed, rides of Steve Stackabl e an d Pierre Karsm akers, Wein ert, wh o w on th e Ch am pi on sh ip last ye ar on a Kawasa ki, too k h is factory Yamah a m on osh ocker t o seco n d and fo urth place fini sh es to take firs t over all an d . the bi g p oin t s ending the most co mpe ti tive motocross series in A1\1 A history . . Weinert, Stackable and Karsm akers finish ed one-two-three in the national standings as the five man race cam e to a head with eve ryone excep t Jammin ' Jimmy suffering bad lu ck. Su zuki's Billy Grossi was th e victim of downed riders in both rnotos . Stackables Maico broke half of its rear spokes with three lap s to go in the first mota dropping hi m from a su re seco n d to s e venth. Kent Howerton couldn 't garner th e energy after inj uries sustained in crash es earlier this year, and Pierre Karsmakers was knocked down in a mid-air collision with To ny DiStefano while battlin g for second in the final mo to. Smith continued his winning way s in the last 12 5 National of the year settin g an AMA re cord of six Nati o n al wins in a r ow. Sm ith wo n b o t h moto s co nvincingly ah ead o f Nils Nilsso n and privateer Dan Tu rner. Th e co mpleze sto ry n ex t week. • FO R TH E FI RST T IME IN T HE WEST T HE TOP AMA NATIONAL R ID ERS BR1 VE 400 SHI NY ST EEL ST UDS IN T HE WILD. WOOLY WO R LD OF PRO F ESS ION A L ICE RACING. THEY CHEW UP. SPIT O UT. AND SLID E AROU ND AN EIGHT H MI LE ICE OVAL IN A FULL CLASS " C" PROGRAM G UA RA NTEED TO MAK E HOCK EY TO P R IDER S INCLUD E : LOOK LIK E A G IR L SCOUT PICNIC GENE ROME RO FRAN K GILLESPIE CHUCK PALMGREN DAVE ALDANA JO HN HAT ELEY EDDIE MULDER * DAVE HANSEN JO HN GENNAI REX BEAUCHAMP LONG BEACH ARENA/FRI. SEPT. 19/8:00 PM RESERVED SEATS 10.00 . 6.50 . 5.00 . 3.50 . 0:-; SA LE NOW AT TH E LON G BEA CII A RENA BOX OFF I CE. ALL WALLlCII'S A N D LIBER TY A GENCI ES. M UT UA L AGENC IES . AND SE A RS(rIC K ET RO N ST AT E.WID E. M AIL OR DERS T O LONG BE A CH AR ENA ICE RACE PREFERRED SEAT MAIL ORDER PLEASE SEND ME _ _ VIP TICKETS _ _ LOGE _ _ BALCONY $10.00 _ 6.50 _ 5.00 _ _ _ UPPER BALCONY NAME ADDRESS CITY 3.5o _ _ STATE TOTAL - ZIP --'-_ MAIL" MAKE CHEC1C/MONEY ORDER $ .25 MAIL FEE_ INFO : (213) 437- 22 55 _ _ _ PAYABLE TO: LONGBEA AIitE1II A JOO E. OCEAN BLVD CH . - LONe BEACH CA. 90802 AMA SA NCT I ONE D AN D BROUGHT T O YO U BY TH E PROD UCERS O F TH E O L Y SUPER BO WL OF MOTOCR OSS next week llnu @~n@ m~ Measuring 'Body Horsepower' part II. of ~Tune Your Bod' series ChaDlpi~nships N ew York Mile & 2 Louisiana MXes AMA National 3

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