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T ELATESTj Johnny Cecotto edged out World Champion Giacomo Agostini ' for the 350cc Championship . Although neither rider finished in Brno, Czechoslovakia, Cecotto held the lead in the final stand in gs by only 19 points. 'The Can-Am Amateur ;',IX Series moves on to Sp illway Par k in Santa Mari a next week. If the racing up there is anything like this weekend's action at Carlsbad, you had better get yourself out there. , Team TIger has dropped both Chris We be r and Bob Rutten leav ing them w ith bikes , spare parts and the hope that they will continue as privateers. Raising funds to send their band to Wash ington DC fo r the Bicentenn ial. Mission Viej o lIS Band Boost er s will spons or ei ght HS:' IX eve n ts thi s Fall. The series b egin s Saturday , Sep t. 20 t hr o ug h N o v . 8. T he S tate Ch ampionship will tak e pl ace No v. 22-23 at SaddJ eback Park. For m ore info: (714 ) 55 9-0 199 . The regular Thursday n ight Speedway program held in San Jose will '-be postponed until further notice due to the National Speedway Championship ' qualifier at I rwindale, Sept. 4 . . E . W. Pet e Co lman, Presi de nt of Mo to rcy cle Industry Services Ltd .. has been included in the 1976-77 editio n of, "Wh o 's who in Business and Finance . Mr. Colma n was head of Tri umph he re and President of the fledg ling ;',lIC. It AC Bakken h as p icked up some big sponsors for the AC·Delco World Championsh ips. Fo lks like Preston Petty Products , Shoe i Helm ets , US GP Boots, Imp act Tools, Visor Vue, Hustler Products and Clymer Repair Manuals. Wit h all of that backing its going to be tough to bea t hi m . r u a: -J ::J Z L--'I:....:::.:..-::..:.....:::...._ _--....::~ ~ ~ ----:i::1.::.~ r _.JQ They said there was no such t hing - but there was. With Rex Beauchamp 's number, even, Roving reporter John Ulrich caught th is SX-250 based short tracker at a local Illinois event aroun d Peoria TT time. AMA Grand National Point. Standings after Indy Mile; 1. Gary Scott 1113 2. Kenny Roberts 889 3 . Jay Springsteen 745 4 . Hank Scott 497 5. Corky Keener · 496 6 . Rex Beauchamp 482 7. Mert Lawwill 470 8. Gene Romero 340 9. Greg Sassaman 335 10. Sonny, Burres 297 Th ere 's a be nefit swap m eet at CRC th eir from Kind me. h as droppe d th e post en try fo r Grand Prix , on Sep tember 6 and 7, S50 to the lo w, lo w price of $ 20. of appe als to the che ap sk ate in For the 1975 Trans-AMA Bultaco has put all of its faith in their two American riders, Jim Pomeroy and Marty Tripes. Unfortunately, comm ittments at the factory with R&D projects will prevent the appearance of former Wor ld Champion Bengt Aberg. Bellflower CZ, 10464 Alo ndra Blvd, Bellflower, Califo rn ia all day September 7. p roceeds going to the Cecil Merr it t be nefit. A drawing for a Hodaka Dirt Sq uirt and a '72 Har ley Baja will be held at 4 :30p.m . Amidst all the flap over the corporation 's . probable demise, Norton-Tr iumph reve aled last month, in England, a Ta iwan-built ' 125cc two-stroke monoshocker. With a Mikuni carb, yet. Strang e. 2 Did yo u know that Senor F. X. Bulto changed the official factory racin g co lors to blue and white in honor of Jim Po mero y 's Grand Prix vic tories? See what you learn' when yo u read Papa Wealey . It seems that Northern Cal ifornia Speedway riders are ve ry upset because there is o nly one qual ifying ro und for the champion sh ips be ing held in Northern California. What to do? Wha t to do? T wo A:'I A Am ateur Road Race qua lifie rs are se t for t he 2.7 mil e circuit at Phoeni x, Arizona - one October 25-26 an d th e o the r Decem ber 7. For en try blan ks and info , co n tac t Arizo na Road Racin g Assoc ia tio n, 674 1 E. Billings, Mesa, Arizo na 85205 o r call (602) 985-6359 . Bultaco say s they will start producing the 360 Montjuic cafe race r next month , but for European sale only. Th e Montju ic may be available in th e U.S. •next Feb~ary , we are told. Wh ile Vesco was suffering fro m the wob bles at the Salt Fla ts , Can -Am mot o rcycles were se tting reco rds in the 125, 175 and 25 0 classes. All the bi kes we re stock excep t for a change of tires and gear ing. " The 12 5 se t an ave rage speed reco rd of 89. 766 mp h blitz ing the old record of i7 .3 1. In the 175cc class there was no previo us record so the bike had to go at leas t 80 mph. The Can-Am se t a class record at 96.642 mp h. The 250 broke the old record of 89.4 7 mph by turning 104.378 mph . We have found out the secret behind John Smith 's suc cess at the Super Bowl. It's the Stark difference in mechanics. The new KTM's are out and abou t and they have some n ice fe atu res like six -speed gear boxes, cantilever mounted gas shocks, and 7 )4 inches of front fork travel. They are also being handled through a new distributor, KTM Imports, USA, 9825 Mason Ave. , Chatsworth, Calif. 91311 . If yo u plan to win the AC·Delco World Championships , yo u h ad better hussl e over and see J im Meyer & Associ ates. No t on ly will they do all p re-race magnetic and p en etran t inspection, heat treating, shot p eening o r otber rel ated , me tall ur gical services , but they are also p u tting up $50 worth of co nt ingency m on ey. The sound of earth mov ing equ ipment is rumbling through our plu sh offices as Rawhide Park gets ready to host the D·37 CRC Grand Prix on September 6 & 7; They are building an all new six mile course for t he event . These legislators deserve a letter of thanks from ea ch enthusiast in th eir district for co-sponsoring legislation which would makc it illegal for the Federal Department of Transportation to withhold highway funds fro m states fo r no t enacting manda to ry helmet legistation: HR3 869 : Stewar t McKinney , Conn ., Dist. 4. IIR69 18: Stewart Me Kinney ; Glenn M. An de rso n, Calif., Dis trict 32; J o hn B. An derso n , III ., Dist rict 16 ; Bo b Carr, Mich .; District 6; J am es M. Collins, Tex ., Distr ict 3; Floyd V. Hic ks, Wash .. Dist rict 6 ; William Ket chum. Cal. , District 18; J am es R. Mann. S.C. , District 4; Dale Milford , Tex ., District 29; Ro nald A. Sarasin, Conn ., District 5; Oh., District 21. Louis Sto kes , H R6 21 1:Sam St eiger. Ariz., District 3. Oregon dirt-tracker Ray Carroll ended his "T'T for Muscular Dystrophy" in the emergency room on lap 234 when his engine blew and pitched him off at Castle Rock August 24. Teammate Ed Hermann completed the 500 lap marathon while Ray wa s treated for a broken collarbone. Ray, who was ci rculat ing in the 17 second bracket a! the t ime , is undaunted by the getoff. Gas ton Rahier wound up th e 125 Wo rld Championsh ip with a win in his home country of Belgium on August 24 . Ridi ng before a slightly partisan crowd Rahier posted one-two finis hes to take the overall. Did we mention that the fo lks at B.O .S .S. Motocross are throwing a benefit race fo r the National Motorcycle Pa trol? It 's at Helvetia Park, near Sacramento, Calif. the weekend of October 5 . Call (916) 635-5240 for entry info. R a c ecr af ter s Intern at ional will offer Pro du ct ion racers a chance to pick up so me fas t bucks at th c "Big 0", Oct. 5 . For m o re info , call (2 13 ) 876-3 6 00. 1 Reg Pridmore and Gary Fisher (who rode BMWs for Butler & Smith West and East, respectively, at laguna) will team on the same bike at the 24-h au r Bol D'Or endurance classic at LeMans, !"rance. Race date is September 20. AND WITH EACH OF THESE BRITISH MACHINES YOU GET A FREE REDUNDANT MlKER! J 1

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