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dual hare scrambles. Free beer to all and free trophies to th e p roper pa rties. 50cc fray . Yvon DuH am el p laced fifth in th e 2 50cc event and w as forced out o n the last lap of th e 500cc race whil e eighth . Membe rsh ip in th e recently fo rmed Goodyear Motor Sports Club now totals ne arly 35,000. An nu al full membership co sts 5 15, and upon joi ning me mbers recei ve a Clu b cap, patch , decals, bumper st ick er, mem bershi p card and certificate , monthly new slette rs and the qua rte rly Club magazine. Fo r furthe r inf o co nt act Goody ear Mo to r Sports Club, P.O . Box 428, Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591 . If the thieves who t ook t he clapped-ou t 197 1 Ossa in En senada wi ll return it to Cycle Ne w s, we'll give you a get-o ut -of.j ail-fre e ca rd , and a 125 Rickman Evel Kn ievel , asked why he 'd decided to ju mp those 13 Lo ndo n b use s, after sa y in g he wouldn 't try it again, rhy me d , " I don't list en to wh at I say . .. I would rather die than walk away ." The big sec ret at Yam ah a is the ir ne w 500cc MX p rototype, now be ing t este d in Califo rn ia. It's a 4-stroker. Ima gine a lightweigh t , single ove rhead cam Gold Star monoshock and you 're close. AMA announces 150T Team Following a J uly 1 selection meeting, the Worl d Trophy, Silver Vase, Manufacturers' and one club team were chosen, along with 18 riders who may fill any open slo ts. Slated for certain berths are: Worl d T rophy : Dane Leimbach, Tom Penton, J ack Penton, Danny Young, Carl Cranke, Eric Jensen (all on Pen tons). S ilve r Va se : Don Cutler, Max Markowitz, Charlie Vincent. Kevin LaVoie (all on Ossas). Manufacturers: Can-Am - Billy Uhl, Lars Larsson. Gary Edmond : Ossa ~ Cutler, LaVoie, Vin cent; Penton nA n _ Cranke , J ack and Tom Penton ; Penton "B" - Jensen , Leimbach, Young; Penton " C" - Dennis Vandecar, Gary Younkins, Rod Bush ; Rokon - J im Simmons. J im Hollander. Ron Bishop. Club Team : Malcolm Smith, Dick Burleson, Ed S chm idt (all on Husqvarnas). Further details an d backup riders ' names next week. Next week the Rovers have something new for D·37 desert race rs. · How's showers after the races sound? Honest! Marland Whaley (Hon) took the seco nd round of the California St ate Trials Championship (the "Watermelon" Trial at Osteens June 29 . for a one-and-one tie with Bernie Sch reiber. Complete story next week. Orego n's SB I , a majo r rewrite of the State's mo tor vehicle code , would. as wo rded now, force all ORVs to be street legal. An MIA alert ca lls on Ore gon bikers to write their legisla tors to get this part of the bill amended. D·36 Enduro Steward Frank Showers is "retiring" at t he end of th is year. Anyone interested in taking ove r the job, contact hi m at 4320 Alsace Ct. , Fair Oaks, Ca. 95628 . No w is the time for 0 ·36 enduro riders to sen d in suggested rul e changes for 1976. All must be in wr iting and dead line is Au gust 15. Send to Dou g lIarbey, 24 12 Salix Way , Sacram ento . Ca. 95 825 . Wo rd h ad it at the Columbus National that Ken ny Roberts' Yamaha contained Harley·Davidson valves. Yamaharso n ? Th e Cl\IC Sacramento Mile is gat hering more and more interest as th e total purse goes up and up. Last 0 fficial word was $ 17,5 00 . but rumor has it th at it may go as high as a fat 520 ,000. If we have our memory books st ra igh t, th at would make it the richest dirt tr ack event ever. Sid the Jeweler, popular west coast rac ing personality and fan, is designing and bu ilding a trophy for the u pco mi ng Ascot National TT and the National road race at Laguna Seca. Knowing Sid, they sho uld be eye poppers. Masterlinks' trophy presentation fo r their Euro. scrambles will be Saturday, July 16 , in the dez, at the 100's /Vipers Conti nu ing list of new Japanese f our-strokes : Yamaha T X 1000 /3 , Yam ah a T X 750 /3, Yamah a DT 500 Sin gle. Suzuki 960/4, and Kawasaki RS 750 Twin. The ru sh to get out of two stro kes and in under expected U.S. emissions standards is be coming a stampede. A real ve tera n of District 37 's des ert wars is on the injured list and he didn't do it on a b ike. Charlie Hockie did an endo off his water skis and landed on his head. Right now he can barely wiggle and he'd dig it if he got a bunch of cards o r wishes or whatever between being pushed and pulled around in therapy. He 's in the Lorna Lin da University Medical Center, Roo m 7206, Lorna Linda, CA 92505. The hosp ital is pretty co nfused. because th e family na me is Hochderffer and people kee p asking for Hockie. (When Charlie rode for the US in the ISDT in Germany the Germans insisted on calling him by his fam ily name and wo uldn 't budge.] Wish him all the best by wh atever name you call him; he 's putting up a t re mendous fight to ge t back in act io n again. Australian sources say Kawasaki is expe rimenting with both 650cc and 1000cc versions of the Zl's basic four cy linder DOHC . wh ich is already produced as a 900 (our familiar f riend) and a 750 (no t available in U.S.). It seems irrational , until you realize they're already building their two-stroke triple as a 250, 350,400,500, and 750. Proliferation? You bet. Yo ur Al\IA at work - by flashlight, even. So says Dave. Desp ain and the boys. who typed their latest news sheet o n a Wor ld War vintage Roy al by flashlight during the Gre at Westerville Blackout of June 18. Or something like that. GRAND NATIONAL HILLCLIMB POINTS : Defending AMA Grand Nat ional Hillclimb Champion Te rry Kinzer of Pikeville, Kentucky, trails 1974 Mus kegon w inne r Doyle Disbennett of Laurel, Oh io , in the 1975 point stand ings for " A" riders. Disbennett holds a 57-46 edge over Kinze r. whose younger brother Je rry Kinzer of Martin , Kentucky, is th ird fo ur points further back. David Mosley of Allen, Kentucky , paces the " B" standings with 45 mpoints, followed closely by Joseph Nash of Coatesville, Pa., with 44 and Rodney Henderson of Willoughby, Ohio, w ith 40. Four cl imbs have been he ld to date . The week that t he San Bernardino Board voted in our favor, Gene Wirwhan and Ron Sloan met with t he Board members on behalf of the AMA and the race -p ro moting 0 ·37 clubs. Meanwh ile , on the other side of the country, a flash AMA mailout to cardholders in Florida brought 850 bikers to a crucial publ ic hearing on land closure in that state. We won that one, too. The cut-back fact ory spo n sorsh ip ha s resulted in man y big name racers showing up at events o f th e type whi ch they had been skipp ing the past few years. TI,e recent pre-Co lumbus nat tra ck events are good examples. It 's back to a"race fo r yo ur bucks" life for man y rid ers. 140,000 fan s turned out to witness a reco rd breaking da y of Gl' ro adracing at the June 28 Dutch TT in Assen, Holland. Bri t ishcr Barry Sheene (Suz) edged Giacomo Agostini (Yam) by a ha lf bike length for the win in the 500cc race. Dieter Braun (Yam ) was the 3 50cc victor. while Har ley-Davidson rider Walter Villa took th e 250cc event. Morbidelli rider Paolo Pileri moved one step closer to the 125 cc cro wn with a class win as did Angel Nieto (Kre ) in the Butler and Sm ith, the concern wh ich imports BMWs into the U.S., is the smallest holdin·g of its owner. Butler and Sm ith is the baby brothe r in a corporate family that includes giant egg ranches, Swiss banks, and steamship lines. Looks like Gary Nixon will have to face surgery on his right arm aga in. The plate whi ch worked lo ose whil e he was practi cin g an d quali fyin g at Daytona is wiggling agai n . Do you think the guys at R.C. Engineering are stretching the point just a bit far for Russ Coll ins? Saddleback Park's got a new 24- hou r info number: (7 14) 558-1584. Read y fo r the "Buckeye Baja 500?" The fo lks in Northeastern Ohio have laid on wh at they style the "toughest dirt bike race ea st of the Rockies" Up' to four riders on one bike. $50 entry fee. Th ere sho uld be a $ 10,000 purse p lus co ntinge nc ies. Write Buckeye Baja. Inc., Bo x 9, 1'1. Lawrence, Ohio 44666. Also from east of t he Rockies comes notice of a ro und-the ·h o uses and through the woods GP at Atwood, Kansas July 26. Nancy Payne (reigning Powderpuff Champion) has pre-entered the eve nt, a benefit for a Kansas' racer who .wa s paralyzed in a hang·gliding accident. Call (913) 626-3575 fo r info . 'z" ''" 'c" " VI Z 2 Z C '" Far-fl un g fut ure d ate: ma rk November 28 ·29 as the tentative date for the nex t Cow Palace speedway ex trava gan za , wit h the SRA North riders (wh o are now riding three tracks a week) looking forw ard inte nsel y to th e traditional North /South rivalry.

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