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trophy, made partly of steel (symbolic, y'know), and cash will go to the overall bike winner, if he has ridden the entire course solo. To date, 18 mandatory li!llts-on-bills in 15 states have been defeated during 1975 State general sessions. West Virginia remains the only state which has enacted such legislation. Proceeds from the Tulare U.S. Motorcycle J ambo ree !\lay 24 -26 will be split between the Elks Cerebral Palsy Fund an d !\I.O. R.E . Which means by supp o rt ing the event, we help a worthy ch ari ty and ourselves at the same time. Gate charge of $5 (S2.50 under 16 ) will incl ude free ca mp ing, participant pins, and various activities. Randy Mamola (the new " fast kid in yellow leathers" since Kenny Roberts grew up) has been signed for a tour of the Tasman road race series in New Zealand this fall. FIRST PIX Honda 250 Trials prototype weighs 200 wet American Honda is wa rm ing up a red-frame 250 works ride for the National rounds wh ich beg in ne xt week. Ridden by Mark Eggar an d Mar land Whaley in the ATA Big Bear Two Day , t he new bike boasts a cla imed 200 poun d s wet , has a rectangu lar front downtu be and rectangularsection swi ngarm . Complete coverage from Big Bear next week. The 15 states which have rejected lights-on laws in I97 5 are : Arizona, Colorad o , Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maryland, 'Massach use t ts, Missouri, New Mexico, Rhode Islan d , South Dak ota, Te nnessee, Te xas. Utah, Virginia and Verm ont. The AMA Legislative Department has worked with AMA affiliated clubs, individuals and dealer organizations in the states concerned and stands ready to assist other concerned motorcyclists in legislative matters. A n asty ru mor th at has Pen ton an d anything/anybody connected with Penton b ro ke/bankrupt, etc. is flo ating around th e co untry . A visit to th e Lorain . Oh io based firm squelch es that rumor in a hurry . The Penton Import s buildings are beehives o f ac tivity. General manager Larry Maiers told us , "We h ave new bikes o n th e water from KTM and we are selling High -Poin t products at an all time high volume." Scratch another rumor. Barry Sheene - the popular young road racer returned to action, for the first time since his 170 mph Daytona get-off, in the first round of the Motor Cycle News Superbike Championship at England's Cadwell Park on April 27. He turned in 10 laps. leading several. but retired when his wrists began to bother him. When 40 people (including 26 high desert business owners) attended the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors meeting to oppose the aforesaid regulations. the Board postponed consideration until June 16. Be there or be square. Steve McLaughli n and J ohn Lon g will uphold American h onors a t the Isle of Man TT races, !\lay 3 1-J une 6. and Dutchman J an McLaughlin Kost win der will share riding chores in the 10-lap Production TT ab oard a Honda 5 00cc-4. Long will ride his Yamahas in both the 350 and I,OOOcc even ts. Tip of Papa 's duckbill to the Foothill Dirt riders fo r o rganizing a trash pickup at Dove Spri ngs in Californi a 's Red Roc k area, May .1 7. They m ade it a Sa tu rday working/Sunday fun rid e wit h camp fire and " en tert ainm en t " Sa tu rd ay eve ning. Sounds like enough fun t hat others should c opy the format . not to mention how a nu mber of these trash "ru n s would help o ur politi cal sta ture. Husqvarna will shift their headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee this summer. THE LATEST P BY PlPA WULEY Still no resolution on th e rejuvenation o f the Sacramento Mile (o th er th an California Governor Brown 's or der to make the track pay ), bu t it's be ing rumored that CMC will san ction a J ul y 20 "National" there th is year. Stumpjumpers tug-o-war team c:haIlenges all comers (especially Roversl on May 24. 8 pm_ Th e Donner Ski Ranch trials sch ool . so successful last year, will expand to three sessions this year - one o f them fo r kids with mini-trialers. Sessions are J une August 25 -29 kids , 9- 13 adults. September 15-19 ad ults. Cost for five days with room. board and gas is $135 adults . $100 kids. Write P.O. Bo x 66 , Norden. CA 95724 and send $25 to reserve a slot. as classes are limi te d to 30 eac h. Italjet. maker of the popular 50cc GP bikes seen on SoCai circuits, is the exdusive Yamaha importer for Italy, and is apparently assembling both the 125 street twin and 125 enduro single under license. using their own markings and a few other goodies (like boxed rectaIl9Il.... section swing arms). prolific En glish a exhibited a 70 0cc watercooled two stroke twin in London, and it looks supe r-sane. Won der why we mis sed it in th e Brit ish papers an d saw it in Mo to cicl ism o? Motociclismo is the neatest slick in the world, even if y o u don't read Italian. Close r to home is a lan d use work session on the Cleveland National Fore st , se t for 9 :30 am . May 29, in Rm. B-103, Engi neering an d Finance Annex, 4 00 Civic Center Dr., San ta Ana, California. Yes, it's th e wr on g tim e of day for working troops, but if yo u can make it, do so. Do n 't go to scream and ye ll, go armed with facts and be pre pared to help spokesman J DC GOodson state our piece. Local hotshoe Eddie Cole, in between blasting berms and whatnot, has signed with Helmet House in Santa Monica to wear their line of riding apparel . Contrary to what las t weeks article on the High School Superbowl of Motocross stated, you do no t have to belong to S. A.M. to qualify for the Championships at the Coliseum . Oregon's HB 2764, one that would have restricted ORVs in that state, was kicked back to committee by the full house. Oregon riders are calling it a victory - but keep those politicos aware of your sentiments anyway. In lan d Mo torcycle Speed way, lo cated on th e Orange Sh ow gro unds in San Calif., will open Ber n a rdin o, Jun e 18 wi th We dn e s d ay , M IA· san ctione d spee dway racing, all divisions. Contact J oh n La Douceur (2 13) 446-0969 fo r rid er info . Baja 500 racers. in addition to the $30,000 in contingencies, also get a shot at the "Valvoline Iron Man " perpetual trophy (plus $500 to go with it) . The Charles H. Bell, employee of the San County Envi ro n men tal Bernar dino Improvem en t Agency, is writing th at pro posed OR V p ermi t co unty's regulations. Mr. Bell is also president o f the High Desert Envi ron m en tal De fens e Fund cha p ter. Yep, that 's on e of the outfits sue ing th e BLM to ban ORVs. Officially , that's not consi de red con flict -of- in t ere st , be cause Mr. Bell "is a professional, and can separate his professional behavior from his personal life outside th e job. " Bullfeathers, HosPITal ST OP: Mike Gerald is in Doctor's Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, followin g su rgery on his " I raced a t th e ailing shoulder. Astrodome three wee ks afte r th ey pinned it, and I messed it up . I'v e go t two o f the best surge o ns in th e state workin g on me and they tell me I migh t be able to race by July. I should be 100% by August, " said Coon Ass . NATIONAL ENDURO SCHEDULE CHANGE: Make note of the fact that the 125-mile National Enduro scheduled for October 19 at Pecatonica, Illinois has been changed to November 9. The event will start at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds. A schedule conflict made the date change necessary. The event is being organized by the Forest City Riders of Rockford, Illinois. Doug Bin gham 's been tal king up a "formula " class for sidecar road racing : Stock motorcycle chassis co up led to a laydown hac k wi th nose co ne . Leading-link for ks may be fitted , b ut otherwi se no frame cu tting, and no streamlining on the bike . Object , of co urse, is to be at th e $3 500 - $4 500 cost of field ing a kneeler. Any ta kers ? Kawasaki rented Riverside Raceway last week to test their new road racers, now undergoing "sorting out." Noted among the machines present were several "Yamah as for comparison purposes, and one up-and-coming young road racer currently sponsored by a Mexican Restaurant. Bob Tige rt dis located his hip and b roke his pel vis durin g the A FM 25 0 GP race at Sea rs Poi nt !\lay 4 . His crash followed a near-c ollisio n with A FM Number One Rudy Galindo, whose Yamaha suffered total brake failure entering a tum. Galindo retired afte r t he inci den t. Noticed that the Feds have banned "public nudity" on the Cape Cod seashore. Better watch it; they" be down on desert weenie-waving next. Th e Feds are also m akin g Des Moines, Iowa a " p o rt of en try" for imported st u ff. Maybe that 's where Honda's U.S. fac tory will be. What Honda U.S . factory? The one they'll have to build sooner or later, of course. Too bad American money-monguls don't have equal foresight. Spaghetti dinner ca ps off t wo da ys of raci ng at Dunlap . California May 25 -26, to award season high point tro ph ies. (Tru st Pap a to think of food first. ] Rick Elliso n 's al rea dy tapped for top spot. Foxy Lane Leavitt at the Scottish Six Days had two filler necks on his Bul gas tank - one labeled "petrol," the other "beer." He was using a special dual-c:hambered extra capacity tank, or else he's got a rasty choice of premix. Suzuki flew in two 170 pound 325cc p ro totype trialers fo r the Scottish. Cotton (remember them?) has built a semi -monocoque trials frame to take the British-built Mickmar engine. It looks like a conventional frame, except the tank is a stressed member. There's no main top tube. Anot he r bike you ca n't b uy : KTM 's 12 5 RS Comet - a radial-finned he ad . six-speed roadst er wit h mag wheels and disc brake. Take t hat , Killer Dec k - erHer cules ! Papa got a good laugh at his fellow moto-journalists, sitting through the Uncoln , Nebraska Kawasaki plant dedication in a kind of daze, trying to convince each other that the country's midsection cannot exist. Hilarious.

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