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BLM got it s enforcement authority, tacked onto a "land and wate r conservat ion " act that slipped throu!tl unnot iced last Sep tember or October. The Bureau hi red "enforce men t speciali st" Pete Silvain six weeks ago as Branc h Ch ief fo r Law Enforcement and dese rt rangers may soon sta rt carry in g guns . Hors ebac k riding groups in Los Angele s arc supporting motorcyclists ' efforts to get a recreation area for bikes in th e city. David Aldan a's suspe nsi on was lifted on ap peal. He 'll ride Suzuki at Day tona. Papa ow es Ike Eastvold an apology for sayi ng he exaggerated the theft of ancient Indian stone carvings from a desert site . Over a ton of petroglyphs were hauled out sometime in the spring of 1973, like Ike said. Ou r wrong information cam e from Desert Magazine and Pap a is sorry. Sa nta An a Co llege offering four classes overhaul , mainte nance Steve Sieleg, Instructor (Califo rnia ) is in motorcycle and repair. Ask (7 14 ) 547-8421. Husqvarn a bou gh tout its tw o regional distributors an d will merge its U.S. operatio ns by July I. And MV's 500 also has the engine-mount brake plus inclined Cerian i gas sh ocks under test. What with Ago screaming at Yamaha fo r a faster bike as well, the FIM 500cc Championship is sou nd ing like a three-way donnybrook in the making . Harley-Davidson's first 500cc worl d championship weapon may revolutionize road racing, Watcrcoo led twin uses four Mikuni carbs, wei ghs 253 Ibs. and makes 95 hp at 10,50 0 RPM. Transmissio n disc brake (visible unde r carb) is a H-D patent ite m. 25 are bei ng built in the Varese, Italy factory at a cost of over $5,000 each. Dic k Mann 's road r acin g school at Scars Point has been m oved up from April 12 to March 22 . Go t tha t? Remember 10-year-old Mike Lauxen (pictured in a recent issue ) on his " tri als" Ho nd a Mini-T rail? Well, he beat the Lame Camel by 40 points at a recent ATA mee t . Way to go, Big Turkey ! SoCal Sidecar Championship, sponsored by BCA an d the Sidehack Assn., starts March 2 and will go for a series of 10 races, all at Valley Cycle Par k, ncar Moo rpark, California. Heavyweight and lightweight classes will ru n for a $ 1000 series pu rse. Call (2 13) 88 6-7055 for info . A Los Ange les Boy Scout Post is looking for a sponsor and adult leaders either full or part-time. " So me aims of our post are to create a better image of dirt bike rid ing, maintain or im p rove the environment throu!tl thou!tltful and intelligent riding habits and keep riding land open," writes Andy Komescu. Volunteers apply at 2107 Federal Avenue, Los Angeles, Califomia 90025. MV calls the ir new 790cc, shaft-drive, dou ble-overh ead -cam four-cylinde r road rasher the "750 Sportameri ca." Make rs clai m th e 507 lb. 5-speed win go 137 mph and make 75 hp at 8 ,500 RPM. March 10 is closi ng date fo r mail en tries to the V.O.T.E. Two Day Tr ial at Te xas Can yon , California. Experienced riders on ly, please. Classes in motorcy cle awareness , ridi ng, and main tenan ce are b eing scheduled this sprin g by ABC Unified School Distri ct 's adult educatio n sch ools. Call (2 13) 9 26-5566 and ask fo r Doroth y Dubia, BY PAPA WEALEY The date of the Richmond Ramblers' Bearfoot End uro has been moved 'way out from April t o October 5 , 1975. Mid-America Tr ials Team sent us their 1975 schedule, headlined by their Two·Day Quarry Cup Trial September 6-7. Reader-riders in Kansas or Missouri (K.C. area ) ca ll (816) 836-1752 fo r more sk inny, or pick up a copy of " Cent ral." Whoever lift ed the picture of th e fo unders fro m the Reseda Women 's Club on or about the night of SoCaI MC awards bash, listen up . The SoCai club , to keep good relations an ' all that, will offer $10 rewa rd for the return of th e picture, no questions asked. Call (2 13 ) 848-2458. Spo nso rs of the Tulare, California U.S. Motorcycle J am boree (set for Memo rial Day Weeke nd ) will offer a free co urtesy booth at th e com me rcial exhibits hall to every signi ficant motorcycling association that wants to put its best face forward. Call J im Scott (415) 969·0125. I 2 Out of 43 helmets su bmitted for recent . D.O.T. (Fede ral! te sting. 42 "failed. " What does that me an ? It means they could have split wide open, or the sticki es fe ll off. The government won' t say which is what. Speedway Motorcycle League, Inc. wee k so ld its third team franch ise the fourth sale is in the final stages. info on the season, etc. will ann o unced at a press conference in Angeles soon. last and Full be Los Manufacture rs, d istributors, watch out for unauthorized persons trying to p romote free products by sayi ng they are "testing" th e m fo r Cycle News. If anybody tries it, check with us, please . "We 've had ear th quakes, floo ds, infl ation and recession ... now ' they want to p u t a mo torcycle pa rk in o ur one long-s uffering neighbo rhood !" of Sylma r, Cal ifo rnia resident exclaimed. So mebody should explain to the loca ls how the proposed city park in Lopez Basin is a blessing. not a disaster. Sunday , March 2 mar ks th e ye ar's nrst professio nal TT at Asco t. Th at 's also the date o f the 0-37 Coy ote Derby, and the Chap arrals ca lled to rem ind us they will not charge extra for post entries. Lost dog: If y ou found a female m ixed Shepherd at th e Badge rs' dese rt race , call Bob Bro wn ell at (71 4) 624-6341 . He m isses her. Ah, the perennial English! Their latest wo rld-beater is a Norton-develo pe d trials chassis designed around an Ossa engi ne . Dare we believe? Californian s, write to your sta t e Assemblyman and Senator and ask h im to support AB 475 (Z'Berg) wh ich gives an OHV -Fund gran t to Sacramento County fo r the purchase of McGill Motorcycle Park . ' Most likely prospect for stale cycle p ar k purch ase in southe rn California is Bean Canyon. Letters to Director William Penn Mo tt, State Parks & Recreation Depr ., Box 2390, Sacra mento, 958 11 will hell' speed thi ngs up. (Continued on page 3 1)

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