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..• • a~~~ ..:II Another false alarm II E CYCLE WORLD FIRST INTERNATIONAL OBSERVED TRIALS SUNDAY JANUARY 6,1974 By John D. Ulrich SADDLEBACK PARK LONG BEACH, CAL., DEC. 7 With bikers and the industry still wondering and worryin'g about the emergency energy legislation pending in Washington, paranoia sent another shock wave of hysterical rumors flying today. This time, the rumors held that the Environmental Protection RIDERS ENTERED TO DATE: MARTIN LAMPKIN,BULTACO, EUROPEAN TRIALS CHAMPION SAMMY MILLER, BULTACO, 12 TIME BRITISH, 7 TIME EUROPEAN CHAMPION IRJO VESTERINEN, BUlTACO, SENSATION FROM FINLAND Agency (EPA) had gone ahead with its original plans to improve air quality in the Los Angeles Basin by banning the operation of two stroke motorcycle.s from May ... to September (inclusive) during daylight hours. Those plans were dropped after the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) legal staff worked with the EPA and successfully persuaded the EPA that the technology to clean UP motorcycle emissi'ons was indeed available; a ban was ndt needed. I t was an accepted fact that the' EPA would not resurrect its plans to ban motorcycle use as 'Iong as emission standards were set and met for motorcycles, but they would if standards were not set and met for motorcycles. The industry was confident standards could be met. ROB EDWARDS, MONTESA PEDRO PI, MONTESA FORMER SPANISH CHAMPION KULOTT, OSSA, GERMAN CHAMPION MICK ANDREWS, YAMAHA, 1972 EUROPEAN eHAMPION GORDON FARLEY, SUZUKI, FORMER BRITISH CHAMPION DON SMITH, KAWASAKI, FORMER EUROPEAN CHAMPION LANE LEAVITT, BULTACO, AMERICA'S NUMBER ONE TRIALS RIDER ." BILL BLYTH, OSSA FROM NEW ENGLAND MARK EGGAR, BULTACO . JOHN HEMMINGWAY,125cc MONTESA Apparently an awful lot of people forgot that little fact, as evidenced by buzzing phone lines and worried voices tinged with fear filling the Cycle News offices. . ROB SHEPHERD, MONTESA DON SWEET, YAMAHA KIRK MAYFIH.D, YAMAHA JOHN GUGLIELMELLI, YAMAHA TWO RIDERS FROM COTTON FACTORY ~='><>c:::===::::::::======:>.~ ~ Trials and Tribulations For The First Time Ever, See The World's Best Trials Riders From Europe And America Competing For World Championship Points For The 'F.I.M. Prize Sponsored By Cycle World Magazine Organized By The Badgers Motorcycle Club Sanctioned By The American Motorcycle Association and The Federation Internationale Motocycliste Admission: $3.00, First Rider Off At 10 AM From The Webco/Cycle World Clubhouse. 90 Riders Will Ride Four Laps Of A Nine Mile Long, Twenty Observed Section Course. Tired of the Serne Shit? Try CYCl.E WORLD AMERICAN RIDERS SUPPLY INTERNATIONAL CAFE RACERS ASSOCIATION Competition Seles & Service Join now the world wide organization MAleO MONARK Open 10-8 daily (213) 835-6150 22022 S. Main, Carson ROKON RT 340 ENDUROS IN STOCK NOW Carnu Cyde Shop 8459 - Foothill - P.O. Box GOB S,-",I.nd, CA 91040 2 213 352 1458 Mike Patrick's for. cafe racing enthusiasts. Recelv. P,i", 1 year newspaper, subscription accessory "The catalog. Ton,' • YAMAHA of CORONA tech 1101 E. 6th St. - Corona (714) 735-7721 sh,eets, & all the latest info. Send $5.00 to: .I.C.R.A., Box 73. Houston. Te-xas 77002 FOR HODAKA·BILITY See your local HODAKA dealer Distributed by Tiger Distributing 653 W. Broadway. Glendale, Ca. 91204 As expected, it wasn't terrible like many people were saying, but then that's usually the case when it comes to dealing with governments. Many people in the field of motorcycling . need to learn that dealing with the governmen t does not mean writing letters and spreading panic alarms; "Wolf Crying" loses one's credibility. A phone conversation with Morris Goldb.erg, Senior Air Technology Advisor for the EPA's Region IX office in Sacramento proved the falsity of the rumors proclaiming that the EPA had gone back on its deal with the MIC. "We are requiring the state of California to restrict motorcycle use if standards are not developed and met," Goldberg said. This is exactly what the EPA had said they were going to do when they withdrew their fint "no technology available" mis-plan some months ago, after consultation with the MIC. What the EPA did was merely put into writing what it has been saying since the deal was made. Their latest regula tions require the State of California to act for the improvement of air quality. The section of the regulations dealing with motorcycles stipulates that California must eliminate all motorcycle use between the hours of 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. from the beginning of May to the end of September in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego basins, and the San Joaquin and Sacramen to Valleys if standards are not set and met by aU motorcycles manufactured in and after 1976. These possible restrictions will have no effect from January 1976 until December 31, 1978 if the standards are set and met. If. they are not set by the state and met by manufacturen, they will go into effect. In any case, after 1978 further action or changes in ac·tion will be determined by the then current air quality in each basin and valley area. The standllIds set by the state must further provide for a 50% hydrocarbon emission reduction for two strokes, and a "sizable" reduction in carbon monoxide emission levels for both four strokes and two strokes. :#

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