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poor image motorcyclist? of the American PERPLEXED IN HOLLYWOOD , West Covina, Calif. Not if you only ride an Electra Glide on Sunset Strip. Beyond that, just remember the Mikado's sage advice: "Let the costume fit the crime......Ed. Best first last Hopetown I would like to give special thanks to all the members of the Dirt Diggers M.C. who made it possible to have the First Last Annual Hopetown GP this year. You sure kriow how to put on a good race. There should be more races like the Hopetown Grand Prix; it was one of the best and something worth remembering. Thanks, Diggers, and keep up the good work. DANA STEVENS EN San Clemente, Calif. INSIDE E • Report ••••....••.•.•••6 Gas and the biker Trials .8 SoCaI 9, 11, 13, 14,28 Opinion 10, 15 Racing for GiggleS ......12 Cycle Expo ...••.••....16 Road Racing 17 Speedway Looking through the Hopetown issue this week with my eagle eyes scanning over the results on page 37 my eyes came upon the results of a motocross at the Fly-N -Raceway in Thermal, California. Guess who took second place in the 175cc class ? It was none other than that great Sierra Clubber J obo Muir himself. 1 have a few theories on this. 1) There is a guy wh'.? races MX and his name is John Muir. 2) Muir to ride MX (Gets him in shape for tIlo8e_ts of Mt. Whitney.) but does not apQrQVe of desert racing (can't hack the puDilhmeDL· 3) Has kEt tM Sierra Qub because he doesn't like the taste of wild hickory nuts and craves for Coon beer and refreshment stand bot dop. 4) Has come back to life to do a study on erosion when the water truck passes over bemu and whoop-d«ioos. Let's hope he is a good motocrolSer. OSCAR JONES Pumpkin Center, Nev. front brake locked up, possibly due to the previous damage. This caused Gary to endo, resulting in a broken collarbone and a painfUl five-hour wait in the desert before Rescue Three could locate him. JACK McEVOY Pack Rats M.C. To the Desert Duck Read your letter in Voices. Trippy but not in accordance with District ruleL See Article VII, Sec. 4, Parapaph F, page 17. To quo'te in part: "All Novices will start in the second line, after the Amalieur-Expen start, with at least a 15 minute delay after the first line leaVCL .. I can dig a dub that goes out and does a different thing to make a run better. But not against the rules. No, a Novice would not win overall. Think about it. THE PHANTOM DUCK HUNTER OF THE DESERT EI Monte, Calif. Hard luck trophy? Regarding the So Cal desert race article where it stated"Andy Kirker was centerpunched on his way to the starting line." As a witness, I saw my fellow club member Gary Sigmund, who was practicing starts, get hit by Kirker, who was ru~g parallel to the starting line about six feet in front of the bikes. Talk about hard luck. Kirker hit Gary's new bike so hard it caused extensive damage; we were barely able to make temporary repairs on it before the start. Halfway around the first loop the When he heard about your interpretation of the rules, The Phantom Duck of the Desert was heard to remark, "Q1uu:k, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack-quack, q.uac kity·q ua ckity -qua c kity -quack. Sign...... Ed. Flash and glitter My lady friend wants to buy a Levi jacket and decorate it with rhinestones and sequins. What I would like to know is, will I be guilty of contributinl{ to the 18 20 North Up above Test ...............• .26 The Husky works bike, by Yiminy .29 Trans-AMA Exit winning At the recent Sanction Meeting of AMA District 37, I had the honor of being elected by a small margin over several worthy opponents as Congressman for the area of the American Motorcycle Association Congress. The term of office is for two years. I have served as the Alternate since the fust elections; with the capable Bill Adams seated Bill's background in the sport over a long span has served him well in' the various committees on which he headed and ~rved, and those of us who entrusted our interests to him are deeply indebted. In campaigning for this office I pledged to work diligently in determining and being sensitive to the needs and desires of my constituents in District 37. I further promised to make available a comple te report of my activities and accomplishments during the Congress held -each fall in Ohio. I am dedicated to fulfilling those pledges, not only for those who supported me in the election, but all District 37 sportsman riders and clubs. I shall furthermore try to work in the best in terests of aU motorcycle enthusiasts in initiating or supporting legislation during the AMA Congress, which I am convinced will benefit the sporL So that I may be better attuned to each facet of activity, I will endeavor to be involved with a greater scope of participation. 1 ask for your cooperation and solicit your comments and suggestions for improving our sport on any level. Realizing that nearly a year is between us and the legislative meetings, I say we should make the time work for us in developing sound programs for presentation to the Congress' annual conclave. Whether you have an idea or a reasonable dissatisfaction, please contact me at the address listed here. Thank you for the confidence in the balloting. Both Tom Center, who will be Alternate during this term, and I want to be effective in our positions these next two years, and are counting on your continumg cooperatioll. .32 Personality Arizona LYNN WINELAND AMA No. 153006 Dir., D-37 Spocts Committee Box 41001 Los Angeles, Calif. 213/283·3437 E Down under My Fellow Riders... Sierra MX Club ~ Nice tan 34 Big bucks beat goes on Results ...•.••••...•.•35 In the end Adolf Wei! won the final moto of the TransAMA series from Roger DeCoster, taking first at SaddIeback and in the series. Photo by Tod Rafferty. Sharon Clayton; Puhlishcr Tom CuIp; General i\lana,l(c:r Edna Mewton; Sc:aclary to "uhlisher Catherine Lampton; :\n DireClor Tod Rafferty; l'htnaJ{inK Editor Art Friedman; Edi lOr John D. Ulrich; .\ssocialc Editor Wendy 8lanton; AdvcrlisinK Assistant Rheba Smith; Cirt'ul;ltion i\1anaKcr Pam Hobbs; Circulation :\ssiSlant Cheryl Steinberg; Cirt'ulalilln .'\s'Iislant Nancy Gray; I'rouuction :\ssistnnl Hector Aguilera; I.ah Tet

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