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... olortune look lets you Colortune is the spark plug that lets you see into the cylinder while it fires. Actually see internal combustion as it happens. And while watching, you can adjust your carburetor. Literally 'color-tune' it in to the perfect fueVair mixture. Tuning with Colortune is fast, easy and accurate. Colortune takes all the guesswork out of tuning your carburetor. Credentials: In Europe where Colortune has been available for the past 6 years, <;;hrysler and Toyota recommend it as a service tool in their service manuals. Colortune is also recommended by Mazda, MG, Triumph, JaCJ,Uar, Austin, Daimler, 2 inside your- running engine and Rover. During this special introductory period Colortune can be obtained direct from Alsport Distributing Company. Later, Colortune will be available only at your local dealer. Colortune comes in 14mm (standard) and also 18mm. 1) The glass insulator lets you see right through a Colortu,ne spark plug and into the cylinder while it fires. Coupon: CoIortame 2) If the flame is orange, you're running too rich. If the flame is white, you're running too lean. All you do is adjust your carburetor 'til the flame burns bunsen blue. Bunsen blue indicates the perfect fueVair mixture. And that means better gas mileage, less air pollution, reduced maintenance and the best performance your engine can put out. Please send me the Colortune spark plug kit checked below. I have enclosed the full amount of $19.95 (cash, check or money order only.) Plust 50ยข for postage and handling. California residents (pIeo.. pnntl include 5% sales tax. Name _ Street _ City _ State Zip _ o Standard 14mm Colortune spark plug kit 18mm Colortune spark plug kit o Mail completed coupon with your cash, checJe, or money order to: Alsport Distributing Company, Colortune Dept., 233 7th Ave., City of Industry, CA 91746. Orders will be mailed within 72 hours of receipt. Or call 213-336-4502 and order your Colortune spark plug kit. Kit will be mailed COD.

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