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" :ill Bultaco wishes all motorcycle enthusiasts A Very l ~. - r:i r: ~ ~ IU ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The riders on this page are but a f!!w of the thousands of Bultaco owners who will really enjoy the holiday season after their recent victories...winding up an· other very successful year. We at Bultaco would like to welcome all the proud new owners of our motorcycles and wish them continued success in life and motorcycle competition. Adios Amigos. ..J () > Pioneer Scrambles () OAKDALE, CAL., Nov. 12, 1972 - Dennis Spence successfully returned to racing after a long layoff, to win the 350 Expert Class in his new Pursang's fIrst race. ******** Nov. 17, 1972 - Motorcycle racing in the bread basket of the nation is as strong as anywhere in the country. In Lincoln, Nebraska (the Beef State), 28 year old Nick Huston has no beef after fmishing first Overall in the points battle at the Mid-American Raceways. Riding Bultaco's 125 and 350 Pursangs, the second year rider wound up first in Qass 13 times out of 15 starts. It is an interesting series in that it includes MX-IT and short track, so the rider must be versatile. Mid-American Raceways draws riders from Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, and Kansas, so Mr. Versatile riding for Adlers Cycle of Lincoln had plenty of competition. AMC Junior Championship by Scott Heidbrink IRVINE, CAL., Nov. 26, 1972 - The 250 Novice was dominated by the winner of the Hilarious Hat contest at the Halloween race, Manuel Frimbres. This guy can really fly on his Bultaco. Manuel was never challenged in any of the three races, giving him the unofficial overall win. AME Indian Dunes MX by Tom Corley VALENCIA, CAL., Dec. 2, 1972 - Pocketing the AME Check for $30.00 today in a small 125 Senior Qass in upcoming AME AND CMC racing star Stu Egli with his Bul 125. This guy kept consistent and' was good from the beginning of his MX start which was just months ago. Barstow To Vegas The list of the first hundred riders to pass this point would read like a Who's Who of Desert Racing. Larry Pfutzenrueter, the Bultaco rider who many thought would win today's race, lost his clutch lever at the smoke bomb, stopped to put it back on and reentered the race about fortieth overall. The experience and talent of' Larry Pfutze~uter were taxed to the limit as he moved from fortieth place at the bomb to fifth at the finish line. Larry is fighting to maintain possession of the Number One Lightweight place. Finishing fITSt 250 Expert today may have cinched that title again for him. Bob Van Stee, carrying number 1234x on his Bultaco. was first 250 Amateur. England Trials ace Malcolm Rathmell won the brutally difficult British Experts Trials mounted on his Bultaco Sherpa T. Riding in hail and sleet on a rainsoaked course that had been purposely designed to defeat the Experts, Rathmell was 23 marks ahead of the next fmisher. Y PROSPERa ANa NUEVO Short Track and Half Mile CORONA RACEWAY., Now. 22, 1972 - The Open Expert Qass in both even ts had their eyes opened as Gary Wells and his 350 Pursang won both events and beat the BIG motors. HOLLISTER, CAL., Nov. 25, 1972 Last round' of California State Championship Trials. A pleasant Lad from Pleasanton, California Lane Leavitt warmed ,up tHe day with a solid 41 ppin ts for First place on his well used Bultaco Sherpa T 350. Robert Tyson picked up Third with only 56 points. Robert is getting his Sherpa T 350 well used and hopes to best Lane in future Trials... Lane won the North American Championship earlier this year. . 395 Cycle Park • ADELANTO, CAL., Nov. 26,1972-ln theTT Half-mile, Jeff Clark (Bul) with a new Expert diploma tucked in his hip pocket looked just as good as an Expert as he did as a Novice. Good to see Rick lizardo (Bul) mended back to take second in 'the Half-mile In the Open Expert IT, the race was between Mike Hannon (350 Bul) and Bobby Sanders (750 Nor) for second. Mike really gave Bobby a work--out Bobby took on some bizare forms et second. AMA Indoor Domina18c:f by Gennai mbles - Cycle Park LANTO, CAL., Dec. 3, 1972r Bultaco riders dominated the day. not only swept (1-2-3) the 175/200 ce/Amatuer and Expert Classes but did again in the 250 Amatuer/Expert main. The new riders in the 125 Novice were lead to the flag by Bultaco. The CLASSIC HOPETOWN, Nov. 11-12, 1972 - Dirt Diggers 7th Annual International Grand Prix Bultaco riders dominated the scene. Tim Davidson earned top honors in the 250 Novice Class while self protested Preston Petty dominated the 350 Experts on a borrowed Pursang 350. Indian Dunes MX by Alice Rhea LOS VEGAS, NEVADA. Nov. 25, 1972 - At 7:15 a.m., 2,500 riders lined up on the floor of a desert valley near Barstow, California, facing the rising sun and Los Vegas 168 miles away. by John Grout VALANCIA, CAL., Nov, 19, 1972Kenny Zahrt, who was tackling a 36·rider fIeld in the 250 Pro go, scored double, 20-minute wins to annex a grand slam victory against the divjsion. Running With the Best In the World IRVIN,CAL., Dec. 3,1972'Trans-AMA MX at Saddleback Park. Behind Ake, the European racing game carnes on with occasional intrusions by an American rider The first moto finds Jim Pomeroy traveling in fourth after the start, with Joel Robert, Bengt, Aberg and Miroslav Halm. They bound along about 10 seconds behind Hans Maisch who is about the same distance behind Jonsson. Pomeroy looks great on his Bultaco, .******** •• People in the know were quite surprised when no one noticed the new 400 prototype Bultaco at the Trans-AMA at Carlsbad. For one reason or another it did not have a spectacular showing, but when matched side by side with the super bikes, it zapped them with ease. Look for it at the forthcoming Trans-AMAs. ••• *****.** PITTSBURG, PA. Nov. 19, 1972 - The second round of the American Indoor Championship Series rolled the lingth of the U.S. to Pittsburgh Civic Arena bu t the results were dominated by WestCoast riders. John Gennai (But) swept everything in sight...from setting fast time right through his Heat, Semi and the Trophy Dash. The final was a face--off; Gennai and Rick Hocking (Yam) dueling the entire 20 laps with Gennai taking the lead from Hocking on lap 12 and holding for the fmal eight. Texan Mike Kidd (Bul) took third followed by AI Kenyon (Bul). ••••••••••• GARDENA, CAL., Nov. 26, 1972 - Golden State Championship Pro Half-mile at Ascot Park. Three rain Postponments didn't deter Pursang mounted Rob Morrison as he set fast Novice time--out gunned the oriental twins and won the main event and the Golden State Championship. •••••••• *** Gennai Picks Up Minneapolis Indoor MINNEAPOLIS, MI., Dec. I, 1972 - Bultaco mounted John Gennai' pick up his second win in the Indoor Championship Series and his seventh in the last ten even ts. RED MOUNTAIN, CAL., Nov. 19,1972 - Southern Cal, M/C presents a honey of a Hare and Hound. Larry Pfutzenreuter and his 250 Pursang were presented a first overall. Bultaco riders placed third.and fourth as well as fust 250 Amateur. ~ - __1 !\RTICLES FROM CYLE -NEWS WEST

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