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. M Ch.d.. CI.yton aJI~1 I.IV. America's Number I weekly mo torcycle newspaper. You'll always see it first in Cycle News. MOTOR~~'rte~ (_ ~) PublIsh... Sl1.ron CI.yton .....•..•...... Bu,lness M.nager Tom Culp .............•.......Gen....1 M.nag... John Huetter _ ~ Managing Editor Art F,;odman Edltor SChoonm.ker AssIstant EdItor Ed Drechsler Adwertising Manager N.ncy Goodm.n Advert;,lng Ass;".nt Rheb.Sm;th .......•. .C;rcul.tlonM.nager Marla Tarbet. . . . . . Circulation Assistant Mlch.eICollk., Circul.tlonAsslstant P.uIBoudre.u Pr,oductlonM.nager Terry Fadden Howie Fowler Production Assistant . Production Assistant ~ . Larry Groves LabTechnician Marion Hatashita National Advertising Director (C.ycle News West, Cycle News East, Cycle News Dixie): Tom Culp. Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by Cycle News, Inc., Post Office Box 498, Long Beach.. California. Also publishers of' Cycle News East, and Dixie Cycle News. C yc Ie News West, P .0 . BOX 49B ,ong- S d CI ass Postage pal'd at Long L econ Beach, California 90801. (213) Beach, Calif. Editorial stories, cartoons, 8 427·7433; L.A. 636· 844. ~ photos, etc. are welcome. Addressed. TELEX NO. 673-474 stamp~ envelope assures return of editorial matter. Reprinting in whole or in part only. by permission of the , .Typographer Melvin Phelps , R.ndyDlelle' .. B.rb.r. Bebeck Assistant Typographer . Bookkeeper Bookkeeping Ass;".nt BOOkGkeePlngSecAssistant _.. . .. eneral retary Comput Technicl.n Marilyn Kirk Squeeky Haynes Hector Aguiler. . ! Subscription: One year, second class mail 2 years, second class mail' 3 years, second class mail $12.50 $22.00 $30.00 publishers. Advertising rates circulation information will upon req uest. See S. R.D .S. and be sent @ Copyright c Cycle News, Inc. 1972 L:;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'N;;Cii~ii;Y.,ii;SiirJ;c"iii'Y;;'LIMTC'iiiii;YWiiieiiindiiiYiiiiiBliii·niiitiiioniiiii··iii·iii·iii··iii·iii·iii··iii·iii·iii··iii·iii·iii··iii·iii·Riiieciiiiiepiiitiiiloiiinliii"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSiiiiniiigiii'iiieiiiCiiiOiiiPiiiYiiiiiPiiiriiiiciiieiiiii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iii·iiiii·iii·iii·iii$iii·5iiioiiiiiiiiii;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiilliiiriiiigiiihiiiiitsiiiriii eiiisiiieiiirViiiediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii':" Major Inside l'LL TRADE YOU A GENE ROMERO AND A XR-750 fOR TWO GARY IXONS: The AMA announced at their recent press luncheon that there will now be bubble gum trading cards with motorcycles and AMA motorcycle racers on them. You can peel 0 ff the back and . they tum in to stickies. They're five cents and you get a little teeny piece of gum. One thing: we're glad that the AMA though t of it before Cycle ews Products. • AT LAST: No * Gary Scott, racer ......•..•......•........ _. .4 Don Woods, official .................•.......13 Chet Hollifield, legislator .............•..•....50 PERSONALITY: Wringing out the monthlies .....•......•..•.....8 READ TEST: Three police bikes : 19 Two Kawasakis: Brad's 400 & Peter's 250 38 Jawa's ISDT machines ..................•... .44 Another Kawasaki: The mighty 903 .....•.......60 ROAD TESTS: * doubt you've been wondering what "Whoop-de-chews" are. A nswer: a vitamin Hallman products. * * from Torsten * EVERYBODY HAS THEIR PRICE: With sentiment running strongly against the Isle of Man TI, the organizers have raised the purse to 1000 pounds sterling, the highest ever. * * • Yamaha is trying to contract Mick Andrews; British Trials ace, to ride for them. This is another indication of the increaSIng Japanese interest in entering the Trials area. Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are known to have bog wheelers in the works or in operation. * * * * Looking forward into the past .....•............7 Customi zing directions ...........•...........28 The good old days .......•......•..•...•....31 TRENDS: TECHNIQUE: How to pick the right line .....•...•.....•.... .24 Cornering, Part III ....................•.....52 The champ learns the ladies ... _ ..•........... .42 EQUIPMENT: Making your Honda 250 into a real enduro machine 26 Protect yourself : 35 OTHER PEOPLE: The top US MXers ..............•.........62 Greetings from the Cycle News staff ...•.........46 * We note that the AMA Youth Division program people are having a meetin' at the Holiday Inn North in gac'to on the third of January. For more info concerning tykes on bykes, attend. * I· * TRAGEDY: Buffalo Breath IS out of New Zealand rugby jerseys. And just in lime for Christmas. igh. * Rep~rts RACING: North ......•.........•.. _ 17 - Central ........•.......................36, 58 Local .........•.......... 16, 23, 30, 33, 43, 64 * Ake Jonsson finally was able to unload :·is TrllnsAMA-winning Maicos. One- of them went to John Moon of Moon's Cycle Center in WiChita, Kansas for a measly $1600. (lie was asking 1800.) It seems that llims Maisch's fourth overall Maicos ended up at Trophy Cycles in l\lountain View, California. Fran kly, it's surprising they weren't snapped up by Southern California competition shop. We don't believe the locals have all the answers when it comes to race preparation and tuning 40 • * • * * * \VHATEVER HAPPENED TO TEAM MAICO? The Maico-mounted guys really ended up dominating the series in the final standings of the TransAMA but where are they now? A question you migh t not have thought of asking yourself. Gary Chaplin went to Bultaco, along with his mechanic. Gary Ingham is going to race a Carabela. Bryan Kenney is .going to manage Brad Lackey in Europe for Kawasaki. Ake will probably still ride for the factory. * I • * Non·ramp ju m per Bobby Gill has given up his Suzuki for a Kawaski ride. He has signed with some Kawasaki folks down in Atlanta, Georgia to jump the green machines: Interesting thing is that Bob started jumping on a Kawasaki and completely "used it up" (as he says) learning to land right, etc. * * * An interesting reflection on the EI Cajon M.C. "Coyote Chase" vs. BLM battle currently J-,eing waged is that if the club had paid the f~e required, then the BLM would have let them run the race, right? Since they didn't pay the fee, they are now guilty of despoiling archeological sites (supposedly) and other abominations. Especially since that Hate Scrambles was the 1,382nd desert race run in that area. Bill Russo of La Mesa, California (near where the desert race wa~ pointe 0 e ut. * 1972 General Coverage Magazines Entertainment Division: Cyde Information Division: Cvcle World Dirt Riding MagaZines ' Entertainment Division: Dirt Bike Information Division: Dirt Bike Chopper MagaZines Entertainment Division: Easyriders 1nformation Division: Custom Choppers Performance Bike Magazines En tertainmen t Division: None Information Division: Big Bike Touring MagaZines Road Rider (No other entrants in this field) Special Awards Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg Award for Outst.anding Achievements in Ethical Journalism: (All TRM publications) Special Xerox Commemoration Outstanding Achievement in Plagarism: for "All There Is to Know About Roller Chains" AKA "Rolling On About Roller Chains", by Charles Self. l\lotor Cycle World. September 1972 Henry Miller Award for Single Most Prurient Sentence Containing Elements of Perversion and Blasphemy: "His dark, trusting eyes remained fixed on us as he clumsily staggered to his feet and nuzzled up again t Father Ryan·s leg" , by Betty L. Cummings. in "Along the Mission Trail", Road Rider, May 1972. Siegfried Bettmann Memorial Award for Technical Accomplishment Vagllely Related to Motorcycling: Me th od for making an alcoholic beverage from concentraLcd rrozcn orange juice using only a plastic bottle, a cup of sugar, and a wann place. By Big Mike, in "Instant Sneaky Pete". Easyriders, October 1972. DIVERSION: The Moto·toss game, to pull out and play JOURNALISM: If you want to do it ........•.....•..........34 OPINION: Thinking out loud ...•..•..•.................54 Responsibility by the Staff of CBS Reports: The staff of TR~1 Publications Inc. CALENDAR: 1973 is on its way ......•..•.........•..... '..66 RESULTS: Only winners .....•.........•...•..........72 HI NDSIGHT DEPT: Just before it went into effect on January 1, 1973, somebody noticed that the California bill that sets standards for helmets sold for motorcycle use calls for 120 degrees of peripheral VISion. Now th is is a problem because no full coverage helmet made allows this. Certainly any goggle will cut down on side-sight. The are several other problems here. It . doesn't say "for use while operating any motorcycle on a public street." It says llany motorcycle". Period. For street riders it may be a good idea, but Kenny Roberts doesn't need one while racing at Ascot. But a dealer in California, under this law, can't sell him one that will give him less than 120 degrees of vision. Foolish, yes? However, if Kenny runs down to his neighborhood sporty car supplier and buys a helmet from them, it can legally offer only 90 degrees of vision. Or he can order one from Nevada. Doesn't sound all that thought out to us. Happy New Year. Special a The Maico factory mechanic also went to Trophy Cycle along with the Maico 400. Motorcycle Magazine Awards for fRe lafeafjJ«fJ It seems fairly likely at this point that Honda's answer to the new Kawasaki 903 four will be a six-eylinder machine with a displacement just under 1000cc. Argh. * * * If you are storing your bike for the winter, try this. Get a can of silicone spray, and spray every th ing on the bike. The stuff preserves metal and rubber. Don't forget things like cables, b'attery terminals, and tires. It is a good thing for Tubber even if you aren'L storing your bike; it wiJl keep rubber from cracking. You might also want to hit your leathers with it. You won't want to store your leathers, though. You'll need them to ski in. * * * ROI,.IND AND . ROUND. More rotary-engined ~o'sickles are popping up in Europe. Gander and Gray in London have used the 300cc Sachs designed·rotary- in a frame of their own design and a Dutch manufacturer has grafted a Mazda car engine into a Moto Guzzi. The flywheel effect in the latter is real~ ¥l h il\' el$/!.. • • * * * WELL, SIlE DlDN"r COME IN FIRST. Cycle News East just announced the results of their Pit Tootisie of the Year Contest. As an indication of how hard up they are back East, the person pictured here came in fourth overall. This was, according to CN East, the lone California entry. Wonder what positions five on down looked like. Recognilion * * for Reportorial * MERRY CHRISTMAS: Which leads us to. think that a good idea for a Christmas presen t would be a good helmet. * "* * * * * IS THERE NO END TO THIS SEASON? After completing the final TransAMA motocross at Saddleback Park, both the Suzuki-mounted World Champions were off to Australia where they competed in the Calder Scrambles on December 10. Along with Joel Robert- and Roger DeCoster are Bengt Aberg and English 250 Champ, Andy Roberton. The Japanese have produced a 500cc speedway engine. It's called the Kyokuto. (More P.oop on page 64) g> PM .... Ol Ol' e: ...., '" til ~ w Z W ...J U >U

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