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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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• N FREE FREE FREE o 8t stamp and your address on it to Cycle ~ W Z News west. P.O. Box 498, Long Beach. Ca. 90801 Dept. CNB. If the envelope doesn·t have a'stamp or a return address don't expect to get ye aide stickle In the mailbox tomorrow. W ...J All new Cycle News Hot Hat - ,; Cycle News Stlckie! send an en ....elope with an Z AND $1.00 U > U ILLNESS - must sell established MC shop 4~~~5j~9~e franchises reasonable. (707) SALESMAN VESCO 35 GAL. DESERT TANK unbreakable. ~l~~S:$4~.~~ ~~tg:id~~~~eO1~~~nf~~E;'e~,I~~ FREE SAMPLE COPIES EAST & DIXIE NOW 2 FREE SAMPLES FOR THE· POSTAGE OF ONE! Read all about it back East anQ. down South. Send 25t In coin or stamps, your address to Cycle News, 80x 498, Long BeaCh, Ca. 90801. Get latest East & Dixie editions by return mall. DEALERS! DO YOUR WANT TO SELL CYCLE NEWS HOT HATS? DEAL FOR YOU. HOW FAST GET CYCLE NEWS TWICE A WEEK When You subscribe to all three editions. Special discount. only $18 gets you One year each of Cycle News West. Cycle News East and Cycle News Dixie editions. Read about It all. Send check or moneY order to Cycle News, Inc.\ Long Beach, Calif. 9~801. KAWASAKI Fll EX·PIPES • Large Honda dealer in San Fernando Valley needs experienced man, in store with good floor traffic. (213) 766.4356. '70* HOOAKA 100. W·ebco bars, webco 125 head. Hooker pipe. skid plate.! new knobbles. very clean, $300. (714) 792-9:>88. Need money, great transportation bike, road race tires. Great buy at $350. (714) 538-2924. TRIUMPH '70, 650, street bike. unchopped. $750 or best offer. (714) 633·7129. 1971 YAMAHA 360 RTIB Frame lowered, Curnutts. plastic 539-4923. forks turned, Akronts. tank, P.P.'s, $650. (714) 175 PENTON 1972 Tuned expansion chamber w/silencer. Dyno-tested, race track proven. send $49.9S plus tax to: Power Research. 269 Orange Ave. Goleta Cal. 93017. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Dealer InQuiries Invited. (805) 967-8919. YAMAHA HUSKY PENTON MONARK Hard to get parts fast mail service, send $1.00 for catalog Dealer, inQuiries Invited. Where we care about' you. Malcolm smith'S K&N'. 1689 La Cadema, RiverSide, Ca. (714) 686-801::+. JH CLEAN SWEEP PIPES TRACKMASTER TRIUMPH FRESH New Yamaha front Wheel, never raced, less than 8 hours, perfect condo Bike too fast for Wife, $975.00. Aft. 5 p.m. (714) 892-2460. FOR SALE: '71 125 MX Yamaha in excellent condition. Very fast, very clean. has everything done to it for Moto-X or desert. ~6~~38!1.'000 in ....ested. S350.00. (21~) Send $2 for plans to build ramp to: Bill Hymes, 11417 National Blvd .• Los Angeles, CaliJornia 90064. (213) 837-2383. '72 SUZUKI 2S0 MX LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS 750cc, 1970 engine, set up for half·mile. Barnes wheels and disc on rear extra Wheels and gearing. S1500.00 takes all. (714) 884-1511. Need~one experienced man. Top pay for right person. (213) 766-4356. DKW SALES SERVICE, PARTS. COMPETITION SERVICES, INC., 1244 No. Gaffey St., San Pedro (213) 547·-2203. . TANKS A LOT CALL ANYTIME (213) 427-7433 or "'0 CYCLE NEWS, P.O. BOXASK WRITE 498 CNP, LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. YOUR FAVORITE COMPETITOR THEY SELL. .'71 250 YAMAHA MX "BARGAIN" Bassani pipe. POppy piston. new chain, Preston Petty, Fittron, NEVER RACED. Sacrifice $400.00 firm. After 7 (213) 846-3572. '70 OSSA TT BIKE Dick Mann tank and seat,' nickle frame Mikunl, Pirelll tires.! stuffed crank. fast and super dependable, $:)00. (714) 538-2924. MECHANIC inquiries invited. Don Vesco Products. 765 EI Cajon BlVd., EI Cajon, Calif. 92020. (714) 442-3338. WE'VE GOT SUCH A 1971. 360 HUSKY Enduro, 450 mil., $725.00.8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (213) 843-3945. '70 YAMAHA R5 350 Bill's-OO·IT·YOU RSELF MOTORCYCLE SERVICE CENTER. We rent TOOLS, MANUALS. FREE ADVISE. TUNE-UP CLASSES. Sunday & wednesday Evenings (213) 242-3371, Noon to 10:00 p.m. Baja proven. Lightweight and 1969 350cc HONDA dirt bike, engine recently rebuilt, $200.00. (213) 564-4640. . Now available for all model CZ. speedy mall order service. Triumph-Suzuki of Pomona (714) 629-8642. Large tanks for Barstow. 1 for AT1 or CT 2 1/2 gal. 1 for OTl or RTl, 3.7 gal. $15 e (714) 982-4457 .• HUSQVARNA '69 360. Filtron, Curnutts, new custom seat, rings. Stored 2 years. beautiful condition. All spares, tools, tie-downs, everything goes. Down to $550. Call Tom, collect (916) 527"()541. 7S0 TRIUMPH TRACKMASTER Set up for liz mile. Barnes wheels, Sifton cams, 011 cooler, Cerianl road racing forks. Girling shocks. plus all T.T. parts, spare gearing. and extra parts. $1,650. (916) 384-2894. '71 HUSKY 400. Down pipe. lightweight tank· many spares, $800.00. '71 HONDA CB350, exlnt. cond .• $550.00. J.,lODAKA Ace 100. new everything, $150.00. Hallman GP leathers, 32 brand new, $40.00. Honda Mml Trail, $75.0 6. (213) 884-1630. 501 MAICO 1971 Never raced, excellent (213) 367·2522. condition. $1195. 1972 DKW HORNETS $850 out the door. Nelson's Pit Stop, 15812 E. Main St.. La Puente, Ca. (213) 333-0303. I GOT -YOU WANT? 3 - 450 Huskies. wide ratio $1295.1 demo 450 Husky wide ratio. $1150. 1 close ratio 250 HUSky. $1100. All deliver to Los Angeles. Write Cycle News. P.O. Box 498·G, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. TURN KEY OPERATION Cycle Dealership for sale near Sun Valley, Idaho. Includes bUilding, Inventory and all • fixed assets. ,Leading franchises, very easy terms. Write Box 719, Sun Valley, Idaho' 83353. MOTORCYCLE T-RAILERS . EXPANSION CHAMBER CONE SETS 20Ga steel rolled and seam spotwelded ready to desIgn your own chamber. 3 Pc. sets $10.00, 4 pc. sets SI2.50, 5 Pc. sets $15.00 Postpaid. California residents add 5% Tax. Quantity discounts available. Send your ·dime.nsions to Airco Sheet Metal, 15209 ~;~~51~~ao~ve.• Lawndale, Ca!if. 90260. (213) HUSKY FORKS L.EAKING?? We machine and Install four double lip seals. GUARANTEED Mission Hills Motorcycles. 8730 Sepulveda ~~~d.428~.epulveda, Calif~ 91343. (213) PART TIME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Now available: Cycle News Franchises. Distribute the NO.1 MotorCYCle newspaper in our locale. $5.00 deposit refundable atter st year. Liberal profit for a few hours work. No risk. Stable parties contact Circulation Dept., Cycle News. r Three bikes, new. $175.00 with load ramp. From 10,00 to 3,30 (213) 764·8392, In p.m. (213) 762-3721. MOVING * DEALERS * SELL THROUGH YOUR SHOP CYCLE NEWS BIKE BAGS, COMPETITION ~~:5'~~2f&v~~A.:.1EB~?~~;-H8J~t"[fp WITH NEXT. CALL FOR PRICES (213) 427-7433 ANYTIME, OR WRITE TO CYCLE NEWS, P.O. BOX 4.8 CNP, LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. *FREE* You can now get an American Motocross Calendar free with each Bike Bag you purchase. Simply send $2.50 for the Bike Bag and you will receive both - pronto. Cycle News Products. P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. 25% SAVINGS ON INSURANC'E Dealer garage liability 15% savings on Oealer's bonds. JOHN W. MAYNARD INSURANCE, 3447 Motor Ave., Las Angetes, Calif. Phone: (213) 836-5211. 16" SUPER·WIDE AKRONT RIMS FOR HARLEY·DAVIDSON DRAG BIKES AND CHOPPERS. CONTACT YOUR DEALER OR NORTH AMERICAN IMPORTS, P.O. BOX N, MOJAVE, CA. 93501. PHONE (805) 824-4541. ' BOOK: "Escape By Trail Bike" Words and diagrams worth their weight In gold. Bill Brokaw explains what you're doing wrong. ·How not to wear one's self to a frazzle riding Sidehills, rOCKS, ruts, sand, water. ISDT stUff. Read it, think about it, practice it. Money back guarantee. $3 per copy for TRAIL BOOK. c/o Cyc.le News Products, Sox 498, Long Beach, Calif. 90801. SELL - "750" '72, HUSQVARNA 450. Operated less than 20 hours, impeccably immaculate. wide ratio, Kanis. Titanium bars. $1250 firm. (213) 344-1296. GARAGE SALE - 4 gal. Husky tank, $40.00. 125 Yam. tank. $15.00. '72 Husky forks, $75.00. Close ratio Husky 5 speed gears, 112 price. (714) 689·8831. MS. OF THE DESERT FOXES You're wonderful! Bultacos too! FOR SALE 250cc Bultaco Pursang. Super-fast T.T. machine. Ascot winner, nickeled frame.. many extra parts, also tires. Call Rick (213) .923-6159. '70 KAWASAKI BIGHORN 3S0 Like new condition, only 1200 mI., should see to judge. must sacrifice for quick sale. $495. (213) 326-4923. MOTO BETA 100 MX. Comp"letety rebuilt 16 H.P. engine, down pipe, Monark, Ceriani forks & shocks, 350:18 knobby, ported, clean & fast. $250.00. (213) 943-9683. '72 YAMAHA 250 MX 4 mons. old. raced 6 times. new tire r magneto, 34 road rac1ng carb, ports polished and matched. American bearings, reinforced rod, new piston, plastic levers, J& R silencer, Girlings - brand new cond:.J must sell because of back and leg injury. S82~. (714) 689-2334. Penton MAICO KARC¥CLE 2728 Santa Anita E L MONTE 12131443~717 • Montesa 1000 "n, 6 00,,,,, I'f?ii?I. @ ONLY 47 DAYS TIME IS QUICKLY RUNNING OUT! THE SANTA CLAUS AT CYCLE 'NEWS PRODUCTS IS PATIENTLY AWAITING YOUR ORDERS. HE WOULD LIKE TO GET STARTED EARLY TH IS YEAR BECAUSE THE ELVES WERE SO TIRED AFTER CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR. SANTA CLAUS HAS GOT MANY THINGS FOR YOU THIS YEAR. HE'S GOT HOT HATS FOR $1.00, COMPETITION GUIDEBOOKS FOR $1.00, TRAIL BOOKS FOR $3.00, BIKE BACK BAGS FOR $250, AND THE ALL NEW REC-PAC FOR $24.95, AND WHILE THEY LAST, FREE AMERICAN MOTOCROSS TEAM CALENDARS AND STICKlES, WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE PRESENTS. SO HURRY BOYS AND GIRLS, TELL YOUR MOMMY AND DADDY WHAT YOU'LL NEED FOR -NEXT YEAR'S MOTORCYCLE SEASON SO THEY CAN WRITE SANTA CLAU5 AND TELL HIM. GIVE THEM THIS ADDRESS. SANTA CLAUS c/o CYCLE NEWS PRODUCTS P.O. BOX 498 LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. SEASONS GREETINGS ec blrt Porting & pipes at ?heClSlOVl C~cQe 4573 Artesia Blvd., Lawndale, Ca. 90260 (213) 370-8822 Norton ~'i~ttEI~a~lr~~~a2~~I.o6.$~g~a~~a;JI~\', ~~o.~~~ ' Dune Buggies, 1-4 rock & desert $75.00.1-4 sand lots of xtra parts for all. (213) 679-0816. 1972 YAMAHA 360 MX 3.5 gal. tank. Flanders bars, Curnutts, fork brace, custom adjustable swing arm, new paint. absolutely immaculat~ very fast, low miles, moving. (213) 379-809/. • \J ~T~ C 0 M(~OI'~IO . KODAU , SlURS H U SQVA RNA MOTORCYCl£S JH CLEAN SWEEP PIPES Now available for all model CZ. speedy mail order service. Triumph-Suzuki of Pomona (714) 629-8642. 1972 PENTON CLEARANCE LiQUidating all Penton stock. Mission, Pomona. (714) 629-8642. on all DKW in 111. l. WAiDLOW J 1049 1972 DKW CLEARANCE Make offer 629-11 642 . * SOMETHING FOR NOTHING * Today - I make for you such a deal. For 100 pennies or $1.00 I will send you a motorcycle competition guidebook - PLUS an American Motocross calendar for FREE. Send buck to Cycle News Products. P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. MUST Just broken in, 2 months old. Ridden very lightly 8 times - total 10 hrs. on bike. ~ver raced. Must sell. moving to Hawaii. $675.0"0 or offer. Calt ever;tlngs (714) 753~9686. MOTORCYCLE RAMP WORKBENCH stock. aloeu LONG BUCH '''H 01 .. n .. l'trtC W. (714) BARSTOW TO 'VEGAS No need to belong to a club: We furnish gas, oil, water at regular and alternate pit stops. $25.00 per rider. Pro-Pits (714) 735-0276. SPEEDWAY AVAILABLE IN OREGON Dirt track available for races, II. mile. Will work with a club. Lights, 3000 seats, Medford Raceway, Medford. Oregon. Dennis Huth, 1401 Sage Rd., Medford, Ore. 9,7501. Phone (503) 779-7779. Custom Engine WorkMoto X SAN DIEGO MOTORCYCLE SALVAGE Used parts for all makes & models. street, MIX, road racing. 2676 Newton Ave., San Dle90, Calif. 92113. (714) 235~261. '71 1/2 BAJA L excellent condition, extras, must sel1, $275. (/14) 682-8693. '69 HODAKA 100cc Good condition. e:octra parts, $275.00. 4654 Banner Dr., Long Beach, Ca. (213) 423-4685. 1971 never Calle (714) HUSKY 250. VERY GOOD condition, raced best offer. Can be seen at 309 Rica, San Clemente or call after 5 p.m. 492-6241. B-S.A. TRACKMASTER. Ceriani forks, Barnes wheels~ gearing & brake, $1200.00. .1214) 351·597<. VEGAS OR BUST But don't run out of gas! Here it is just In time for BARSTOW TO VEGAS RACE, a desert tank for CZs. Holds 2.7 gallons. uses original mounts and comes with closed breather cap and hose. Takes original CZ pet cocks and' comes In CZ yellow or white. Made from reinforced polyester superglas. Guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. This tank does not affect balance or handling. It is the finest tank available for CZ. Only $59.95. Send cash, check or money order to: Warren·s. 11423 Van owen st. No. 16, North HollywOOd, Ca. 91605. pnone~ ...(213) 764-&050. Dealer InQuiries invited. Speci.lizi•• i. ••Iflfo 0.1" we're CUSTOM ENGINE BLUEPRINTING 10"" l,r.esf '.,e.'or, of lie 'ihs il ,i es'er• S,.fes Open Monday thru Saturday, Mon. & Fri. til 9 pm nOr er A.ail.ltle 7627 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca. 91405 (213) 780·6300 994·7468 .

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