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by John Huetter Photos by Dave Schoonmaker, Randy Dietzel and Huetter CARLSBAD, CAL .• Nov. 5, 1972 While munching a steak sandwich on Thursday, Heikki Mikkola made some general inquiries about the Carlsbad International course for the Hang Ten U.S. Grand Prix and, subsequently, renected as how he could beat Ake Jonsson, liP to this poin t the star of the Trans-AMA series. By 2: 30 on Sunday afternoon. he had made a good start toward making his claim good by winning tbe first International 45-minute moto with a comfortable, though not overwhelming, margin. Ake Jonsson was behind him and Roger DeCoster was an even grealer distance ba k at the finish. It didn't start out that way, though. When the gate dropped, the usual mad rush down the short start straigh t put about three riders abreast into the first tum. When the pack had cleared ou t by the second tum around the off-camber uphill, the point man was Brad Lackey. And he was haul;n'. The fans went wild. For' three laps Lackey held the lead against hard, determined riding from the fresh International class riders. Then he went hot into a turn, slid out too far and Jonsson and Mikkola went past him. Jonsson hung onto Mikkola for a couple of laps and then the Flying finn flew. He was going horrendously fast during that first moto and. short of his dropping it, there was no way anybody could reach him once he got ou t in front. Mikkola looked good, fast and controlled. DeCoster had begun working N " i' <>. -- ,... N '" '" ~ 0 Z ~ w Z w ...J () > () But Bob G,rOS6~camel>ut of tno ~ck • to OilSs Rob¥r,tsor.for th~ jead, whi,h ~e 9o.t . , I 1 ' j At the last turn before the checkered fla~, Tripes (141 had come up to pass Grossi for the lead, which h"e didn't!gei. ·Gros~twon. -. I l I l ' . j j .'.

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