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STEVE'S BULTACO ,; z ° ~ w Z W We Specialize in Bultaco Only e5'llhambra GYamaha 7627 Van Nu'(s Blvd. Van l'Iuys, Cal..91405 (213) 780-6300 (213) 994·7468 Open late Mon. & Fri. ni hts 1850 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra 91803 ~~~:~:~Iir (Z13) 289-5301 Financing Available 197oi1a HUSKY 250 Excellent condition! Waters skid plate, Ho'nda O. Complete Parts & Service se~ls MX footpegs plastic fender and other extras. Call (2d) 746-6896 or (213) 274.06406 on Frk1ay afternoons and weekends. MOTORCYCLE PARTS STORE for sale. Leaving stlta.1. must sell. send letter to Cvcle' News: P.O. tsOX 498-e, Long Beach, Calif • 90801. ..J ~ (,) TRIUMPf-I T10OC. '71 modet owned & maintained by bike mach. Twin cam ft. brake QD rear wheel. Also have spare 500cc Trl. engine camp•• ready to run. Both for $750.00 cash/or trade for Husky enduro bike. Will travel. (408) 247·5614. HUSKY SPECIALIST VESCO 3.5 GAL. DESERT TANK Cole Bros. M C Baja proven. Ltghtwel9h~ and unbreakable. Fits Yamaha Honda XL 250 and other dirt bikes.--$49.95 postpaid. Write for info. Dealer inquiries invited. Don Vesco PrOdUcts, 765 £1 ~k~~3rJ:d .• EI Cajon, Calif. 92020. (714) MAICO SUZUKI PUCH MONARCH Complete Mail Order Parts 1970 KAW 90. Good dirt bike, $150 or offer. (213) 346-1417. (213)980-3715 5906 Lankershim, N. Hollywood .. ,....;!iE"........ INTENSIFIED .. i Complete Parts & Service OSSA 10427 '71 CZ 250cc CIOWEli CYClE SHOP liE @ '70 BAJA. ExcellentJ like new, extras, $30tor offer. (213) 346-1"17. ~ @ HODAKA MAltO Sharp MX or desert racer. (213) 832-0265. 1971 DKW 125 MX Stuffed, teflon piston. Filtron, Akronts F&R, Pettys F& R, Cumutts, P.E.P. pipe, J&R silencer, fresh Barum, Webco pegs, Flanders bars. PluS spares & tool kit. Extra clean & fast, $S50 firm. (805) 589-2795. ..~.. PENTON Prairie Ave., Inglewood, (213) 673-5562 Ca. RICKMAN-BULTACO Metisse 250 TT-MX, 1967, fast, $350/offer. (714) 586-0120. YAMAHA 90.Gyt kit.175 forks, 360 shocks, many xtras, $~75. (21;;') 641-2960. 1970'14 250 HUSKY This 250cc Husky is for you sharp. dependable, original. You can break It in it's like new. Russell Stephan (213) 324·261l. $675.00 firm. Desert and motocross preparation. We have the parts. Phil Shipley's Mission Hills Motorcycles, 8730 sepulveda Blvd •• sepulveda, Calif. (213) 785-4280. GUY LOUIS 125cc HuSkys, Buls & Malcos In stock - now. "1118 E:- Wardlow Rd., Lon9 Beach. Ca. 9_0_8_0_6_._(2~) 42.~6::.:-1:.:3::5:.:8:.:. _ FREE SAMPLE COPIES EAST & DIXIE NOW 2 FREE SAMPLES FOR THE POSTAGE OF ONE! Read all about it back East and down South. Send 25¢ in coin or stamps. with your address to Cycle News, Box 498, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. Get latest East & Dixie editions by return mall. DEALERS! DO YOUR WANT TO 5ELL CYCLE NEWS HOT HATS? WE'VE GOT SUCH A DEAL FOR YOU. CALL ANYTIME (213) 427-7433 or WRITE TO CYCLE NEWS, P.O. BOX 498 CNP, LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. ASK YOUR FAVORITE COMPETITOR HOW FAST THEY SELL. GET CYCLE NEWS TWICE A WEEK when YOU subscribe to all three editions. Special discount. only $18 gets You One year each of Cycle News West. Cycle News East and Cycle News Dixie editions. Read about it all. send check or moneY order to Cycle News, Inc. Long Beach, Calif. 90801, BARSTOW TO 'VEGAS • We service what we sell DKW .WEST AJS, Maico Penton, Yamaha Norton, Husky I • 1971 DKW 125 MX Husky 13666 Harbor Ga rden GrOVIl (714) 530·7340 parts & accessories BMW Specialties (213) 724-9474 Stuf.fed, teflon piston. Filtron.L Akronts F & R, Pettys F & R, Curnutts, P.t:..P. pipe, J&R silencer, fresh Barum, Webco pegs, Flanders bars. Plus spares & tool kit, extra clean & fast. $550 firm. (805·) 589-2795. HARLEY - BAJA 1971, Akront front. Barum rear. Flltron. 72 one ring piston, extra cables. levers gearing, etc. Fas~ handles 9reat, only $300.00. (714) 375-752,. HOP-UP OR GENERAL WORK on SL-70 and 2.50 Hondas by Jeff Runyan - tuner on Mini-Blke racers No. 38 and No. 37 (RObert Goodwin). All work reasonable and guaranteed. (213) 863-8657. YAMAHA HUSKY PENTON MONARK Hard to get parts, f~st mail service. send $1.00 for catalog Dealer inquiries Invited. Where we care about'you. Malcolm Smith's K&N, 1689 La Cadema, Riverside, Ca. (714) 686-8014. ACE 100 HODAKA, B&N REED Desert ready, many extras, spare toP end complete. Asking $300.00 with BucD helmet & case of oil. (213) 376-4936. NEED MORE GRUNT? 411 West Whittier Blvd. Montebello, Calif. 90640 • No need to belong to a club. We furnish gas. all water at regular and alternate pit stops, $25.00 per rider. Pro.pits (714) 735-0276 . '71lf", 250 Yamaha MX. Never raced! Lowered frame, Akronts, Glrllngs, plastic tank.l fork kit, Bassanl pipe, etc. EXlnt. cond! $76u, no bargaining. Call (213) 691-2447. • TRIUMPH SHORT TRACKER 250 Sonic-weld frame, Cerianls Barnes wheels. excellent condition, $800.00. Also 2 1/2 gallon alloy BSA tank. $45.00. Blue Torsten Hallmans, $45.00. (213) 330-u998. '71 YAMAHA 125 ENDURO EXPANSION CHAMBER CONE SETS Excellent condition, low mileage, must seli, $450. (714) 774-4496. '72 YAMAHA ENDURO 360 CVamaha Street licensed, Webco lowering kit. Mavrlcks, ~~J~~g~of.ender, super clean, $800.00. (213) ofC£18V1onte YAMAHA & BULTACO SPKIALISTS 2859 No. Durfee, EI Monte, Calif. (213) 442-5800. '71 MAICO 250 ~~?sn8t64M"i~~~k:.',:;~ c'ean, $550.00. (213) TEACH YOUR WIFE TO RIDE Then buy my 100 Bultaco, $300 - Super reliable. starts first kiCk. handles great, Petty ~~~~iory wife 9 0 t a bigger bike! (213) PART TIME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY HONDA 350 desert ready, great side hack bike, $250.00. (213) 899-5702. '71 BAJA ~.,,\\ • SUZUKI ~ Quality Service... Low Prices " GOT ALL NEW TWO STORY SHOWROOM • OHUsaVARNA OTRIUMPH OBSA OJAWA-CZ Town & Country Cycle 411 S. Brookhurst Fullerton, Cal. Now Open gam·9pm 871·2460 PWS; 13,,47 rIIA$HINOTOlfaLYO IIIMINA DEL AfY, CALIF (:m, 380-""08 '72 OSSA TT 2 months old 350x21 Flltron, cannot keep. too many bilis, saCrif(ce, ,perfect condition. $750.00. Extras. (805) 259·7696. TRIUMPH 500 Tl00C 1967, xlnt. cond'"! fast, street or $595.00. (213) 761 ...653 or 27~773. dirt, YAMAHA ROADRACER! '68 TR IUMPH TR6 650cc, must sell, $650 or best offer. (714) 743-3973. PENTON '72 1/'2 RICKMAN 125. (BETOR forks, Koni shoCkS). Fresh engine and transmission by Precision Cycle (approx. lh hour on engine), new 4,OOx18 rear knobby. One of the finest 1255 around. $1300 Invested, sell for $700. (916) 422-1699. r * SOMETHING FOR NOTHING * Today - I make for you such II deal. For 100 pennies or $1.00 I will send you a motorcycle competition guidebook - PLUS an American Motocross calendar for FREE. Send buck to Cycle News PrOducts. P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach. ca. 90801. * DEALERS * SELL THROUGH YOUR SHOP CYCLE NEWS BIKE BAGS, COMPETITION ~~::,oW~~.f€v~~A~EB'Zt?~~'rHc?JM~AUFl WITH NEXT. CALL FOR PRICES (213) 427-7433 ANYTIME, OR WRITE TO CYCLE NEWS, P.O. BOX 4~8 CNP, LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. *FREE* '69 YAMAHA 250 DT1B ENDURO You can now get an American Motocross Calendar free With each Bike Bag you purchase. Simply send $2.50 for the Bike Bag and you will receive both - pronto. CYCle News Products, P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. YAM. 125 MX ready to race. 21" front wheel, ported, plastic levers, MX bars, Webco pegs, Petty's front & rear. New top end Flttron, Mavricks, still ajr bOX, If" turn throttle. $350 must sell. (213) 454-4728. Dealer garage liability 15% savings on Dealer's bonds. JOHN W. MAYNARD INSURANCE, 3447 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone: (213) 836-5211. ATTENTION DAVE McMANNESS OF UAWRT, CYCLE NEWS WANTS YOU! CONTACT DAVE OR ART AT (213) 427·7434. 16" SUPER·WIDE AKRONT RIMS FOR HARLEY·DAVIDSON DRAG BIKES AND CHOPPERS. CONTACT YOUR DEALER OR NORTH AMERICAN IMPORTS, P.O. BOX N. MOJAVE, CA. 93501. PHONE (80S) 824-4541. • $400.00. Akront 21" rim/extra 19" rim. extra carbo expansion chamber.. high c.ompr~s~i~n head. fork brace/fender. tail Ilght/olllOJection tank. (213) 2774586. Now Selling MICK ANDREWS REPLICAS IN S'fOCK DKW * RICKMAN * INDIAN \/\,brld Cycles LANCASTER FORD IN PALMDALE Large selection of new & used trucks at prices worth a call. Special prices for cyclists. 1215 East Palmdale Blvd. (805) 947-2178 ask for Smokey or Dave. Akronts, Sanitary 350cc TR2 - 100 mlles on fresh crank. many "B" parts - as Is. $700. Call evenings (213) 821-6423. OYAMAHA OBULTACO ORICKMAN DMAICO LOo\DS OFACCESSORJES, USED CYCLES, AND SERVICE. Cerlani forks. Curnutt's ShOCkS. many extras!! (213) 764.7249. Now available: Cyde News Franchises. Distribute th. No.1 MotorCyCle newspaper In our locale. $,5.00 _oslt refundable Ifter st year. Liberal profit for a few hours work. No risk. Stabl. parties contact Circulation bept., Cycle News. MOTO GUZZI 3303 Sunset Blvd. 9<¥l26 L.o~ Ani'll... , calif. (2131 662-J 151 25% SAVINGS ON INSURANCE BOOK: "Escape By Trail Bike" FAMILY MOTORCYCLE CLUB Open for new members. Dirt and street riders. C.nloer Cycle ClUb, Inc. 121'3) 532-o5~ Words and dIagrams worth their weight In gold. Bill Brokaw explains what you're doing wrong. How not to wear one's self to a frazzle riding sldehills, rocks, ruts, sand, water, ISOT stuff. Read it. think about it, practice it. Money back guarantee. $3 per copy for TRAIL BOOK. c/o Cycle News Products, Box , ~98, L0Il9 seactl, Cali I. 90801.

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